Meet Cornelius in the New FunZone!

Update: Cornelius has returned to his home planet of Gomba and the Fun Zone has now become home to the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome!

Greetings! Have your children roamed the Math Blaster space station and noticed the new fun zone in the spaceport? Tell your children to teleport into the Math Blaster galaxy to check out the new fun zone, where they will be greeted by one of Max’s intergalactic friends, Cornelius!

Cornelius is the legendary ambassador hailing from the far away planet of Gomba, and he made a surprise visit to the Math Blaster space station because he heard of all the wonderful progress Blaster Cadets have been making in their training for the ISP!

But sometimes, with all the activity going on in the space station, it gets a little heated in his chamber! So, when the meter to the right of the chamber lights red, cadets will need to collect ice cubes around the spaceport and drop them into air conditioner unit to help keep Cornelius cool and comfortable while he hangs with all the cadets and oversees everyone’s hard work!

Cornelius knows that cadets work hard and need a little fun break from time to time too- that’s why he made sure to bring a disco ball and some fun dance music with him! Cornelius loves to dance, and he wants cadets to join him in all the fun! So tell your children to get their cadets ready to bust a move like a Blaster and show off their gravity groovin’ moves with Cornelius in the new fun zone!

What’s Your Child’s Favorite Part of Math Blaster?

Since the launch of the Math Blaster spaceship two weeks ago, your children have been working hard and putting their math skills to use to become part of the elite forces in the Intergalactic Space Patrol. We hope your kids have had some time to explore Math Blaster, and we want to know what they think! What is your child’s favorite part of Math Blaster?

Have your kids blasted through the high-speed tunnel to defeat alien math robots in HyperBlast Training?

Have they been able to shoot and destroy the rapidly approaching meteors in Zapper Turret Training?

Have your kids taken action during a Red Alert to help save the space station by playing the fun shooting game to destroy harmful debris?

Or do they simply like to sit and relax in the Ready Room to enjoy a Blaster video?

Which game are they playing the most? Do they enjoy watching the Blaster videos in the Ready Room? What other activities and games would your child like to have in Math Blaster? Let us know!

About B.F.F.s (Blaster Friends of the Future)

Greetings, Cadets! We here at Math Blaster have great news! Due to the recent influx of Blaster Cadets joining the ISP, we want to introduce a buddy list feature that helps Cadets keep in contact with their fellow blaster friends in the Academy. It is with great pleasure that we introduce B.F.F. (Blaster Friends of the Future) to Math Blaster! Do your kids have any close friends, relatives, classmates, or neighbors that play Math Blaster, too? By using B.F.F., your kids will be notified when their real life friends are online, and they can interact with them on Math Blaster!  Together they can defeat alien outlaws and support each other as they climb the rankings in the ISP.

To add Blaster Cadets on your kids’ B.F.F. list, you must trade B.F.F. codes with another Blaster Cadet, request to be friends, and approve one another. If both parties do not accept the B.F.F. request, it will be ignored or denied. Your children can also add Blaster friends by clicking the invite icon on another player when in the game. However, to do so, your child’s Cadet must be in the same room as the friend you are trying to add.

While the B.F.F. feature allows children to create a buddy list, this new function will not open up any free chat between players; it will simply allow kids to be in the same instance of the game as their friends so they can see each other’s Blaster Cadets. Players will still only be able to interact using safe, pre-programmed phrases, dance moves, and emoticons.

Have your kids started building their B.F.F. list yet?

Learn About Great Blasters From the Past in the Ready Room!

Your kids can get ready to play intergalactic math games by getting to know the Math Blaster heroes and Space Patrol enemies that have come before them in the Ready Room! They can watch fun and exciting short films featuring their favorite Math Blaster commander, Max. These videos are sure to get your kids even more excited about using their brain power to battle the evil aliens and space robots they’ll encounter on their space missions! Your children can enter the Ready Room on the lower level of the Math Blaster Space Port.

The Ready Room is full of adventures!

Learn more about the Ready Room!

Zapper Turret Training

Calling all Blaster Cadets! Enemy alien forces from a far away galaxy have been launching math meteors toward the space station, and we need your child’s math skills to blast these meteors to pieces by playing Zapper Turret Training!

Blast the meteors with the correct answers to keep the space station safe!

In Zapper Turret Training, Cadets must use their math skills to solve equations and then shoot the meteors with the correct answers on them. By answering correctly, Cadets will keep the space station safe and keep the shield meter strong. Cadets will earn points and will move up in the rankings of the Intergalactic Space Patrol as they practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to help destroy rapidly-approaching asteroids!

Zap the correct answers, but watch out for the incorrect ones - they’ll damage the shield!

See how your child ranks in the Zapper High Score chart!

And remember, your child can also move up in the rankings of the ISP and become a distinguished Blaster Cadet by playing the other fun games like HyperBlast Training and participating in Red Alerts.

Encourage your child to play Zapper Turret Training in the Blaster Academy so they can improve their math skills and earn new ranks! How is your child ranking within the ISP?

Customizing Cadets

Greetings, Earthlings and Space Cadets! We here at Math Blaster understand that many of your children have been on a busy cadet training schedule, but have they gotten a chance to check out the different cadet pieces Math Blaster has available? Make sure they enter the molecular modulator to play around with different hair, mouths, eyes, skin colors, heads, heights, and genders for their cadets! While the ISP requires every cadet to adhere to a strict uniform, the molecular modulator allows your kids to style up their cadets with some appropriate flair and stylish freedom. Do your kids wish their cadets could be more space friendly with one-eyed alien heads or scaling green skin? It’s all possible by visiting the molecular modulator and altering their genetic makeup!

Click here to see the different styles available!

Red Alert! Enemies Are Headed to the Intergalactic Space Station!!

This just in! The space station has received warnings about outrageous alien forces trying to take over the Math Blaster Academy! They are headed our way, and the space station is experiencing hits by a lot of debris!

Have your children been in the Space Port when, all of a sudden, red lights started flashing and emergency horns started blaring? It’s the call of duty for all cadets to help protect the station from enemy forces trying to make their way onto the spaceship! Red Alert signals high priority for immediate action so hear our call cadets and help us stop them from approaching!

When the emergency alarm goes off, tell your children to lead their Blaster cadet into one of the three RED ALERT portals to play a fun shooting game. They can utilize their Math Blaster training by blasting meteors and asteroids to keep the space station out of harms way.

The Red Alert will only sound off in the Space Port, so caution your cadet children to be on the alert! Cadets with the highest scores will be listed on the Red Alert Top Scores board for the entire Blaster Academy to see!

What is your cadet’s Red Alert high score?