Oozami Sneak Peek!

Oozami is a new game coming soon to MathBlaster.com!

Houston, we have a problem! The ooze used to fight off galaxy intruders has grown a mind of its own! It’s beginning to multiply before our eyes and we’re scared it’s eventually going to overflow its controlled vat. Our ooze-o-meter just indicated we are approaching capacity and we’re worried our machines won’t be able to hold any longer! The only way to control the ooze is to enter the ooze chamber and turn on the switches located deep within the vat. We’re calling on our brave Blasters to take on the challenge! But they must beware! While it’s not mission impossible, it is easier said than done. To tackle the ooze, Blasters must use their math skills and complete topics like Place Value Voyager, Tenths and Beyond, and Magnetic Money. By answering the problems correctly and successfully jumping from one platform to another without falling in the toxic ooze, your child will save the space station! So prepare your kids to take on the Oozami!

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Happy Birthday, Math Blaster!

While it has only been a month since Math Blaster launched into 3D cyber space, today marks the 28th year of Math Blaster defending the galaxy with mind-bending math problems and cosmic critical thinking. Through the years, Math Blaster has earned recognition for its challenging and futuristic learning games. Still true to its original mission, Math Blaster has helped children of all ages and species learn and build confidence in their math skills – even after 28 years! Tell your kids to watch the past galaxy quests in the Ready Room to see the Math Blaster evolution!

Blast from the Past

Visit the Ready Room in the Academy to watch past galaxy quests!


Cadets Can Get in Shape in the Fitness Training Room!

Have your kids checked out the Fitness Training Room in the Math Blaster Academy? To become a member of the Intergalactic Space Patrol, it is essential for cadets be physically fit, which will prepare them for unexpected events and alien attacks. Get your kids’ Blaster Cadets ready for outer space by training them with the fun games in the Fitness Training Room!

Cadets can prepare for intergalactic adventures in the Fitness Training Room!

Discover the different activities in the Fitness Training Room!

Bolt Cruncher is Here!

Ready for a powered, magnetic blast into the universe? Well charge up and prepare for  Bolt Cruncher! The game is sure to have your kids on the edge of their seats to save the robots before they get crunched!

Cadets must try to re-energize as many robots as they can before time runs out! This will not only power your child’s brain, but it will also power the robots that will appear on screen!

The robots will deliver various math challenges, and your child must find the correct answers and drag them to the top of the robot. If the answer is correct, points will be added to the final score.

The robots need to be saved or they'll get crunched!

Find out more about Bolt Cruncher!

Alien Wrangler Sneak Peek

Howdy, Blaster Cadets! The Intergalactic Space Patrol is bringing the Wild Wild West to outer space! Soon, your kids can come take a ride on the brand new Alien Wrangler. Your kids will need to answer math problems correctly before the alien bucks them off his back! Make sure they hold on and try their best not to fall!

Cadets will have to answer math questions before time runs out!

Get excited for the new Alien Wrangler!

Blaster Birthdays

Does your child have a birthday coming up that he or she can’t wait to celebrate? Tell them to get their party hats on and get their gravity-defying moves ready, because Math Blaster will be throwing a birthday bash on their special day! When it’s your child’s birthday, their Blaster Cadet will be gifted with a special birthday hat to wear for a week! Simply have your child’s Cadet go to the Molecular Modulator to put it on, and the entire Blaster Academy will know that it’s their birthday and join in on the celebration!

Birthday Blaster Cadets get a special hat to wear for a week!

The Intergalactic Space Station turns into a big birthday bash in honor of your child’s birthday!

Meet Vera in the Space Port Fun Zone!

Update: Vera has returned to her home planet of Chloris and the Fun Zone has now become home to the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome!

The word about the ISP’s promising new recruits is spreading throughout the galaxy, and now visitors from planets near and far are eager to meet the Blaster Cadets and wish them luck in their training process. So when your kids have some down time in between training, encourage them to say hello to our honored guests! Our most recent guest: Vera from the planet Chloris has landed in the Space Port Fun Zone.

Come meet Vera in the Space Port!

If your kids follow the sweet smell of her petals, they won’t be able to miss her! So far she has loved the new Math Blaster spaceship, but because she’s light years away from her planet Chloris, she’s starting to wilt! Your kids will need to help Vera regain her strength and maintain her vibrant personality by collecting the sunshine, water, and fresh soil cubes around the Space Port and depositing them into her supply drops. When she has enough energy, we’ll throw a Math Blaster disco in the Space Port to celebrate her company!

Have your kids met Vera yet?