What is Your Favorite Math Blaster Game?

The spaceship engineers at Math Blaster have been working hard to bring a variety of fun and exciting math games to the Blasters! Here is a list of what they have accomplished so far.

Galaxy Grand Prix: Your kids can build their own racetrack or race on a premade track in this exciting racing game. They can even play head-to-head against a buddy!

How fast can your Blaster go?

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New Additions To B-Force Blaster!

Do your kids love the B-Force Blaster game on Math Blaster.com? Hopefully they have been training hard, because there are new obstacles, a Red Planet Level and a Head to Head Challenge, which will definitely test their blasting skills!

Have your kids check out the new additions to B-Force Blaster!

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Fun Zone Disco Alerts!

This is how you Disco Dance!

Have your kids been in the Space port Fun Zone when suddenly crazy lights go off and Disco music starts blasting?! If they have, they just participated in the Disco Alert! Disco Alerts are the way our ambassadors thank Blasters for helping them out. If your kids have not been part of this jamming session then they need to head to the Fun Zone and dance away to try it out!

What do your kids think about the Disco Alerts?

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!!! Galaxy Grand Prix is Officially Here!

Blasters can find Galaxy Grand Prix in Math Blaster's Space Port!

Galaxy Grand Prix has officially launched on MathBlaster.com! Do your kids have the need for speed? Have them check out our new racing game located in the Math Blaster Space Port! If you’re searching for a fun creative outlet for your kids, look no further! With Galaxy Grand Prix, kids not only choose the whole look and feel of their race pod, but they can also create their very own tracks to race on!

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In the News: MathBlaster.com Receives High Praise!

Kid cadets aren’t the only ones blasting off at MathBlaster.com. A few adult “cadets” from USA Today took the time to explore the Intergalactic Adventure, and they enjoyed it so much that it was rated four out of four stars!

“Today’s kids now have an opportunity to hone their math skills with this famous license and to do so the way they like to play — by entering a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) called “MathBlaster.com.” – Jinny Gudmundsen, USA Today

Check out the full review on USA Today’s website!

Meanwhile, both JumpStart.com and MathBlaster.com were featured on Dr. Toy’s Best Classic Toys for 2011 list. With the invention of so many awesome gadgets, we are honored to be amongst a list of classic toys that Dr. Toy believes are long-lasting and sustainable. “Classic toys are enduring and have many important benefits,” Dr. Toy says. “They encourage the child’s interaction, involvement and are truly child-powered.” We certainly agree, and we would like to thank all of our loyal fans who make both JumpStart.com and MathBlaster.com the enjoyable, interactive online gaming worlds they are!

Math Blaster® Space Zapper Now Available for the iPad™!

If your kids like MathBlaster.com, they are going to love Math Blaster’s newest math game for the iPadMath Blaster Space Zapper! It’s time for your kids to hop on a spaceship, grab their zappers, and embark on an adventure that adds up to total fun! Based on the Zapper Turret Training game in the Math Blaster Academy, the Space Zapper game for iPad is math practice made fun and on the go!

The new Space Zapper game is math fun for your iPad!

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Galaxy Grand Prix Sneak Peek

Greetings! The Intergalactic Space Control has received word that a new, exciting game is coming to Math Blaster! Soon, your kids will be able to head on over to the race track for Galaxy Grand Prix! Blasters will have the opportunity to not only race other cadets, but also to build their own tracks!

Galaxy Grand Prix will tap into your child’s creative and analytical skills as they challenge themselves with various opportunities to save the galaxy!

Your kids are sure to have a blast while racing other cadets around space. There are three popular activities that your kids are sure to enjoy!

Race alone or against other cadets.

Cadets will have a chance to choose a track and then race other cadets to the finish line! They will also have the chance to select the boat they want to ride in.

Choose a track to race on that a fellow cadet personally designed!

Your kids will also have the opportunity to race other cadets on tracks that were built by cadets!

The track builder offers a simple, effective way for your child to build their own track!

Lastly, your kids will have the opportunity to explore their own imaginations by creating a race track of their own. Afterward, they can even invite their friends onto the track to race. Pretty awesome!

We are very excited about the upcoming release of Galaxy Grand Prix. Are your kids excited to hop in the driver’s seat?