Sneak Peek: Monster Mutt Rescue Dome

Good news Blasters! While the ISP is working hard to finish the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome, they’ve agreed to let me, the architect, share my sketches and a little new information with your kids! As the ISP comes closer to finishing the Dome, they’ve learned more about these new creatures, who now have a new name. Instead of monsaurs, these cute alien pets are now called monster mutts. While finishing the monster mutts’ new home is a top priority for the Intergalactic Space Patrol and they are getting close, there is still a lot of work to be done. So, in the meantime, I’m giving your kids a sneak peek of what to expect. Now, your children will have an idea of what the Dome will look like once it is finished.

Monster Mutt Rescue Dome Sketch

These high-tech tunnels will transport Blasters around the Dome!

When Blasters first arrive in the Dome, they will have the option of a few different portals that can take them to all the areas of the Dome like the Larva Den, Incubator or Scrubber. The Larva Den is where the monster mutt babies can be found before they grow into a Grubble, Ickasaur or Eye-Clops in the Incubator. After leaving the Incubator you can care for your monster mutt by letting it sleep in the Crib Bot or bathe in the Scrubber.

Scrubber Sketch

Monster mutts can get squeaky clean in the Scrubber!

Finally, there is the main part of the Dome where you can feed and play with your monster mutt. This unique room features all sorts of rocks or trees to climb, tunnels to wander, high platforms to observe from above and even a fun waterfall slide! This room is the ideal place to hang out with your mutt.

Monster Mutt Sketch

Explore this exciting area with your monster mutt!

Keep checking back for more updates from me about the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome! As this project nears completion the ISP will be sure to update Blasters on the exciting changes being made!

Max Wants to Share His Secret Tricks!

Over the years, Max has learned a few secret tricks that have helped him navigate around the space station. He would like to share the tricks he has discovered with other Blasters.

Secret Trick #1: Right-click to change the camera angle.

Different Camera Angle

Did you know your kids can right-click to change the camera angle? Changing the camera angle allows your kids to get a better sense of what’s around them! Your kids can momentarily have a birds-eye view of the space station by right-clicking and dragging the mouse towards the bottom of the screen. If your kids want to look at the ceiling, tell them to right-click and drag the mouse towards the top of the screen.

Secret Trick #2: Right-click to look at fish.

Fish Tank

Max is fascinated by the beauties of underwater life. He even has his own fish tank filled with all sorts of sea creatures. His fish tank is located in the Academy. Tell your child to right-click while standing over the fish tank to get a better look at the sea creatures.

Secret Trick #3: Sit in the chairs to look into outer space.

See Outer Space

Your child might have noticed the chairs located in the Academy. Max often sits in these chairs to look into outer space. Blasters should always be on the look out for asteroids and intruders that may harm the space station. Now, Blasters can sit in these chairs and keep an eye out. Tell your children to enter the Academy and make their way to the windows to find the secret chairs.

Have your children tried out Max’s secret tricks? If so, which trick do they like best?

Don’t Let Your Kids Miss Out On The Academy’s Job Board!

Has your child made his way to the Academy? If not, tell your child to make sure to visit the Job Board located inside the Academy! The Academy’s Job Board offers three awesome games that will further improve your child’s math skills. Your child will find Bolt Cruncher, Oozami, and RollerBall Rally.

Bolt Cruncher

Bolt Cruncher

Players begin by selecting from topics such as fraction action, crazy conversions, or 3D Discovery. Your child then has to recharge robots by quickly and correctly matching a battery to the robot. Your child has to be quick in order for the robots to recharge before they reach the dreaded cruncher!



Your children need to help save the space station from toxic ooze! They must use their math skills such as numeric place values, decimal place values, and money recognition in this game. Your children must answer the problems correctly and successfully jump from one platform to another without falling in the toxic ooze. By doing this, your children can save the space station from a celestial catastrophe!

RollerBall Rally

RollerBall Rally

Your children are needed to help power up the spaceship before it takes off into intergalactic space. They can steer the energy sources to the ship by getting behind it and pushing it in the right direction. Will your child be able to get enough energy sources to the ship before time runs out?

Have your children had the chance to play any of the games in the Job Board? If so, which one did they like best?

What’s Your Child’s Favorite Monster Morph?

Update: Monster Morph is now called Morph Madness.

Monsters have been spotted roaming the space station, leaving trails of slime everywhere they go! The Intergalactic Space Patrol has been following these strange monsters, but then one day they saw the monsters turn into… Blasters? It seems quite a bit of Blasters have taken up chemistry. They have been mixing up chemicals and transforming unsuspecting Blasters into hair-raising monster morphs!

With so many chemicals and many types of DNA to mix up there are lots of different monster species your child can create. Which one is your child’s favorite to mix up?

Squidnerd Experiment

This giant squid is meant for the deepest caves in the darkest oceans. He might not be able to see very well, but his tentacles make for great feelers.


Is the Squidnerd Experiment your child’s favorite?

More Morphs are this way!

Monster Mutts Are Coming Soon!

This could be your child’s new monster mutt! These cute alien critters have come from planets many light-years away and will soon need to be adopted and raised by your kids’ Blasters. There are three species of monster mutts currently living on the spaceship: Grubbles, Eye-Clops and Ickasaurs. Your child will be able to help raise them soon in the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome. As the construction of the Dome is being finished up, we got a better look at the monster mutts and wanted to show you:


The Grubble is one of the friendliest monster mutts around!

Get a better look at the other monsaurs coming soon!

Sneak Peek: Monster Mutts

The Intergalactic Space Patrol has just discovered that some aliens have left their larvae here for Blasters to raise! These aliens and their larvae come from far away planets, and it will be a while before the aliens return. In the meantime, it is up to all Blasters to take care of the larvae.

The Grubble

The Grubble is just one of the new species your child can raise!

There is an Monster Mutt Rescue Dome currently being set up by the Intergalactic Space Patrol for these larvae to grow and flourish. If a Blaster visits the Larva Den within this area, they may leave with a new larva friend. These larvae are very loyal creatures and will keep following the Blaster they have chosen to be their friend.

The Ickasaur

This species of alien is called an Ickasaur.

These larvae will later grow up to become fully grown monster mutts. They will be able to explore the entire Space Station with your kids! The ISP is working hard to complete the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome soon so that your kids can check out these new species.

The Eye-Clops

The Eye-Clops could become your child’s new best friend.

What does your child think of these monster mutts?

Advance Up the Ranks!

Does your kid know that ranks in Math Blaster actually mean something? Aside from an awesome uniform upgrade, your kid’s blaster will also receive tangible honors.

Upgraded Uniform

Blasters receive an upgraded uniform when they are awarded with a higher rank by Max!

Before we get into that, let’s talk about what a rank is. Ranks are different levels inside of Math Blaster that help to determine how much a blaster has accomplished. For example, if your kid loves trying new games, then they will have ample opportunity to earn new merits. Math Blaster is always growing in its number of games. We currently have two new games in so please encourage your kids to check out RollerBall Rally and Monster Morph. Not only will they receive merits for their hard-earned work, but they will also have a ball racking them up! Merits are needed to advance to the next rank. The more merits your kid earns, the easier it will be for them to progress.

Rank Board

Information on your kid’s current rank is located in the bPad. They can find out how many more merits are needed to reach the next rank.

There are more perks to having a higher rank. If your kid loves the super cool rides in Galaxy Grand Prix, then they will be excited to know that more vehicle options will be available to them as their rank improves! That way they can leave other cadets in the dust inside of the “vs.” challenge!

Galaxy Grand Prix

More ride options are available in Galaxy Grand Prix for cadets who have higher ranks.

The perks to Ranks are endless. They provide blasters with “brag-worthy” accomplishments, new vehicles, and an updated uniform. No room to argue there! What is your child’s current rank?