How Many Can Your Kids Snatch?

After a Monster Mutt has been rescued and has grown from a larva to a Monster Mutt child, your kids can start to play games with their new companions. One of the games they can play together is Snatch-It, which is located in The Park.


Your kids and their Monster Mutts must collect as many items as they can before time runs out!

Your children and their Monster Mutts will race against the clock to collect as many items as they can. Some items are worth more points, so make sure they have a strategy. Bronze colored items are the easiest to collect. These items are worth 100 points each. The point value increases as the items become more difficult to collect. Silver items are located both in and outside the water and are worth 200 points each. Gold colored items can only be collected above the water. Gold items are worth 400 points.

Your children can show off their skill in Snatch-It’s challenge mode. Your child and their Monster Mutt will team up to race against an opponent and their Monster Mutt to see who can collect the most items. See who can Snatch-It first!

Have your kids taken their Monster Mutts to Snatch-It?

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All About the Monster Mutt Incubator!

With little alien larvae starting to pop up all around the Space Station, G.C. thinks it is time to tell your kids just how to take care of these super cool but rather delicate critters. An alien larva is a baby Monster Mutt. These larvae need special care so that they will grow up to be healthy, strong and ready to handle ISP adventures with your child’s Blaster. So here are some helpful tips on keeping your child’s larva happy and healthy while they are in the Incubator.

The Incubator will be the larva’s home until it is ready to pop out and emerge as a Monster Mutt child. Until then, the larva will relax in this warm bath that contains all the things it needs to grow and stay happy. However, since the larva will have to stay put in the Incubator, it is up to your children to make sure their larva has everything it needs.

Dropping Crystals into the Incubator

Tell your kids to keep an eye on the levels and make sure they all stay in the green zone.

The levels at the bottom will help you to see what your larva needs so that your larva stays happy. Larvae need the right amount of light, water that isn’t too hot or too cold, and music that is just the right volume and tempo. Your child should try to keep all the levels in the green zone; this is when the larva will be the happiest.

The clock on the side of the Incubator is a countdown to when the larva will grow into a Monster Mutt child. The more your kids care for their alien the faster the countdown will go.

Check all the things a larva needs to grow!

Monster Mutts Have Arrived!

The time has finally come Blasters! The Monster Mutt Rescue Dome is finished and is now home to tons of alien larvae looking for a new owner! In case your kids didn’t hear, we recently announced the arrival of some new alien pets called Monster Mutts. Now for some lucky members they are finally here!

Monster Mutt Rescue Dome

If your kids are members and would like to adopt their own, just have them head through the portal in the middle of the space station to find their very own Monster Mutt. These alien pets are very selective though, you don’t choose them, they choose you! That’s right, once in the Dome your kids will head into the Larva Den where one lucky alien will come pick them! Once they have their own alien larva, they must take it to the Incubator where it will grow into a unique alien species: a Grubble, Eye-Clops, or Ickasaur. When in the Incubator, your kids can choose to make their Monster Mutt either a boy or a girl. They can also add special crystals collected in the Dome to make their Monster Mutt comfortable as they grow. These Mutts need the perfect balance of light, temperature, and music to hatch quickly, so make sure your children use the crystals to keep your Mutt happy. And remember, the more attention your kids pay to their Mutt, the less time they have to wait for these cute larvae to become alien pets!
Learn more about the Monster Mutts here!

Play More, Get More!

As your kids most likely already know, Math Blaster is filled with ISP training activities that help them learn to protect the space station. The more your children participate in training activities, the more merits and awards they receive. More merits allow them to be promoted to higher ranks in the ISP. Moving up the ranks unlocks cool high tech gadgets and more vehicles in Galaxy Grand Prix! Check the bPad at any time to see your children’s current rank and the amount of merits needed to rank up!

Rank 5

Blasters receive a B-Force Blaster glove at rank 5.

Learn More About Ranks!

What Do Your Kids Think Of B-Force Blaster?

B-Force Blaster

Last week, we announced the arrival of a new feature in B-Force Blaster: the ability to taunt or cheer on your opponent! Your children’s Blasters can taunt their competition with quotes like “You got schooled!” or cheer with their friends by saying things like “Champion!”. They just need to decide what they want to say and click on that quote button on either side of the screen to talk to their challenger mid-game! Have your children tested it out yet? What do they think of this new B-Force Blaster feature? What else would they like to say? We want to know their thoughts!

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Introducing G.C.!

Tell your kids to come meet G.C., the newest addition to the ISP!

Name: Galactic Commander or G.C. for short

Age: 12

Mission: To use math, logic and creativity to save the universe from intergalactic outlaws.

Do your kids ever wonder who sends Max and the other Blasters on all their missions? Meet G.C., she is the commander of the entire ISP and makes sure that Blasters are trained to handle all of the inter cosmic threats to the universe.

She is no stranger to Math Blaster. She and Max have been blasting through the galaxy on numerous missions saving the Intergalactic Space Patrol from impending danger and astronomical criminals. Together they have completed some pretty adventurous yet somewhat dangerous missions. They’ve unlocked the secrets of the Lost City in order to save the Galactic Command Center from being lost in the cosmic abyss. They’ve saved fellow blasters from the clutches of the malicious Trash Alien. But they’re work is never done, because there is always another threat to the galaxy around every corner.

Learn about all G.C.’s intergalactic missions!

The Monster Mutt Rescue Dome Is Almost Done!

Monster Mutts

The Monster Mutt Rescue Dome is almost complete Blasters! It shouldn’t be much longer now and soon your kids will be able to have their own Grubble, Eye-Clops, or Ickasaur. The ISP is allowing us to give your kids a special sneak preview of what the Dome will look like. How exciting!

Larva Den

The Larva Den is full of monster mutt larvae, just waiting to meet your kids’ Blasters. There are play areas for the larvae while they wait for your kids.

Main Area

The main area allows your kids and their new monster mutts to spend time together and play. There is a waterfall slide and swimming for your kids to enjoy. There are also tunnels and other different areas to explore!

Inside the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome, there are other areas to care for your kids’ new alien friends as well. Make sure they visit the Crib Bot and Scrubber when they meet their new monster mutt friends.

The ISP are working all day and night to get the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome completed as soon as possible. Are your kids excited to see the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome?