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Math Blaster

As Math Blaster continues to grow, the ISP would like to know more about what your kids think of monster mutts so they can continue to bring them cool new things to do. We’d really appreciate it if you could take a moment to fill out this survey with your child.

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Unleash Your Child’s Monster Mutt’s Special Skills!

Whizzing through the galaxy on its lightning fast wings, shooting laser beams from its giant eyes, trapping its opponent in a green goo… what special skill does your child’s mutt have? These intergalactic companions each have their own unique ability that will help your child fight off the astronomical evildoers who threaten the ISP. But the Monster Mutts don’t know how to use their skills yet, they need training! G.C. needs your kids to train their mutts and help them discover their special skills.

Tell your kids to grab their mutt and head over to Monster Mutt Training located in the Training Center. Here, Blasters can coach their mutt on using its special skills. Since the Monster Mutts are just learning their abilities, your kids will have to be very patient and practice with their mutts a lot. Make sure your kids keep visiting the Training Center, because each day their mutt will be introduced to a new challenge.

Monster Mutt Training has a new area just for developing the mutts’ special skills. Tell your kids to go check it out!

In Monster Mutt Training your kids will use their B-Force Blaster to hit the green targets. This will help train their mutt on how to use their special skill. Before your kids know it their mutts will be flying and shooting lasers without any help at all!

Your kids will need their B-Force Blaster to hit the green targets!

Your kids can teach their Grubble to fly!

As your kids practice, their mutt will get a little bit stronger and a little bit better at their special skill. All of this training will pay off because it will prepare the mutts for life back on their home planet. The more your kids train their mutts, the closer they will be to shuttling off with their mutt and exploring a whole new world. Monster Mutt Training is just the start of a new adventure for your kids and their mutt.

What do your kids think of their mutt’s special ability?

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Where is Sean SpeedySpace? – Photo Challenge #2

UPDATE: Max finally found Sean SpeedySpace on Planet Avatarus! Thanks to all the Blasters who helped in the search to track him down!

Last week we posted our very first Math Blaster photo challenge and your kids correctly guessed where Sean SpeedySpace was hiding! This week’s photo challenge might be a little more challenging.

Sean SpeedySpace

Sean SpeedySpace

For those kids that aren’t familiar with Sean SpeedySpace, he is a blaster that is hiding around the Space Station. Max is asking for everyone’s help in locating him. All Max has to go on is one picture, but he can’t quite figure out where Sean Speedy Space is hiding!

If your kids know where Sean SpeedySpace is, have them leave a detailed description of the location in a comment. Will your child be the first to correctly guess where this photo was taken?

Here is the latest place that Sean SpeedySpace has been hiding.


Do your kids know where Sean SpeedySpace is?

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Where is Sean SpeedySpace?

UPDATE: Max finally found Sean SpeedySpace on Planet Avatarus! Thanks to all the Blasters who helped in the search to track him down!

Do your kids know their way around the Space Station? Hopefully they do because Max needs their help finding a hidden blaster!

Sean SpeedySpace

This is what Sean SpeedySpace looks like.

Sean SpeedySpace is a blaster who is hiding in unknown, secret locations all around the Space Station. Max is trying to locate Sean SpeedySpace, but was only given a few photos of this blaster in some of his favorite hiding spots.

Your kids might be wondering why Max needs help if he has pictures. Well, it’s very difficult to tell where these photos were taken. Sean SpeedySpace is extremely good at hiding, and it can be a bit tricky to locate him.

A photo of Sean SpeedySpace was captured in his first hiding spot. Do your kids know where he is?

Hidden Location

Do your children know where he's hiding?

If your child knows where this photos was taken, let Max know right away. Help Max by commenting on this post with a detailed description of the location of this hiding spot. Will your child be the first to correctly guess the hiding spot?

Over the next couple of days, Max will be posting more photos of Sean SpeedySpace’s other hiding spots. Keep checking back to see if your kids know where Sean SpeedySpace has been hiding!

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Monster Mutts Have Super Powers!

Attention Blasters, Monster Mutts are born with super powers! These powers simply need to be unlocked, but every mutt has the potential to use their super powers once they’ve gone through some training. Grubbles have powerful laser eyes that can be used to protect the space station from intruders. Eye-Clops’ are born with the ability to shoot lightning bolts. Ickasaurs can release destructive green goop.

Max created the Super Power Training Dome to teach mutts how to destroy orbs using their super powers! The Super Power Training Dome will soon be open in the Monster Mutt Training area, where mutts will be able to experiment with their super powers.

Monster Mutt Training

In the Super Power Training Dome, mutts need to destroy enough orbs to move onto the next level. The amount of orbs that mutts must destroy is located in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Is your child’s mutt up to the challenge?

Super Power Training Dome

The Super Power Training Dome is similar to what mutts might encounter when protecting the ISP. Mutts need to destroy orbs, while simultaneously watching out for oncoming orbs. After three get past a mutt, the game is over!

The Super Power Training Dome is coming soon! Are your kids excited?

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What Do Your Kids Think Of Monster Mutts?

Larva Den

Have your children had a chance to adopt a new larva friend? If not, make sure they head over to the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome to have an opportunity to raise a Grubble, Ickasaur, or Eye-Clops. When they arrive, have your children head to the Larva Den and out of all the larvae in there, the perfect ones will pick your children’s blasters to attach itself to!


Make sure your children take their larva to the Incubator so that it grows and your children can discover which of the three types of Monster Mutts, the larva will grow up to be. If your children want their larvae to grow faster, make sure they keep the levels in the Incubator in the green zone. Larvae need the perfect conditions in order to grow quickly! Once the larva gets out of the Incubator, it will be a Monster Mutt child.

More About Monster Mutts!

Just Discovered: Two Planets, Blizzard and Avatarus

Space Shuttle

Good news Blasters! The ISP has recently discovered the planets where the Monster Mutts have come from. They come from two planets, Blizzard and Avatarus. Once your children have raised a Monster Mutt to an adult, your kids have the option of sending them back to their home planet. Don’t worry though! Your kids can visit their mutt any time they want by taking a quick shuttle over to either Blizzard or Avatarus!


Blizzard is just one of the planets your children can release their mutts to. This planet is full of tunnels and caves for your kids and their Monster Mutts to explore. There is a cave flowing with hot lava, so be sure not to get too close! On the other side of the planet, there are icy cliffs and frozen tunnels to explore. It is a great place for your kids and their Monster Mutts to have an adventure together.


The other planet that your kids can release their Monster Mutts to is Avatarus. This is a planet filled with water and plant life. There is even a beautiful waterfall! What a serene place for your kids to play with their Monster Mutt. Your kids and their Monster Mutts can also take a refreshing swim through the waters. It’s the perfect way to cool off during a hot summer day!

There are plenty of places to explore on both planets and your children can return at any time to see their Monster Mutts. Once a Monster Mutt is released, your children can always go back to the Larva Den to raise another mutt!

Has your child released a Monster Mutt yet? Which planet, Blizzard or Avatarus, is your child’s favorite?

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