Be a Good Neighbor! Send an Invite and Start a Party!

Tell your kids to get their guest list ready and prepare their party favors in honor of Be a Good Neighbor Day in Math Blaster! Blasters are encouraged to share in the celebration by inviting their neighboring B.F.F.s over for a Pod-warming party. What a way to enjoy time with their neighbors and show off the amazing decorations in your kids’ Pods!

Your kids can invite their B.F.F.s to check out their fantastic Pods!

No need to mail out invitations. Your kids can invite their friends to join in on the fun by using the Math Blaster toolbar. Tell your kids to head up to their Pods and click on the Buddy Icon. This will bring up a list of all of your kids’ B.F.F.s who are currently in the game. The Buddy List will allow your kids to select the B.F.F.s they want to invite to their Pods. From there your kids can hit the “Invite” button to have invitations sent to their B.F.F.s. So whether your kids are looking to host a small social gathering or a block party, it’s up to them because they can invite as few or as many Blasters as they want!

What do your kids think of hosting a party in their pods?

Coolest Pod in the Universe Contest!

Things have really taken off at the space station recently and there’s been a lot of exciting, new additions! Now, Blasters have their own homes called pods and can earn credits to decorate them. Credits are Math Blaster’s very own currency and can be used to buy all sorts of furniture and accessories for a Blaster’s pod. They can be earned by playing games that help develop math skills such as B-Force Blaster, Bolt Cruncher and Oozami.

Max wants to celebrate both of these latest additions by hosting a contest to see what kinds of spaces your kids have created and find out who has the Coolest Pod in the Universe! Tell your kids to start earning credits so they can begin buying items to decorate their pod and enter to win by October 4, 2011. The Blaster with the best pod will receive 5000 credits!

There are so many items to choose from in the My Pod Store, Max can only imagine the creative ways your children will come up with to decorate their pod. They can give it a theme, make it wacky, or design it to be the pod where all Blasters will want to hang out!

This Blaster’s pod is out of this world!

To enter the contest, email a picture of your child’s pod to Max at along with the name of his or her Blaster. This is important so that Max will know who to reward for having the Coolest Pod in the Universe. All entries are due by Tuesday, October 4, 2011.

You can take a picture of your child’s pod by taking a picture of your computer screen with a screenshot. To do this, open Math Blaster and go into your child’s Blaster’s pod. Make sure the pod looks just the way he or she wants it, and have the Blaster stand so that you have a good view of the pod. If you have a PC, press ‘Print Screen,’ which will take a picture of your screen. Then you can paste the picture you just took into a Microsoft Word document, save the document, and attach it in your email to Max. If you have a Mac, hold down ‘Command + Shift + 3’ at the same time and let go. This will take a screenshot and save a picture to your desktop, which you can then attach in your email to Max.

Tell your kids to start perfecting their pods so they can enter to win! Good Luck!

Vote for Math Blaster in the 2011 SheKnows Parenting Awards!

Update: The results are in. Math Blaster received 3rd Place in the Best Website for Kids category! Thank you to all those who voted for Math Blaster in the SheKnows Parenting Awards and to SheKnows for this wonderful opportunity!

Do you often find yourself chatting with your kids about “monster mutts,” “red alerts,” “Max,” or “Blaster training?” Then you must be a Math Blaster fan! And Max has some great news for you, parents. has been nominated for a SheKnows Parenting Award!

Vote for in the Entertainment Category’s Favorite “Website for Kids”

Every year, the SheKnows Parenting Award program selects the leading products available to parents in a multitude of categories—from baby gear to eco-friendly gadgets, and everything in between. This year has been honored as one of the top “Website for Kids” in their entertainment category!

We are beyond thrilled to have received the nomination, but now we need the help of Math Blaster fans like you! So spread the word and help support Math Blaster by voting on the official 2011 SheKnows Parenting Awards page. Voting is open to everyone so please let SheKnows know how much you and your kids love Math Blaster’s virtual world of aliens, face-offs, and endless activity! The voting results will be announced on October 31, 2011!

A little background on the SheKnows Parenting Awards: “The goal of the awards is to give SheKnows readers all the information they need to make educated decisions in their everyday lives—particularly when it comes to their kids! Nominated products are reviewed by the SheKnows team of editors and hand-picked for quality, functionality, convenience and more.” –SheKnows

Vote for now!

To support SheKnows’ nomination of for best “Website for Kids” please don’t forget to vote! Take this opportunity to share your love of Math Blaster with parents around the nation! We here at Math Blaster would really appreciate it!

There’s No Place Like My Pod!

Soon your kids will have a place to call home in Math Blaster. Introducing, My Pod! My Pod will be your child’s own apartment that they will be able to design with furniture and accessories to look anyway they want! These cosmic chambers will hover around the space station and give your kids a space to relax and hang out with their B.F.F.s.

My Pod

Tell your kids to head to the My Pod portal in the ISP to teleport to their pod.

My Pod will have everything a Blaster needs to take a break from saving the space station and get away from it all. Your kids’ mutts will even have their own special hang out spot in the pod called Mutt Pod. Your mutt will be able to spend time here when your kids are busy fending off galactic enemies from the ISP.

Monster Mutt Pod

Your kids will be able to express their monster mutts' style by purchasing the perfect mutt bed.

Check out the My Pod Store!

Tell Us Your Children’s Favorite Activity!

The Math Blaster Space Station is always growing to add fun new activities for our brave Blasters! With all the new stuff we’ve added lately, we need your children’s opinion on which was the best. So we want to know what one they enjoy the most! Here’s a refresher of some of our favorites…

Do your children enjoy raising and training an adorable alien pet in the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome? Here, your children can teach it cool tricks to battle opponents, snatch some interesting items to earn top scores, and unleash their mutt’s unique, special and super powers!

Monster Mutts

Morph Madness is a favorite of the most creative and wacky Blasters! Collect the right ingredients to morph other Blasters into any crazy creature your children choose!

Morph Madness

Your kids have to fire up those brains to blast through all 6 levels of this fun math game! In HyperBlast Training your children’s little cadets will have to navigate the treacherous path and outsmart the math monster as they train to join the Intergalactic Space Patrol.

HyperBlast Training

Watch your kids race away from the ordinary in Galaxy Grand Prix! From building their own tracks to picking the perfect race pod, this racing game will get your children’s creative juices, and their competitive sides, going!

Galaxy Grand Prix

Or are your kids’ Blasters adventure-seekers, riding any alien creatures they come across? Only Math Blaster’s wildest cadets can keep their heads and answer enough math questions to earn a top score in Alien Wrangler!

Alien Wrangler

What activity do your children like to do with their Blasters?

Check Out Knowledge Adventure’s Newest Mobile Game and Brand!

All you tech savvy or just plain app addicted, listen up – we have something new for you! Knowledge Adventure’s new casual mobile games brand, Twisted Games™, has just released a new app called Beaver’s Revenge™ for the entire family to enjoy! Help the beavers get revenge and save the forest from being destroyed by the lumberjacks!

Beaver’s Revenge™ is an HD app that includes 60 levels, 3 different worlds, 3D graphics, leaderboards and achievements. Players choose one of 6 distinct animals and use the beaver’s tail to send flying through the air aimed at lumberjacks that are ruining the forest in this strategy and physics game. This addicting new app was just released today for Android™, iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch®. Get Beaver’s Revenge for your family today! Just head over to the App Store or Android Market to download this addictive new arcade game!

Help the beavers rain some furry vengeance on those lumbering lumberjacks!

Twisted Games™ has also just released Ice Cube Caveman™ in full and lite versions for iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® and Android™. Help a caveman maneuver a narrow path of tiles to the fire in order to escape his icy fate in this new puzzle game. Find out more about Twisted Games™ at or stay up to date with all the latest Twisted Games™ information by following us Twisted Games™ on Facebook and Twitter!

Navigate these tricky tiles to melt away the ice and save the caveman!

Lumberjacks beware! Papa Beaver saw a lumberjack cutting down his beloved trees. Now he and his furry forest friends are out for . . . Revenge.

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Power Play on Another Planet!

When your children visit their monster mutt on its home planet do they want to do more than just ride it around? Math Blaster introduces power play! When Blasters visit their monster mutt, they can choose power play the same way they would choose to ride their monster mutt. Power play allows Blasters to participate in a challenge to find 10 items located around Planet Avatarus or Planet Blizzard.

Where was this item found?

Blasters need to search high and low in order to find all 10 items, and with planets as complex as Avatarus and Blizzard, who knows where they could be hidden? When all 10 items are found, Blasters will be presented with the opportunity to choose from 3 particular, planetary power-ups—shrink, sparkle, or speed! Once a power-up is selected, a Blaster has 60 seconds to use it.

The shrink power-up will shrink a Blaster and monster mutt into the size of cosmic dust particles!

Look at how small this Blaster is!

Sparkle and shine!—a shooting star’s got nothing on a Blaster that chooses the sparkle power-up!

This Blaster could be mistaken for a meteor shower.

Choosing the speed power-up will make a Blaster and monster mutt go so fast, gravity couldn’t even slow them down!

Which is faster- the speed of light or this Blaster with his monster mutt?

Are your children’s Blasters up to the challenge? If so, they could be rewarded with one of these cool power-ups today!