New Features for Your Kids’ Mutt Creatures!

We know your kids love their monster mutts. Whether they are shuttling off to a distant galaxy, playing hide and seek around the park or picking out a new outfit that will keep them looking totally snazzy, your kids spend a lot of time with these little critters. Soon, they will be able take care of all of their mutt’s needs right from their Mutt Pods!

Your kids can play with their mutt in their Mutt Pod.

Your kids will be able to give their little monsters a bite to eat or even a sudsy scrub down while they are in their Room! When your kids head inside their Mutt Pod, they can click one of the options on the side panel to feed, pet, brush, scrub or play with their mutt! Your kids will see their mutts’ health and happiness gauge on top of the screen so they will know just what their mutts need and how they are feeling.

It’s time for this muddy mutt to get a bubbly bath!

It’s time for this muddy mutt to get a bubbly bath!

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Happy Thanksgiving, Blasters!

Update: This contest is over.

Max and the rest of the Math Blaster team would like you wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving! We’re so very grateful to have Blasters, like your kids, in the ranks of the Intergalactic Space Patrol. And, although, turkeys are difficult to come buy on this outer space adventure, this day is definitely a reason to gather with friends and celebrate. So, send your kids over to the Party Board, now!

And in honor of this day, here are some simply silly Thanksgiving themed math problems for you and your kids to solve:

1. If the first Thanksgiving celebration in the US took place in 1621 and it’s currently 2011, for how many years have we been celebrating Thanksgiving?

2. If your Aunt bakes 5 pies and your cousin eats 2 of them and then she decides to bake 4 more, but then she drops 2 as she pulling them out of the oven, how many pies are left for the Thanksgiving table?

3. If your parents set up 3 tables that seat 6 people each, and there are a total of 15 guests coming over for Thanksgiving dinner, how many seats will be left open come dinner time?

4. There are 10 turkeys left on display at the grocery store and Mr. Smith comes in to buy 2. And after this, the grocer re-stocks the display with 5 more turkeys and Max comes in and buys 3 turkeys for his Blaster buddies, how many are left in the grocery store’s display?

Has your kid figured them out? Then have them submit their answers in the comment’s section, below, for a chance to win 5,000 Math Blaster credits. The first 3 players to enter the correct answers WIN! Feel free to ask your holiday guests for help and good luck, Blasters!

Math Blaster Parties Make Every Day a Celebration!

Blasters have been busy enjoying the new Math Blaster party options, throwing everything from birthday parties to house-warming parties in their pods. With all of the party themes, times and decorations available in the Party Store, there is always a reason to celebrate in Math Blaster.

Have your kids thrown a Pod Party, yet? Tell them to head to the Party Store to get started. All they need to do is click on the Credits Counter and then click on the balloons icon to enter the Party Store. Throwing a party is the perfect way for your kids to ramp up the number of visitors to their pod and meet new Blasters from across the ISP.

Your kids can throw a party to celebrate their special day!

Are your kids more of the party-going types rather than the host or hostess? To join a Blaster’s party, have them head to the Party Board outside My Pod or join one straight from the Home Page. Whether your kids want to throw some parties of their own or just party hop, this is the perfect opportunity for them to get out there and celebrate with other Blasters!

What do your kids think of the Pod Parties?

Take Math Blaster With You Wherever Your Family Goes!

Are there days where your kids just can’t get enough of Math Blaster? Then make sure to check out all our available Math Blaster Mobile apps. That way, your kids can keep the Space Port safe even when they’re away from home! Stop by the iTunes App Store to get started with Math Blaster mobile, today!


Solve as many math problems as you can to finish the race!

HyperBlast is a fast-paced, single player racing game made for Blasters looking to get some extra practice with their math drills. In this app, Blasters race through a high-speed tunnel packed with all kinds of cosmic obstacles like those menacing math problems! Players have access to various levels including lessons in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

B-Force Blaster

Save the Spaceport by blasting through quick flying aliens, fireballs, and other targets!

B-force Blaster is an app of intergalactic intrigue, where your kids’ Blasters do all they can to protect the Math Blaster Space Port by zapping past aliens, targets and fireballs. This simple arcade style shoot game is filled with a ton of fast moving targets, so extra practice is always helpful. Although it’s not one of our math-focused classics, this app is sure to help better develop hand-eye coordination, focus, and fine motor skills.

Space Zapper

Defend the Space port while working on math drills!

Another math drill based app, space Zapper allows your kids’ Blasters to help defend the Space Port by blowing through approaching asteroids and using their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills! The app includes 20 different lessons, so your kids can keep learning while also practicing at levels they’ve already mastered.

With the approaching holiday season, any one of these apps would make an excellent travel game. Check them out and let us know what you think of Math Blaster’s mobile apps! All three apps are available now for iPad, iPhone, and the iPod touch.

Which Achievements Have Your Kids Earned?

Have your little ones been working hard to learn math skills, gaining some awesome achievements along the way? If so, we want you to shout about it from the Spaceport rooftops!

Is your kid a Hyper Blast Hotshot? Has your child crunched enough bolts to be considered a Bolt Cruncher Addict? Let us know how proud you are of all of their hard work!

While playing all of these math games, your kids have probably earned credits too! These credits can help them receive a Credit Collector achievement. Have they made it all the way and become a Credit Collector IV yet? The Blaster that receives the trophy for this achievement has earned 65,000 credits! That’s one big bank account and one big brain!

Click here to see what other achievements your kids can earn!

Attention All Party Animals! Pod Parties Are Here!

It’s party time in Math Blaster! Now, your kids can host a party in their pod with all of their B.F.F.s. Whether it’s to celebrate a Blaster’s birthday or just because it’s Tuesday, they’ll find everything they need to throw a party to remember at the Party Store.

To get the party started, tell your kids to click on their Credits Counter and select the Party Store. There, they’ll have a choice to host a private or a public party. Private Parties are exclusive affairs where invites will be sent out to only your kids’ B.F.F.s. Public Parties are open to all Blaster and give your kids a great opportunity to meet new friends and find common interests!

Learn more about Pod Parties here!

Help the Beavers Save Their Homes!

Hopefully, your kids’ Blasters have had a chance to help the beavers and their furry friends fight back by playing the latest game to enter the Space Port, Beaver’s Revenge. These friendly furry critters have made their homes in some cosmically cool places and need all the help they can get to stop the determined lumberjacks from taking down their darling dwellings! Have your kids hit the quick launch button on their character dock to find this simply silly game of physics.

Your kids will love this fun game of physics!

To score points and unlock new levels, all they’ll need to do is use their mouse to pull back on the beaver’s tail and launch some of beavers’ animal allies (think: rabbits, and skunks, and fish… oh my!). Your kids will need to knock down each lumberjack to advance to the next level, but to earn extra points, they’ll want to take down as much of their work sites as possible. The fewer critters launched, the better, so help them figure out where a single hit can do the most damage.

Control where each critter hits by adjusting the angle of the beaver’s tail.

You and your kids can’t get enough of Beaver’s Revenge? Then we have some great news for you… Beaver’s Revenge is available, now, for your mobile devices! The mobile app provides the same great 3D graphics with up to 60 levels of play supported by Game Center and Open Feint. That way your kids can keep an eye on those leaderboards and achievements while staying connected with friends in the game. Download it for FREE at the iTunes App Store or Android Market to play anywhere at anytime. Have your kids’ Blasters stopped to help the beavers yet?