We’re Blasting Off into 2012!

We’re all about moving into the future here at Math Blaster. From space station living and intergalactic interactions to alien pets and out of this world adventure, Math Blaster has always been in a race to the future. That’s why we’re so excited to celebrate and ring in the New Year with your kids and their Blasters! Before the clock hits 12, send your kids over to the party board to see what’s going on around Math Blaster!

Have your kids pay a visit to the Party Board!

But attending a party isn’t your kids’ only option to celebrate this time of year. If they’re interested, they’ll be able to throw a party of their own this New Year’s Eve! To gather all they’ll need to party into 2012, have them pull up the party store by selecting the credits icon in the upper right hand corner of their gaming screen. There, they’ll be able to view and purchase all of their party needs.

Have your kids been to the party store?

So whether you and your kids are here with us in Math Blaster or out celebrating with friends and family, Max and the rest of our team would like to wish you all a very happy and joyous New Year! Thank you for choosing Math Blaster and for helping the I.S.P. keep our space station safe. We’ll see your Blasters in 2012!

Leading the Path of Math

There are 1…2…3 things to be excited about in the new Math Academy. Max has been keeping tabs on the space station and, after performing a few simple calculations, has come to some excellent conclusions. Your children’s Blasters have discovered the solutions to a mind-boggling amount of math problems. Such victories will not go unnoticed!

After many weeks of grueling labor, the ISP has manufactured and mounted a board on the Academy wall to recognize the most triumphant Blasters. By week, by day, and by month, Blasters will be recognized for their noble efforts in saving the space station from the math meddlers.

Parents, tell your Blasters to continue the amazing job they are doing. With their brains as their weapons in defending the galaxy, Math Blaster is confident that your children can help save the station from what 2012 will bring.

Happy Holidays from Math Blaster!

Update: This contest is over.

Max and the entire team here at Math Blaster would like to wish you and your family a safe and very happy holiday season! With your kids spending so much time on the Space Station, let us help them get into the spirit of the season with a few fun filled math and logic activities.

Have them start by sending their Blasters over to the Math Academy to try out one of our latest games, Ice Cubed. There, they’ll be in perfect winter weather as they help Cornelius escape from his frozen state! This icy tundra will be a big change from the Space Station’s usual atmosphere, but in this season of gratitude and giving, Cornelius will be glad your kids stopped by for a game. Their hard work won’t go unnoticed!

And as a very special gift to your kids, we’ve listed a few fun and festive math riddles below. The first Blaster to reply with all the correct answers will win 2,000 Math Blaster credits!

1. There are two shoes to every pair and Max has sent one pair of shoes to each of his 5 Blaster Buddies. How many individual shoes did Max start with before wrapping each set?

2. You’ve bought 25 candy canes to surprise your B.F.F.s, but there are 32 buddies on your list. How many more candy canes will you need to buy so that everyone on your buddy list gets at least one of these sweet treats?

3. Max has made one pot of hot chocolate to serve at his holiday party. He’s able to serve 6 Blasters from one pot. If he wanted to serve 36 Blasters, how many pots of hot chocolate would he need?

4. 7 of your Blaster buddies have asked you to help them decorate their rooms for the Holidays, but during this busy time of year you can only help 3 of your buddies. How many of your friends will need to find other Blasters to help them?

Have you kids figured them out? Then have them submit their answers in the comment’s section, along with the email address they use to login and their player’s name (Don’t worry! This won’t be posted on the blog.) below, for a chance to win 2,000 Math Blaster credits. Good luck, Blasters! And, in the meantime, let us know how you and your Blasters are celebrating this season.

Max’s New Tutorial Will Help Your Kids Earn Stars!

Blasters’ rooms have gotten a lot of incredible updates lately. Did you know that your kids can decorate their room, buy furniture and throw themed parties? The new Mutt Pods even allow your kids to play, bathe and feed their mutts right from the comforts of their own space pod! Blasters can even visit each other’s rooms to rate them and care for their B.F.F.s’ mutts when they are away.

But with so much for your little Blasters to do in their room, they might need a little help figuring out how everything works. Max has solved that problem by creating a state of the art tutorial that will take your kids step by step through the various functions that are available in their rooms.

Your kids can learn how to rearrange their furniture so it’s right where they want it.


Your kids will learn how to earn stars to complete their Star Chart!

So tell your kids to check out this informative how-to on using all of the cool new features. With these instructions your kids can have the best rated pad or complete their Star Status constellation and increase their social ranking.

What do your kids think about all of the new updates to My Room?

The Math Academy Is in Danger!

Have your children had the chance to visit the newly commissioned Math Academy? If they have, then they’ve seen it’s all new, unique design and state of the art equipment. The ISP couldn’t be more excited about the latest modifications, but, unfortunately, it means the area is highly vulnerable to enemy attacks.

In his efforts to protect the Academy, Max has been on the lookout for any signs of invasion. He has already intercepted communication between distant planets that discuss plans to strike. In an attempt to hold up a defense, Max has added Red Alert to the Math Academy and is asking for your kids’ help!

When the red lights start flashing and the emergency horns begin blaring, it’s time for Blasters to suit up and save the station.

Red Alert! Red Alert!

Your children will need to run into the Red Alert portal and jump into the captain’s seat. Then, they’ll be challenged to blast all the foreign objects that come hurling at the Space Station.

Use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to shoot.

Will your kids be able to save the Math Academy? Tell them to play Red Alert today!

A Cold Front Is Headed for the ISP!

Do your kids remember Cornelius, the intergalactic ambassador? Well, soon he’ll be shuttling back to Math Blaster as part of the new game Ice Cubed! Although somewhat misunderstood, this abominable caveman is actually the friendliest, most kind-hearted creature that ever stomped across planet Gomba’s icy terrain.

The temperatures on Gomba have dropped so low that that Cornelius has been trapped inside an enormous block of ice! And now, it will be up to your kids to free him from his artic chamber. They will need to use their Blaster brains to navigate Cornelius across the ice and to the square with the roaring fire. When they land on that square, the ice cube will melt and Cornelius will be free! Make sure they watch out because there are lots of tricks and traps along the way like thin ice that will send him plunging into the freezing water.

Make sure your kids watch the clock, because this game is all about timing and skill!

Learn more about Ice Cubed here!

Learn and Earn to Customize Your Kid’s Math Blaster Experience!

Have your kids been looking for new ways to earn even more credits to customize their gaming experience? Then be sure they know that “Risk It” is on its way to Math Blaster. This arcade style math game will be the best way to learn and earn in the newly designed Math Academy!

Have your kids stopped by the newly designed Math Academy?

Is your Blaster ready to risk some of their credits?

The more math practice your kids’ Blasters have, the better! Playing “Risk It,” they’ll have to put their brain to the test and be ready to risk a few credits to earn some big rewards. Before each question, your child will have to choose to either “bank” the credits they’ve earned or, “let it ride” for the chance to increase their earning potential. The more confident they are in their math skills, the better their chance to earn credits. Questions will range by level, with subjects including: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, measurements, place values, and money management.

Learn more about “Risk It”!