ATTN: Blaster’s with Larva

Every Blaster needs the perfect sidekick and your kids can take the next step by adopting a larva from the Larva Den, located over in the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome. And, if they’ve already got one, then we’ve got some great news for them! Now, they can click on the larva to pull up our new play and care options, including feeding and dressing up their little larva to keep them happy and help them grow.

With these new larva updates, your kids and their Blasters will have more options to play and care for their cool cosmic companions. Now, they don’t have to go to Larva Den to get in some quality time playing tug o’ war or fetch. Your kids and their Blasters can select from a selection of toys including a bone, a rattle and even a ring to tug on. All they have to do is click on the larva then click play!

The Larva Food shelf is now available to feed your larva before putting them in the Incubator. If your child and their Blaster still want to explore and discover but are worried about their larva getting hungry before hatching in the Incubator, they can come feed their larva here.

Caption: After a long day of playing, the larva needs to eat to restore its energy and to be happy.

Larva can eat a bowl of larva food available from the shelf to the right of the Incubator. Go ahead and have your kids try it out! If their larva has enough food and play time, its happiness meter at the top will be full. Try to keep the larva as happy as you can!

What are you waiting for? Tell your kids to adopt a new larva for their Blasters today! As soon as they get a Monster Mutt, they can start to play new games with their new companions. Give Snatch-It a try, just head over to The Park and they can race against the clock to collect as many items as they can. How many points can they collect?

Math Blaster Mobile Apps: Now Available at the Nook Store!

It just got even easier to bring Math Blaster around with you and your kids. Now, you’ll be able to download all of our apps direct to your Nook! Our mobile apps allow kids to enjoy some of Math Blaster’s most popular games anywhere at anytime. From long family road trips to errand filled days out and about, your kids will never get bored with these great games. Check them out!

Math Blaster HyperBlast
iTunes // Android // Amazon // Nook

Math Blaster Apps include: Math Blaster HyperBlast, Math Blaster Space Zapper, Math Blaster B-Force Blaster

If you don’t have a Nook, don’t worry! You’ll still be able to find these mobile games at the iTunes App Store, Android Market and Amazon. Try them out with your kids and let us know what you think!

New Furniture Has Arrived!

Are your kids still looking for that perfect piece of furniture to spruce up their Blaster’s room? Or do they happen to have a few extra credits to spare? Let them know that a few fun new furniture pieces have floated over to the space station. Now they’ll have even more items to choose from in the My Room Store!

Knowing the members of this Blaster Corps, we can only imagine that your kids’ have some out of this world decorating skills, so be sure they don’t miss out on these cosmically cool additions! They’ll even be able to earn a few achievements for decorating their rooms or visiting their B.F.F.s

Check them out and let us know what you and your kids think of the latest additions to the My Room Store!

BREAKING NEWS: A New Morph Just Flew In from Space!

Your kids might want to take this new morph under their wing. This extraordinary and exciting experiment will have blasters laughing in places both high and low as kids, like yours, turn their Blaster buddies into the Wing Thing!

What do your kids think of this new morph? Send them over to Morph Madness to check it out! Max loves hearing what other members of the Blaster Corps think, so let us know.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Blasters!

Max and the entire Math Blaster team would like to wish you and your kids a fun filled day with lots of love and a number of galactic goodies! As a special Valentine’s Day treat, we’ve got a quick math problem for your kids to help us solve. The first person to respond with the right answer will receive 2,000 Math Blaster credits, so be sure your kids and their Blasters don’t miss out on this out of this world opportunity!

QUESTION: Max has been making Valentine’s Day cards for his math blasting buddies like G.C. So far, he’s made about 35 cards, but his B.F.Fs list has exactly 100 blaster buddies on it. He doesn’t have enough supplies to make 100 cards, so he decides to give cards only to his 50 best B.F.F.s. At this point, how many more Valentine’s Day cards will Max need to make?

Submit your kid’s answer below and be sure to include their Math Blaster username. Once we see the correct answer come in, we’ll let you all know and award that blaster with the 2,000 credits grand prize. If your kids find themselves stumped and without an answer, have them try their hand at Max’s cosmically cool Valentine’s Day cards. These fun crafts are the perfect way to surprise your Blaster with a sweet treat.

Learn how to make Max’s Valentines!

This Enemy May Be Acute, But It’s Invading the Spaceport!

Greetings, Blaster parents!

Your Blasters have done an excellent job protecting the spaceport from invasion! But, somehow a new creature from space, the calamarink, has managed to make its way inside the Math Academy walls. We think it’s the calamarink’s incredible speed and knowledge of angles that allowed it to get through our Blaster security.

Can your kids help us take the calamarink down? Ask them to help by playing Angle Attack! In this game, they’ll have work out which angle the enemy has taken and shoot it down by typing in the correct answer. This is one sneaky creature and the 0° line will move so tell your kids to pay attention to its position.

What do your kids think of Angle Attack? Can they save the spaceport from the calamarink?

The Best B.F.F.s Feature Has Arrived!

The Blaster Corps is all about working together, so it’s no wonder that your kids’ buddy lists have gotten so long. To help them better navigate through their pals, Max has decided to introduce the Best B.F.F.s feature. Now, they won’t have to waste time searching for the B.F.F.s they consider their very best!

To get started, have your kids scroll through their buddy list and mark the Blasters they interact with most often. They’ll need to select the star icon on the right side of their buddy list to add each of their Best B.F.F.s to this new list. This will bring each of the highlighted players to the top of the Buddy list for easy access to messaging and other fun features.

So, what do you and your kids think of this buddy list update? Max loves getting feedback from Blasters like them. Have them check into their bPad InBox to learn all about it!