Blast Your Way Into The New B-Force Blaster Portal!

Now it is easier than ever for Blasters to enter B-Force Blaster! The new portal in the Space Port makes accessing the game easier and faster. Instead of going to the Math Academy Training Center, Blasters can head there as soon as they enter the game. Whether it’s their angles or their aim, your kids can get in some practice and improve their skills. Check it out right next to Max and his Mutt today!

Target practice time! Improve your shooting and math skills in B-Force Blaster today!

Now that playing B-Force Blaster is easier than ever, can your kids get a top score on the scoreboard? Get some shooting and math practice in today and your Blaster will earn top ranks! Navigate through the game with your blaster arm locked and loaded, and see how many targets your kids can get. Their Blaster will need to hit the right answer to get points added to their score!

Head over to Space Port today to see the new portal and let Max know what you think! What’s your kid’s top score?

UFO-OF: Unidentified Flying Object – Of Fun!

Blasters may not know what it is, but they know one thing for sure, and it’s that this new toy for Larva and Mutts is a blast of fun! Available in the Mutt Mart, Larva and Mutts will get a kick out of trying to catch our new Spaceship toy. Blasters can control how near or far to play, allowing the Larva or Mutt to chase it back and forth while still trying to jump and reach it.

Start shopping for this spaceship in the store today!

Pets will love playing with this new toy!

Your kid’s Larva and Mutts will keep trying to board this ship, but they definitely won’t be getting bored! Using the slide bar on the right, your kids will be able to interact with their galactic pets in a fun game of chase the spaceship. Their pets will be totally thrilled when they hear this news!

Have your kids join in all the extraterrestrial excitement by checking out our latest pet toy and letting us know what they think!

Get Ready For A Different Kind Of Extraterrestrial Ride!

The time has finally come where Blasters don’t have to board a ship to experience the ride of their lives. Now, your kids can ride around the Space Station on their very own Monster Mutts! Have them head over to the Training Center to ensure that their Mutts have the skills they’ll need to transport their Blasters safely through space, or at least the Space Port.

What do you want to do? You want to ride your Mutt!

To get started, your kids will need to click on their Mutt to pull up the action menu and then select “Ride.” But before they hit the road, Blasters need to double check their Mutt’s energy and hunger levels. A Blaster’s Mutt should be part of the mission too, and now they can help out instead of just tagging along. Try it out today! Where will your kids be riding off to? Max loves learning about their favorite Space Port spots.

Blasters need to start training their Mutts. Check out the Training Center!

Attention Blasters: Hyperblast Ready!

Every Blaster’s favorite game is getting an update with even more levels. Get your kids ready to blast their way through some of our menacing math challenges. Whether they need help with addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, these math drills will definitely keep math practice fun. Have your kids send their Blasters to the Space Port, where they can blast their way to sum fun!

Math Blaster + HyperBlast = Fun For All!

Check it out now and see your kids’ excitement about math multiply by 10! Are they ready to take on the new levels? Be sue that they know that they’ll be able to access Hyperblast from the main Space Port or by venturing into the Math Academy.

Want to know more about the updates to Hyperblast?

½ (the price), but 2x (the fun)!

Learning on the go has never been easier, especially with Math Blaster’s HyperBlast available for your mobile devices! Are you ready to show your kids how much fun math can be? Download Math Blaster Hyper Blast today. Originally priced at $1.99, you can have your kids continue their adventures in learning for just $0.99! And whatever device you decide to blast off on, Math Blaster has you covered in the iTunes App Store and Google’s new GooglePlay shop for Android. Check it out and let us know what you think of our mobile games!

Take advantage of the savings today, these prices are out of this world!

Outer Space Spring Cleaning: New Items For Your Pod!

The sun is shining brighter and there are more meteors flying through the sky. It looks like Spring has arrived! Now is the time for Blasters to spruce up their personal space and pretty up their pods, so check out the new items available in the My Pod store!

How are you going to decorate? Experiment with all the furniture today!

Your kids Blasters might want to deck out their Pods with some of these new items, so don’t forget to tell them about these out of this world choices. Spring is the season for a fresh start and adding these new pieces will surely bring some more light in. Or was that the sun? Either way, have your kids stop by the store today!

Check out some of the new additions!

Monster Mutt Fun for Everyone!

Those of you who have been lucky enough to have a Monster Mutt know just how special they can be. Now everybody’s favorite Blaster has one, too! Welcome Max’s new Monster Mutt to the Space Station. Make sure to stop by and say hi if you see Max and his new Mutt around the Spaceport.

Max’s Mutt is still growing but it’ll grow up to be big and strong one day.

GC also got lucky and now has a Mutt of her very own, too! Come see hers in the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome today!