New Nebula Knockout Features!

Have you had the chance to check out the Monster Mutt Rescue app and the new Mutt Pod features yet? Just as a quick reminder, you can now take your Mutts with you wherever you go on your iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone. And while you’re caring for your pet in their Pod, don’t forget that you even have access the ones you previously released! That way you’ve got more mutts and more fun.

Anyways, we just hope that you’ve been taking good care of your Mutts and training them well, because we’ve got some news for you: there are a number of new features waiting for you in Nebula Knockout! Let’s go through a rundown of some of them so you can get back into the battles!

Have you noticed anything new? Congratulations on your Nebula Knockout trophy!

Now, when you go to your Mutt’s Pod, you may notice a few new features. Aside from the arrows at the bottom that help you cycle through all of your Mutts waiting for you on the couch, there is a new trophy! Although players get a trophy for having their Mutts compete in Nebula Knockout, the competition ball inside changes based on how well your Mutt does. Check to see which color you get when you beat the different difficulty levels in single player mode.

It doesn’t matter which color kit you choose for your Mutt, these belts are for their skill level, not fashion!

Another thing you will notice is the new set of Battle Belts for your Mutts. Each Battle Belt signifies how well you do in your battles, so make sure you train your Mutt well to avoid losing!

What do you think of the new additions for your Mutts? The championship trophy and Battle Belts are a great way to let you know how well your little fighter is doing. What color Belt do your Mutts have? Comment below and let Max know!

One Blaster X Math Blaster = Multiple Mutts!

Can’t decide on an Ickysaur or Eyeclops? How about a Grubble or Space Griffin instead? The choice can be difficult, but don’t let it get in the way of your astronomical adventures! Bring your Mutts along for some Blasterific battles! That’s right, we said Mutts, because now you can have multiple Monster Mutts at once! With the addition of another Mutt, it sums up to more fun for Blasters.

You don’t have to pick just one anymore, just head to the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome to pick out another larva after you release your Mutt. Your Mutt will come back to their Pod to visit and you’ll be able to pick which one you want to play and train with! Now just like you have your B.F.F.s, your Mutt will have a best friend to play with when you’re off protecting the Space Port.

This is an addition problem every Blaster can appreciate!

All of your Mutts will be waiting for you right in their Pod. Use the arrows at the bottom to scroll through all of them and make sure you play with them all! Some of them tend to get jealous so keep them happy by feeding and playing with each and every one! Just click on the one you want to play with at that time to take them around with you.

When you’re out with your Mutt, the other ones will be anxiously waiting for you in their Pod. Make sure you train all of them though! To pick another Mutt to play with, just swap them out when you get back to your Pod.

Take your Ickysaur, Eyeclops, Grubble and Space Griffin all along with you now! Which one is your favorite Mutt? Let Max know which one you’ll be exploring Space with!

Coming Soon: Math Blaster Has Landed!

After a very long time away from Earth, Max has returned! He needed a break from all of the astronomical adventures and meteorological missions that go along with being apart of the I.S.P, so he planned to land back at homebase. During the flight, his ship was having some trouble with the coordinates and there were some difficulties landing. But don’t worry, Max is safe. He has just landed somewhere new, China!

Out of all the planets and galaxies Max and GC have travelled to, they have never been to China before. Luckily for them, Math Blaster will soon be available in Chinese! Let all your friends and Blaster buddies know that they will soon be able to  enjoy all of Math Blaster’s games and missions in the Chinese language too!

No matter how you say it, Math Blaster + You = Fun!

Max just finished working on the repairs to his ship and has started his journey back to the Space Port. But before he left, he made sure to make Math Blaster available for all his Chinese speaking friends to enjoy! Tell us if you speak any other languages and let Max know what you think!

An Eye For An Eye! Return The Favor To Your Friends!

Your B.F.F.s have had your back. They’ve cared for and cleaned your Mutts while you were out saving the Space Port during Red Alerts and beating those menacing alien bosses in HyperBlast. Now is your chance to pay them back! Give them a little gift after they’ve cared for your Mutt!

Check your Mutt Notifications to see who has cared for your Mutt while you were gone. After you’ve gone through the list of your Blaster buddies, send them something special and reward them helping you out.

Sharing is caring, so give a thank you to your friends!

Kind and courteous are just two traits of a model Blaster. After all, we’re all on one team, the I.S.P.! Repay your Blaster buddies and you might get a reward for watching someone else’s Mutt too! Try it out and let Max know what you think of the new Mutt Pod reward system!

Can You Guess This Place In Outer Space?

There are a lot of places and things to see in the Space Port, some you may or may not have already discovered. Sometimes though, you forget about a place you’ve been to before. Do you think you know every place there is to go?

Max has sent this Blasternaut to go somewhere in the Space Port. The first Blaster to help Max find him will get a prize! Think you’re up for the challenge? Try to guess where this Blaster is today!

Search behind every meteor and asteroid to find this Blaster!

If you’ve got what it takes to find this hiding Blaster, you could get 500 credits for helping out Max! Let us know in the comments below where you think they are and the first one will get to receive the prize!

Coming Soon: 2 Heads Are Better Than 1!

Do the math. Better yet, get your friends to help you do the math! Now for our Blasters with multiple friends, we’re sending out rewards for your fantastic team work. Gather all your Blaster B.F.F.s to join in on the fun and prizes!

1 Blaster + 1 Blaster = More Fun!

Completing your I.S.P missions and still having time to help your friends is hard work, so let us reward you. Make sure you add all of your friends to your B.F.F. Lists. Remember, you can add your opponents after playing games like Nebula Knockout and Galaxy Grand Prix too!

What are you waiting for? Start adding your Blaster buddies today! How many friends do you have? Let Max know today!

Which Color Kit Could You Get?

Have you had enough time to get to know your Space Griffin yet? We hope you’ve been training them hard to prepare them for all the astronomical adventures they’ll take part in while at the Space Port! When they’re ready to battle though, they’re going to need a new look. And now, we’ve got just the thing you’re looking for, since Max just dropped off a shipment of Space Griffin color kits in the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome!

Just like the other color kits, head over to the Mutt Mart to give your new Space Griffin an all new look! You don’t want to send your new Mutt out into the Space Port looking like everyone else’s Space Griffin, so pick out a new color kit today and show your fellow blasters just how unique your Mutt can be.

Pick a color, any color!

Once you’ve got your newly dressed Space Griffin, head over to your Mutt Pod to decorate some more Mutt items like the couch or flooring. Don’t forget that you can do all of this directly from the Monster Mutt Rescue app! Download it now to get a space griffin of you very own, today. After all, these new monster mutts are only available through the app!

What are you waiting for? Start dressing up your Space Griffin with the new color kits today! Let Max know which one your favorite color is!