August is here, make sure you’re clear!

With the start of a new month, now is a great time to do some routine maintenance on your computers. Make sure you’re ready for anything that comes your way so you can keep blasting and battling in Math Blaster. Clear your browser history and Unity cache to prepare for all the astronomical aliens and additional adventures!

Follow these easy instructions to make sure you’re systems are ready and running smoothly. Head over to and get your computer prepped for a sonic boom to space, because your CPUs will be running on full blast!

Have you been competing in the Space Olympics? Make sure you’re prepared for all the competition by clearing your cache today.

Get Ready For The 2012 Space Olympics!

Whether you’re following the Olympics in London or in Nebula Knockout, make sure you take the time to train and care for your Mutt. While all of the gymnasts, swimmers and runners are competing in the Summer Games, your Mutt will be punching, kicking and using their Special Powers on the road to victory. Forget the bronze, silver and gold too; aim for black, as in the Black Battle Belt!

Battle it out to be the best Mutt in Nebula Knockout’s Space Olympics!

Do you have what it takes to earn a Battle Belt in the Space Olympics? Compete against Blasters and Mutts from around the world in this international, and intergalactic, sporting event!

Are you following the Summer Olympics in London this summer? If you’re not too busy watching the sports, take your Mutt to Nebula Knockout for the Space Olympics! Let Max know what you think and if you’ve got a Battle Belt!

Battle Belts For Our Best Blasters!

Have you been training your amazing Monster Mutts in Nebula Knockout? Now that you can earn trophies in your Mutt Pod for battling, try to up the ante with these all new Battle Belts! Everyone starts off as a beginner with the White Belt, so can you train your Mutt and build your way up to the others?

Train and battle with your Mutt enough to get the blaster-ific Black Belt!

Each Battle Belt gives your Mutt a special power or bonus. Some of them are character specific, like the Pink and Blue Belt which will give your Mutt a special color kit that nobody else can get. Collect them all to see what each one does!

What do you think of the Battle Belts? Go check out the kiosk in the Nebula Knockout Arena, and let Max know what you think!

HyperBlast 2 Is Better Than Ever!

Have you had a chance to check out HyperBlast 2 HD yet? Now is the best time because we’ve made some new SPACE-tacular updates! Visit the new Gem Store after playing to collect and trade rare treasures, or pick from the 4 new Hypercycles to race with through vivid obstacles and challenges.

And best of all, you can now even play as GC! So, whether you pick Max or GC, either choice will have the Blaster skills to help you do your very best in HyperBlast 2. Do you have what it takes to blast your way through all our the levels? Get started by updating or downloading the app in the iTunes App Store today!

Ursa Major For Our Star Players!

Just like the seasons change, so do the stars. This time, they’ve realigned themselves for our stellar superstar blasters. Now, all of our distinguished cadets can advance to a new star status, Ursa Major!

Pegasus helped us highlight our best players, but now with this new constellation we can idenetify our players that have gotten even better at their math blasting skills. Reach for the stars blasters because this new bear constellation will only showcase our best of the best!

Check out the new Ursa Major star chart today!

Have you earned enough points to receive the new Star Status yet? Let Max know what you think!

Blaster Alert: Max and GC Will Be Landing at Comic Con 2012!

For those of you not already in the know, Comic Con is a world renowned convention for fans of comic books and science fiction to come see exclusive product previews and even some of their favorite superheroes all  in one place. So if you’re going to be in San Diego, be sure to visit us at the Math Blaster booth, where you’ll be able to meet Max and GC!

Blasters in attendance will receive their very own cutouts of Max, GC or a larva that they can assemble into their very own 3D toy. As an added bonus, visitors will receive a code for a complimentary 15-day membership! This is a great opportunity to meet you favorite Blasters and take home something special. That way, you can continue the fun and learning for free at

If you can’t make it to the show, we’ve still got you covered. Feel free to print out the 3D toy templates here on the blog! They’re a great craft idea that you can share to take the Math Blaster fun where ever you go! Just make sure you get an adult to help you cut out all the pieces and see if you can assemble it on your own.

Try to make one, or see if you can put them all together! Comic Con is a great experience, but if you can’t make it to the show this year, we hope these will help you to still have fun this weekend. Which one is your favorite? Let Max know!

Give a little, get a little!

Has a blaster friend shown you and your Mutt a little TLC lately? Give them something fun and special back, like one of these great toys from the Mutt Mart! Now, when you check your messages or notifications to find out if someone has cared for your Mutt while you were away, you can send your Blaster pals a toy as a gift to thank them.

Along with being able to gift your friends with the usual food items and brushes, these new toys are a great addition that gives you even more variety to choose from! Mutts already love these toys, but now your friends will have the opportunity to enjoy receiving them as gifts too.

These are a few of Max’s favorite things. Share them with your B.F.F.s!

What do you think of these new gift items? Let Max know which toys are your favorites to send to your friends!