Find your cosmic companions

With so many fellow Blasters running around the space station, it can be easy to lose track of your closest B.F.F.’s.  However, now you will be able to find your buddies in even the most crowded areas since you can give your B.F.F.’s nicknames. Simply select your B.F.F. List and choose which friend you want to give a nickname. 


Once your B.F.F. has been chosen, type in the nickname you would like to give him or her and save. 


From now on, whenever you see your B.F.F. that new nickname will appear, and it will only be visible to you.  It is that easy!  With new B.F.F. nicknames you can locate your friends in a flash, making protecting the galaxy that much easier and more fun.

8 Responses


  2. You don’t have to be mean about it….

  3. Lily, all ur doing uis being mean….. plz stop

  4. ummmm… if you are Math Blaster pleez see the my comments on “Gues What Blasters?”

    • Hey Alex NeonVolcan, just in case you didn’t see our response to you, we want to let you know that we have responded to your comment! We also wanted to make sure to let you know that we want to make sure to protect all of our Blasters’ safety, so please do not post your Math Blaster friend code to this blog. Thanks, Alex NeonVolcan, and we hope you have fun playing more of Math Blaster!

  5. also, pleez answer on that page.

  6. sorry! i didnt see it untill now. thats kinda embarresing…

    • It’s alright, Alex NeonVolcan! Don’t worry about it, we want to make sure that we respond to your questions and comments. However, we want to ask you to make sure to not include your Math Blaster friend code. This is a public site, and we want to be able to protect your privacy! Thank, and keep on playing Math Blaster!

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