Reach For The Stars And Achieve!

For all of you hard-working Blasters out there, you are in luck. There is a new feature in Math Blaster that will let you go directly to any game of your choice through the Achievements section of your bPad.

When you click on the bPad, which is featured on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen, you will see many options to choose from. However, if you want to find out how your Blaster training is progressing, you will want to check out the Achievements section.

Once you have arrived at your Achievements board, you have the ability to see all of the awards you have received as you went through your training as a Blaster cadet in BlasterAcademy. If you click on one of the sections (perhaps your favorite game), you can see how many more times you need to play the game in order to gain more awards.

All you have left to do is click the “Go Now” button and it will take you directly to your game. This is a quick and easy way for to continue to rank up and become a great Blaster who can valiantly defend BlasterAcademy.

Good luck in your training, Blasters!

One Response

  1. MB? Could you pleez upgrade the Galaxy Grand Prix? I SOOOOOOOO love it, but i cant get anybody to come to my races anymore. I would appreshiate it if you make some new veicles or something. With all dew respect, AlexNeonVolcan

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