Why is the Sun So Hot?

The sun plays an integral role in all life on Earth. One of the most basic facts about the sun is that the surface of the sun is about 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The interesting part about the sun, however, is that its atmosphere is much hotter, reaching between 2 million to 4 million degrees Fahrenheit. This peculiarity has caused scientists to research more about the sun throughout the years, and there have been some new insights into how the sun operates.


Scientists have recently taken images of the sun which have helped understand why the outer layer of the sun is around 800 times hotter than the sun’s surface. In July, scientists released a device called the High Resolution Coronal Imager into space. This 464-pound, 10-foot long telescope stayed outside of Earth’s atmosphere long enough to take several high-resolution images of the sun’s atmosphere.

Through these images created by the High Resolution Coronal Imager, scientists observed that small bands of magnetism near the surface of the sun would group together, snap apart, and ultimately release bursts of heat and energy. This process is what is causing the sun’s atmosphere to be hotter than its surface. Moreover, these flares and bursts of heat could be as hot as 7 million degrees.

An interesting part about this flare-up process is that there are times when it pauses. These pauses cause the heat and energy to build up, resulting in a large outburst called a flare or coronal mass ejection. Coronal mass ejections occur when great amounts of gas and magnetic fields burst from the sun, and they have been known to damage satellites and take out power grids.

Does this article make your Blasters think of the sun in a different light? The sun is such an important part in our lives, and we cannot underestimate its complexities and significance. Let us know what you think about this article!

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Space Station Mysteries: Clue #5

Today is the final day of Max’s scavenger hunt! Be sure to submit your answer to the Math Blaster blog before the day is over. This is your chance to win 200 credits, so make sure to put your minds to the test and try and figure out this clue!

Friday’s Clue:
This item is hidden somewhere below the Math Blaster floor, but it also swims in the ocean, not the shore. 

Space Station Mysteries: Clue #4

Blasters, there are only two days left in this exciting scavenger hunt! This week has been filled with mystery and riddle solving, and it is almost coming to a close. Are you ready for today’s clue? Keep in mind that the answer for today’s clue is the only one that can be submitted for the prize that Max is offering!

Thursday’s Clue:
The center of this item shines for all to see. Where in the space station could this item be?

Space Station Mysteries: Clue #3

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Wednesday’s Clue:
This item brings star gazing right in your home; you can view the stars easily, without having to roam.

Space Station Mysteries: Clue #2

It is Day #2 for the Math Blaster in-game scavenger hunt! Remember that answers for yesterday’s clue will not give you the chance to win the prize for today. Max has released the following clue for all of you Blasters to figure out. Good luck!

Tuesday’s Clue:
Rise in the ranks and get a head start, but use this item for more information — it’s really smart! 

Space Station Mysteries: Clue #1

It’s time, Blasters! Starting today, Max and his team of space captains will be releasing specific clues about different items in Math Blaster. Each day has a different clue relating to a different item in Math Blaster, and it is up to you to figure out which items Max wants you to find! All of these items are somewhere in the Intergalactic Space Station, so it your job to decipher the clues to find them. Once you have figured out the clue for the day, you must comment on the Math Blaster blog. The first 5 people who submit the correct answer for the day will win 200 credits in Math Blaster!

Make sure to remember that each day is different. There are new items each day this week, until Friday! This means that Monday through Friday, you have 5 chances to in 200 credits. Comment on this blog post  if you have puzzled through the clue that follows. Good luck!

Monday’s Clue:
Before Monster Mutts can come to hatch, Blasters must visit this place to find a perfect match.