Exciting News for this Summer

Is your Blaster looking for a new and exciting challenge? Tell them to head on over JumpStart (http://www.jumpstart.com/) and check out the new FunZone where they can learn about JumpStart’s upcoming game, School of Dragons. At the FunZone, your child can preview Fireball Frenzy- just one of the many thrilling activities that will be featured in School of Dragons. With some practice, they can earn a score worthy of showing off to their friends. In the upcoming game, based on DreamWorks Animations’ hit film, How to Train Your Dragon, your child will be able to train and raise a dragon of their own while also learn core science skills through concepts like the Scientific Method.


One of the highlights of School of Dragons is its mobile app. Through the mobile app, players will be able to seamlessly resume play with their character and continue progressing through the world while on the go. To learn more about this exciting game, head over to the website at http://www.schoolofdragons.com/. Don’t forget to help your Viking sign up for the exclusive Beta (on the website) so that they can try it for themselves in June! Also, try downloading one of the exciting wallpapers to help spice up your desktop some.

Untangle the Angle!

Did you know that the more engaged a person is in an activity or lesson, the more likely they are to retain the information they are learning? Math in particular, may seem hard and boring; learning to calculate angles by degree might seem very uninteresting. However, that is until you experience Angle Attack in the Math Academy.


In this game,  the only way to save the space station is to figure out the correct angle from which your enemy is attacking. Don’t let the pressure get to you, just remember that all you need to do is separate the arena into degrees, each of which is—10° with the total arena equating to 360°.


If you can remember that, you could be one of our top Angle Attack Blasters. Simply count the number of degrees to his location. Key in the amount you counted, then press the trigger (the enter button). Bam! Your enemy is defeated. Because each slice equals 10°, all you need to do is count by tens until you get to their location. It’s that simple, you’ve learned how to measure angles by degrees, had tons of fun, and raked in some coins, which, we all know, will come in handy later in the game.


Additionally, you have the option to go from easy-to-hard. Start small and increase levels of difficulty as you improve your game. The more you practice, the better you will become and the more coins you will earn. Try this fun gem out and you will see that math, geometry isn’t as arduous as you thought. Compete against your Math Blaster buddies and see who can dominate. But most importantly, have fun.

Worksheet of the Week

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Memorial Day Activity: Math and Measurements

While celebrating national holidays like Memorial Day, you might find yourself searching for activities to share with your kids that are exciting and interactive, yet still commemorative of the true meaning behind the day. After all, just because the kids are out of the classroom for the day doesn’t mean that their learning needs to stop. Get festive and show your patriotism by working on activities with your little learners that are not only fun but also utilize their math skills. For example, you might have your kids help you in the kitchen by preparing some delicious Memorial Day inspired treats in the kitchen like these patriotic ice cream sundaes.

All you’ll need are a few simple ingredients. Have your kids prepare each of the ingredients to practice measuring various quantities. If you are doubling the recipe you might even have them do the math to determine how much of each item they might need. Basic math skills can go a long way when in the kitchen.

What you’ll need:

  • One gallon of vanilla ice cream
  • A set of food dye (with the primary colors)
  • Measuring cups.
  • Spoons for mixing.
  • Bowls for mixing.
  • Clear cups for serving.


  • Divide the gallon of ice cream into the three bowls, creating equal servings in each bowl.
  • In the first bowl of ice cream, add one teaspoon of red dye to every two cups of vanilla ice cream. Mix well and set aside.
  • In the second bowl, add one teaspoon of blue dye to every two cups of vanilla ice cream. Mix well and set aside.
  • With one bowl of red ice crean, another of blue and a third bowl of vanilla, prepare the clear bowls for serving.
  • To each clear serving dish, first add vanilla to a clear serving dish, and then add equal parts of red and blue. The layered colors will create a fun visual appeal to this vanilla sundae that is reminiscent of an American flag.
  • Top with whip cream and a cherry, then enjoy!

Memorial Day Weekend Fun

Happy Memorial Day weekend, Blasters! Many may think of this weekend as the unofficial kickoff to summer, however it is important that we remember what this day is all about. Like many of you brave Blasters, the men and women in our armed forces show great courage and dedication when fighting off enemy forces. Be sure to take a moment to honor these great soldiers when enjoying this holiday weekend.

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This weekend is a great time to break out the swimsuits and barbeques and enjoy those warm nights with good friends and family! What are you are your family doing for the holiday? This weekend could be a great chance to spend time with old friends or find new a B.F.F on Math Blaster! Whether you are staying home and spending time with family or enjoying a day at the beach with friends, we hope this weekend will be a great start to your summer!

If you are looking for some fun activities to do, try out some of our exciting worksheets or engaging activities. Doing experiments is a great way to pass the time and learn something new and cool, in the process.

Worksheet of the Week


Worksheet of the Week