Fellow Blasters, we hope you have a galactic size and futuristic Halloween party with your friends and family tonight! Are you going to dress up as an astronaut or an alien creature this year? Be sure to spend some time before your Halloween celebration to brush up your science, space and math knowledge in Math Blaster so you can show off in front of your friends! Also, play a silly prank on your BFFs in Math Blaster by morphing them into crazy alien creatures!


To add a spookier vibe to your home, make a few Halloween decorations with your family and friends! Let us know what your spine-chilling plans are for this haunting night in the comment below, and have a frighteningly fun and fantastic night!

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The Appearances of Box Jellyfish on a Hawaiian Beach Follow a Reoccurring Pattern

Did you know that the moon cycle can be linked to marine life? Through 14 years of data collection and analysis, researchers found that the abundance of box jellyfish on the Waikiki Beach in Hawaii happens consistently.

Photo by James Brennan

Photo by James Brennan

The box jellyfish is amongst the deadliest species in the world. Their sting can be painful or even lethal, which is particularly troublesome for beachgoers.

For every 8 to 12 days after the full moon, the box jellyfish will come to shore. The results of the study show that there is no net increase or decrease in the total number of box jellyfish appearing on Waikiki, but they have found a predictable pattern where there are periods of increase and decreased occurring in a four years cycle. Scientists hypothesize that the pattern is highly influenced by the change in climate, which plays a major role in regulating the availability of food and resources.

Although there are many researches around the world that demonstrated the heavy influence of climate fluctuations and environmental conditions on the jellyfish, the box jellyfish specifically has a unique life cycle that makes studying them difficult.

Math Blaster: Morph Madness Video

Turing your B.F.Fs into crazy creatures is all part of the fun and excitement in Math Blaster! Do you want to see a transformation in motion? Check out our latest YouTube video highlighting the creation of morphs from collecting the elements in the Chem Lab, to mixing the elements, to actually morphing your galactic friends into insanely silly aliens. Watch the creation of morphs in the video below or check out the video on our official YouTube channel HERE!

Let us know if there is anything else you would like us to put up!

Rare Species of Dragon Tree Found in Thailand

Does your blaster know much about plant biology? Let us take a look at what scientists have found on the highlands of Thailand! According to recent reports, a team of scientists discovered a new dragon tree species called Dracaena kaweesakii in Thailand, and it is known for its extensive branching. What makes this tree so special and popular? Let’s find out!

Photo by brewbooks

Photo by brewbooks

This scarce species can only be found on limestone hills and mountains in Thailand, where most Buddhist temples are located. Both the height and crown diameter of this new species reaches an impressive 12 meter. The most distinctive features of this unique tree are its soft sword-shaped leaves lined with a white edge and cream colored flowers with bright orange filaments. This is a garden decoration that is highly sought after by the Thai, as they believe that it will bring good luck to the household.

Due to the deteriorating supply of limestone, the stunning dragon tree is thought to be an endangered species with a limited production and distribution around the world. Nonetheless, this is a remarkable finding that shows the wonders of nature and science.

Become a Top Blaster with Bolt Cruncher

Do you want to earn extra merits to rank up, and credits to spend on special galactic items? Be sure to check out the challenging but beloved Bolt Cruncher! This exciting and fun-filled math game is located on the second floor in the Math Academy. Your goal in this game is to help the factory recharge the robots on the manufacturing belt before time runs out and the robots gets destroyed at the end of the belt!

Bolt Cruncher

Three math topics are integrated in the game interface, including: Fractions, Conversions, and 3D Shapes. Mastering these important concepts will help you ace your classes and reach to the top of the class! To recharge the robots on the belt, simply drag the batteries at the bottom of your screen to the matching robot and release it to charge it.

Bolt Cruncher in-game

Log into Math Blaster today, and start developing these math skills so that you can brag about it to your friends!

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