Sharpen up for our Sunday Challenge!

A true champion rises to the top when they practice their skills regularly.There is still time Blasters to train for this Sunday’s 1-day only HyperBlast Challenge!


Do not wait until the last minute—get into the game, blast through the barriers and sharpen up those math skills! Become one of the elite Cadets with the highest score and take home an all-new trophy to showcase in your Pod!

Super HyperBlast Sunday Challenge!

There is a new mission coming your way Cadets! Get ready for a 1-day challenge this Super Bowl Sunday that tests your HyperBlast skills! Maneuver through obstacles and blast through those math problems to win an ALL-NEW and exclusive Trophy that will make your Cadet’s Pod super stellar. The top 25 Blasters with the highest scores will receive this prize. Don’t miss out on this epic 1-day space adventure!


Worksheet of the Week

Mental Problem – Mental Math Worksheet for Kids - Math Blaster

Kitchen Math: A Recipe for Super Bowl Sunday

With Super Bowl Sunday fast approaching, many of you will round up family and friends to watch the big game. More often than not, this means preparing for some seriously hungry guests. Why not approach the party planning differently this year and get the little ones involved while you’re at it? Better yet, you can turn this opportunity into a math lesson in the kitchen by encouraging your kids to help with measuring out the ingredients or adjusting the recipe to fit the number of guests that you will be hosting!

Photo by Evan Bench

When the game begins, your little learners will be so excited to serve up the delicious snack that they helped to make. To get started on making an out-of-this-world dip, here is a simple  and stellar kid-friendly recipe for guacamole dip.

Click here for ingredients and instructions!

Blast Off into a New Adventure

Are you looking for a way to sharpen your math skills and approach learning in a fun and interactive way? Check back with us on Tuesday, when Max and G.C. will be unveiling their latest Space Station challenge!

My Pod: Your Home Aboard the Space Station

Every Blaster needs a break from working to save the I.S.P. and your Math Blaster Pod is the perfect place for a peaceful retreat. Here, Blasters can throw their own Pod parties to celebrate their accomplishments, invite over their in-game B.F.F.s, or just relax and decorate their humble abode. For some tips and tricks to mastering this area of the Space Station, here is a video on what to expect while in My Pod!

Make it your own –  A Blaster’s Pod is their home away from home and can be customized with all the things that make a Cadet calm, cool and ready for adventure! While you’re settling in, you can fulfill one of GC’s Missions and grab new furniture from the My Pod Store or rearrange existing furnishings for a brand new feel! With all the options for beds, tables, seating, and lighting or gadgets, Cadets can personalize their Pods to make it truly their own!

Seeing Stars – Your Blaster can track their Star Status on their very own chart located in their Pod. You can collect more Stars by helping out fellow Cadets in caring for their Monster Mutts or by visiting other Blaster’s Pods and ranking them!

A change in scenery – Is your Blaster enjoying their view of space from their Pod? Perhaps you would rather relax in a Pod underwater. Whichever it may be, Cadets can change their Pod Location to suit their mood. Grab different Locations off the My Pod Store to switch through sceneries!

Click here to learn more about your Pod!

Worksheet of the Week

Fractions to Ratios - Ratio Worksheet for Kids