Game of the Week: Hyperblast

MB-HyperblastThere are many twists and turns at the International Spaceport. Just walk through the wrong set of doors and you might end up in a vortex that moves faster than the speed of light! This place, which we all know as Hyperblast, is filled with many obstacles and evil aliens. Only the brightest mathematical minds succeed in this race against time. For our game of the week, see if you can test your knowledge of division and beat FOUR of these wacky and wicked aliens hiding out in this hyperspeed tunnel. For your excellent work, you are bound to earn Credits in no time…

Worksheet of the Week: Fun with Sudoku

fun-with-sudokuHave you ever played a Sudoku puzzle before? They are challenging problems that involve filling a box where no rows or columns repeat the same number. They are super fun to complete, and they keep your brain growing healthy and strong. Try one out in this week’s FREE Worksheet of the Week. Ask a parent to help you download it by clicking on the image!

Identifying Constellations at the ISP

Have you ever noticed that the stars in the sky form different shapes? Many others throughout history have as well! Groups of stars that form different patterns in the sky are known as constellations. As you might have noticed, we at the International Spaceport are huge fans of astronomy, or the study of outer space. When we have the free time, we like to look out some of the big windows that of the ISP and take a look at some of these constellations! Would you care to join us?
If you are looking for a reference to some constellations, you can always refer to your friends’ Star Status charts. As you do more kind gestures for your friends, you can fill up these constellations and get even more ideas for stars to look at in the sky. Today GC and I are on the hunt for the Pegasus shaped constellation. Look closely at how the stars of the constellation match the picture of the Pegasus.

Now we look for a place to observe the stars. This section of the Mutt Training Center would be the PERFECT place for stargazing. Now it is time to relax and focus on the sky…

Oh look! There it is! Thanks to our handy guidebook, we were able to locate constellations that astronomers around earth have observed for hundreds of years! Isn’t that amazing?

Now that you have an understanding of how to stargaze, you should try it on your own when you are away from the ISP. Use your Star Status charts to find constellations on those upcoming warm summer nights and start your real life star adventures.

Game of the Week: Risk It

MB-RiskItLooking for a thrilling way to earn some extra Credits this week? Try spending some time at Spaceport’s biggest, most competitive trivia challenge known as Risk It. Here you can answer all sorts of challenging word problems all while increasing your chances to get some BIG rewards. However, there is one catch: if you choose to “risk” your points, you will lose all of them if you answer a question incorrectly. When playing this game, make sure you are VERY confident in your answers so that you can get the biggest prize for your effort. Think you are ready for the challenge? Start playing our Blaster Mission and work on those geometry skills today!

Worksheet of the Week: Picture the Ratios

picture-the-ratiosRatios are ways to compare different sets of things. For example, if we wanted to see how many chickens we had on our farm to how many cows we had, ratios help us see this in a clear and simple way. Use our free Worksheet of the Week to practice all of the different ways we can write a ratio, and help up compare the different sets of items in each picture! If you need some help, do not be afraid to ask an adult!

Becoming a Mathlete: Advice from a Veteran

Have you ever received the most prestigious distinction of Mathlete? Mathletes are some of the hardest working Blasters not just in the I.S.P., but in the entire galaxy as well! It is a very competitive title, so do not feel bad if you have never been one. To help inspire you to strive your hardest for Mathlete of the Week, I thought I would interview veteran Mathlete Rachel StellarFireball.
Max: What game were you playing when you finally reached the score breaking the record for Mathlete of the Week?

Rachel: Hyperblast! It is probably my favorite game in the Math Academy. It was a moment that made me both happy and sad because I was competing against one of the hardest bosses in the game and trying to come up with the answers to the multiplication problems as fast as I could. Unfortunately I lost, so I was really bummed out about that… But then I saw my face on the screen in the Math Academy and it made me so happy!
Max: So do you have any advice for any Blaster trying to get the Mathlete of the Week title?

Rachel: Practice really really hard. I have been putting in a lot of time to make sure my scores are at their best. It also helps when you have a couple games that you really love and spend time focusing on doing well in. I did not even feel like I put in that much work into getting high scores because I love playing Hyperblast so much! Even if you do not get to be a Mathlete, the hard work still pays off. Reaching higher ranks and gaining stars lets you do things on Spaceport that I never even dreamed about when I first boarded, like fly through space on a jet pack!

Max: Last question, what is your daily routine like when you board the I.S.P.?

Rachel: I usually play Hyperblast first thing when I go in to Math Blaster! But then I like to run around and care for my Mutt and talk to some of the other Blasters on Spaceport. Most of the time though, I am trying to play different games in the Academy. I think that being able to answer different types of questions and playing different activities really keeps my brain alert! Also, I always like to go on the red alert missions when those pop up!
Max: Thanks for speaking with me, Rachel! It was really great getting to understand what makes a champion Mathlete! I think all of our Blasters in the I.S.P. are ready to take on the Academy thanks to your advice. Think you are ready for the competition?

Rachel: Of course! Some friendly competition inspires me to do as best as I can!

Game of the Week: Alien Wrangler

MB-AlienWranglerThere are some mischievous aliens on the I.S.P., but no alien refuses to be tamed as much as the aliens in Alien Wrangler. Those that come to this part of the Spaceport practice for years, building up the ability to perform mental math at lightening speed. This Game of the Week will require a strong grip and even stronger mental math skills. You can keep afloat on top of this GIGANTIC alien by entering in the answers to each arithmetic question that flashes on the screen. IF you score enough points in all of your Alien Wrangler games you might just move on to the second alien, which is even wilder than the first one! Start your wrangling adventures today by working on our Blaster Mission of the Week!