Take a Look at These 4 Impressive Pods

“Hi Blasters! Max and GC are reporting LIVE from our monthly Pod Tours! If you have not been keeping tabs on this special monthly event, Pod Tours are when we travel throughout the Spaceport and check out some of the coolest, most uniquely designed rooms that we encounter. This is one of our favorite times of the month, as we always see such great spaces that really show your awesome creativity! Take a look below at our top picks for the month!

Max’s Picks:

Ashley NeonLaser
1Sometimes, it can be a challenge for Blasters to really use the most of their Pod space. There are so many things you can buy at the store, but it feels like there is just too little space to place all of your favorite things! Ashley really seems to understand the flow of her Pod and made a layout that allowed for her to section off a special place for her living room. Such an eye for functionality is truly a game changer when it comes to our Pod Tour picks. We salute you, Ashley!

James ZanyZodiac
2While James may be one zany Blaster, his taste in design is very simple and sophisticated. This Pod keeps its style classy and clean. At the same time, I appreciate his consistency in color choice, as this orange and neon blue Pod brings a splash of the future to an overall timeless style.

GC’s Picks:

Emma CosmicSatellite:
3If there is one color we love here at Spaceport, it is that wonderful slime green. As you may have experienced while exploring the Math Academy, this green is the same color as the bubbling, oozing slime of Oozami. For a Blaster to choose such a color scheme in decorating is a bold, yet fitting tribute to this thrilling game. I also appreciate the blend of the future decorations with the traditional. Emma was able to put in a very rustic bed, yet it does not look slightly out of place with her more hi-tech furniture.

Tom GemEarth:
4We can admit it is a challenge bringing a sense of coziness to your Pod, especially with so many futuristic options in our store. However, Tom totally pulled this off and brought his Pod back down to earth. The warmth coming from his design would make even the most homesick Blaster feel at ease.

Well, that is it for August’s Pod Tours! We hope you appreciated looking at these awesome Blaster Pods as much as we did! With some of these rooms, did you strike up inspiration for decorating your own Pod? Which of these Pods did you like the most? Discuss our picks in the comments below, and if you are feeling particularly confident about your own Pod designs make sure to send them our way! We will definitely keep them in mind for our September Pod Tours!

Game of the Week: B-Force Blaster

MBGoTW-BForceBlasterSpaceport is always on high alert for potential intruders, which is why we have such a skilled group of Blasters in the I.S.P. One of the best ways to prepare for our sudden Red Alerts is by going out into the training field in B-Force Blaster. While cruising through this course, you will have to keep a sharp eye out for targets displaying some of the infamous Spaceport villains, as well as any colored targets you might find. Special tip: shoot any moving rocks for an extra 300 points each!

Are you feeling ready to take to training on the Red Planet? Head into B-Force Blaster at the Math Academy and start on our Blaster Mission! Once you have completed it, share with us your best score! http://budurl.me/MBGoTW19

Worksheet of the Week: Long and Short Percentages

long-and-short-percentHave you begun learning about percentages in your math classes? We know they can be such a stressful topic to start learning about! To help you feel more comfortable with this tricky concept, the team at Spaceport put together a list of word problems that deal with percentages, proportions, and pricing! See how well you can apply your percentage knowledge by completing this Worksheeet of the Week, then work with a peer to learn how to answer some of the tougher questions: http://budurl.me/MBWorksheet132

Use Ratios to Help with Our Spaceport Census!

“Blasters, we walked into the Larva Den this morning and discovered a bunch of brand-new Larva pals that we had never seen before. As part of our annual Census, we like to keep track of just how many different kinds of larva we have on the ship at any given moment. With this information, we can use ratios to learn interesting facts about our space friends. So just what are ratios? Ratios are statements that tell us how sets of numbers compare. So if we had 3 green larvae and 9 pink larvae, which would give us a ratio of 3:9 larvae, or 1:3 if, we simplify it. That would mean for every green larva aboard our ship, we would have approximately 3 pink larvae!


Now we can put this handy knowledge into use as we conduct our annual Larva Spaceport Census! Using our high-resolution image of the Spaceport’s larva population, count the total number of our little friends. Then, let us break that number down by color. Can you tell us how many we have of each color?

With our scientific data of the ship’s larva population, we can create our very first ratio! Let’s start by making a ratio comparing all of the different colors! Once you have mastered that, make smaller ratios that compare each color with a different color.

Ratios not only help us compare numbers, but they can allow us to better predict outcomes in the future! Say that we returned back to the Larva Den tomorrow morning and discovered that the amount of green larvae had doubled! Using the power of ratios, we can find out approximately how many yellow larvae we might be able to expect to see in the Larva Den as well! To do this, multiply the number of pink larvae by 2.

Were you able to predict how many pink larvae there would be? Use this knowledge of rations to let us know the answer in the comments!

Game of the Week: Hyperblast

MBGoTW-Hyperblast2If you have never had the chance to check out Hyperblast yet, make sure to strap yourself in for a speedy ride. Hyperblast allows you to explore one of the most thrilling parts of the galaxy: a vortex where you travel at fast speeds to stop evildoing aliens with your excellent math skills. This week, GC and Max have awarded this speedy tunnel in Spaceport as the Game of the Week! Do you think you can use your multiplication knowledge to help make the galaxy a safer place? Join the other Cadets at Spaceport and start playing: Budurl.me/MBGoTW18

Worksheet of the Week: Many Clocks

many-clocksWe have quite a few clocks here on Spaceport and they all need to be set to different times! To help us get this job done quickly, could you use your stellar time telling skills to draw these clocks’ hands in the proper location? This is a great opportunity to help the I.S.P. AND get some extra practice learning how clocks function! Get started on this intergalactic mission by downloading and printing our Worksheet of the Week at: http://budurl.me/MBWorksheet131

Mutt 101 – Raising a Pet with Your Blaster

There appears to be some mysterious and exciting happenings going on with our earthling counterparts over at JumpStart, and it seems as though our children will have the opportunity to embark on a brand new adventure. As our fairy friend Ivy has sent along a memo through cyber transmission, she has tipped us that Mythies, the very distant JumpStart cousins to our very own Mutts, will be essential to these missions.

Mutt101As your Blaster has learned from their Spaceport adventures, training a Mutt is a long journey. Between maintaining their pet’s energy and teaching them powerful skills, your child must put a lot of focus and care into raising their Mutt. In the end, your Blaster will not only have a loyal sidekick, but they will also have built important character traits in themselves. Here are three important skills your child will learn by mastering their Mutt Training, and how they can hone them:

  1. Responsibility:
    The most important characteristic in being a successful Mutt trainer is being incredibly responsible. In order for your child to begin teaching their pet special powers, they will need to make sure their Mutt is in good health. To do this, they will have to monitor their Mutt’s health levels in the top-right corner. In addition to knowing when they must feed and play with their Mutt, your child will also learn how to listen and communicate with their Mutt. This will allow them to really understand what is running through their pet’s mind.
  2. Time Management:
    There are so many exciting things happening at Spaceport at any given moment, and it can be difficult for your child to remember that they must care for their Mutt. After all, sometimes you really get sucked into the high-velocity tunnels of Hyperblast and lose track of time. When you are working on raising your Mutt, time management becomes very important. Your child will need to make sure they know when their Mutt is ready for another level at the Mutt Training School, or when they might need to feed their pal. Good time-management skills allows your Blaster to do all of the things they love on board the ship, while making sure their Mutt is at its healthiest.
  3. Patience:
    Lastly, patience will be key to raising a top-notch Mutt. In order for a Mutt to grow strong and powerful, they need some time to develop. Even the process for turning a larva into a baby Mutt takes about five hours, so it is important for your child to stay patient even though they might be incredibly excited to play with their new friend. Once their Mutt becomes old enough for school, your child will once again learn the frustrations of trial and error. Some skills will take longer for their Mutt to learn and it will be extremely important learning experience as your child becomes a supportive and encouraging even as their Mutt goes through the obstacles of growing up.

While your Blaster goes on the exciting adventure of raising their first Mutt, they are bound to wrestle with the challenges of building these three characteristics. The process of training a Mutt is not just a learning experience for their space pet; it’s a learning experience for them as well. There are many other things your Blaster may pick up along the way as well, or different ways to tackle these obstacles. We would love to hear about your child’s experience raising a Mutt and their own suggestions.

With their newfound knowledge, make sure your Blaster takes their discoveries from their Spaceport missions and beyond! They might just find these skills will come in handy for future JumpStart missions too.