Worksheet of the Week: Proportions and Rates

proportions-and-ratesMax knows how pesky it can be to tackle proportions and rate problems. To help you with your own math adventures in school, he designed 20 special questions focused on these topics. That way, you will stay extra sharp no matter what wild curve ball is thrown at you in the classroom or up in space! Download our Worksheet of the Week at the link below to get started!

Track Your Progress in Monty’s “Back to the Academy” Challenge

“Hi Blasters, Monty reporting live from the Spaceport! I have had a really great idea for an exciting activity that I could not wait to share with you all! I understand that starting off a new school year can be really stressful, so I wanted to make sure you were all settled into your new classes before I got started on this challenge!
MB-Blog-BackToSchoolEvery year, I am always amazed how much you Blasters improve and excel in your Math Academy games. That is why I thought it might be fun for us to track how much we improved in some of our favorite games over the school year! As you have noticed with our Games of the Week, the Math Academy has games covering a wide variety of topics from geometry to arithmetic.

To help us all improve our math skills, I would like it if each one of you selected THREE games focusing on a different math topic and then monitored your improvement over the school year! That way, we can be at are sharpest when we defend the galaxy from some of our evil nemeses. Also, you will really be able to see just how far a bit of practice and studying can go in improving your skills as a top-notch Cadet.

Are you ready to join me in this challenge? Play some of our Math Academy games, then share with your friends which games you plan to focus on during this school year!”

Game of the Week: Risk-It

MBGoTW-RiskIt2With a summer’s worth of Math Academy practice under your belt, it is time to put your new math skills to the test! Where else can you show off your mathematical genius better than in Risk-It? In this game, you can use your knowledge to answer questions about various math topics and earn BIG rewards! However, there is one catch. If you happen to get a question incorrect and you risk too many Credits, all of your new points will be lost! That just means you have to be extra confident with each answer you give. So do you think you are up for the challenge? Head in to Risk-It and play the measurement category for this week’s Blaster Mission!

Download the NEW Math Blaster Mobile App Today!

Greetings Blasters! Math Blaster has arrived to MOBILE! Do you miss playing all your favorite Math Academy games when you have to step away from your computer?

MB Mobile Launch-cThe International Spaceport is now boarding from ALL mobile devices so there is no need to part ways with your Monster Mutt or miss out on a super urgent Red Alert mission. Our mobile app allows you to continue playing your favorite Math Blaster activities wherever you go! Download it today at:

Game of the Week: Rollerball Rally

MBGoTW-RollerballRallyOnce again, Spaceport is in need of some extra energy to keep our games powered up. You can help out Max with this important Spaceport mission by heading to Rollerball Rally at Fitness Training. In this game, you will be transported off to Planet Blizzard and collect the energy sources that our ship requires to fly through the galaxy.

Now that you have completed levels 1-4, try challenging yourself to collect even more energy sources in levels 5-8 in our Game of the Week. For your hard work, you can receive Credits to buy items in your Pod AND gain extra points to help you rise through the I.S.P.’s ranks!