Track Your Progress in Monty’s “Back to the Academy” Challenge

“Hi Blasters, Monty reporting live from the Spaceport! I have had a really great idea for an exciting activity that I could not wait to share with you all! I understand that starting off a new school year can be really stressful, so I wanted to make sure you were all settled into your new classes before I got started on this challenge!
MB-Blog-BackToSchoolEvery year, I am always amazed how much you Blasters improve and excel in your Math Academy games. That is why I thought it might be fun for us to track how much we improved in some of our favorite games over the school year! As you have noticed with our Games of the Week, the Math Academy has games covering a wide variety of topics from geometry to arithmetic.

To help us all improve our math skills, I would like it if each one of you selected THREE games focusing on a different math topic and then monitored your improvement over the school year! That way, we can be at are sharpest when we defend the galaxy from some of our evil nemeses. Also, you will really be able to see just how far a bit of practice and studying can go in improving your skills as a top-notch Cadet.

Are you ready to join me in this challenge? Play some of our Math Academy games, then share with your friends which games you plan to focus on during this school year!”

Download the NEW Math Blaster Mobile App Today!

Greetings Blasters! Math Blaster has arrived to MOBILE! Do you miss playing all your favorite Math Academy games when you have to step away from your computer?

MB Mobile Launch-cThe International Spaceport is now boarding from ALL mobile devices so there is no need to part ways with your Monster Mutt or miss out on a super urgent Red Alert mission. Our mobile app allows you to continue playing your favorite Math Blaster activities wherever you go! Download it today at:

Science Experiments at Morph Madness

There is a section of the I.S.P. that few Cadets are brave enough to explore. It is a dark, towering room known on the Spaceport as Morph Madness. Here, Cadets can collect strands of mutant DNA and perform the most menacing of experiments. The morphs we create deep down inside Morph Madness’ Chem Lab allow us to turn our friends into the strangest of creatures!

Today I am definitely in a prankster mood, so I thought I would head down to the lab perform some wicked experiments. Since I feel ambitious, I thought I would take on the McWaddles Experiment. This happens to be one of the most complicated, evil, and REWARDING experiments you can perform in the I.S.P. You will leave this laboratory with the ability to turn your friends into one weird alien.
1We will need to collect some strands of DNA to add to this mixture. Before we head out to collect them, make sure to write down the list of ingredients so you will know exactly what to search for!
2Now that we are on the hunt for some DNA, we need to make sure that we keep a close eye out for the particular ingredients we need so we do not waste time. Look to our left! There’s a strand of radioactive DNA, which is just what we need.
3Now, we have all of our ingredients. How can we start creating our mischievous chemical mixtures? We will have to drop all of our special ingredients into the beaker using the devices on the left. For large amounts of liquid, we’ll use the test tube and for smaller measurements, we can use the pipette. For some of the powders, use the scooper!
4Once we have dumped all of our ingredients into the beaker, the magic begins to happen. Sparks fly and the ground shakes and as these ingredients join together and cause a reaction to make a new chemical. Now is the time for us to all join together in a bout of evil laughter: Mwahahahaha!
5Our McWaddles Morph mixture has been created and it is time to put it to the test. Find a Cadet walking around the halls and use click on the morph icon in your toolbar to access it!
6Now that you have seen how to make Morphs with me, it is time for you to perform your own mad science experiments. Head into Math Blaster and try at making your own crazy creations!

Boost Your Angle Attack Score with these Geometry Tips

Angle Attack might be one of the most challenging games in Math Blaster. It requires a sharp eye for geometry and the ability to think on your toes. Despite all the challenges that face our budding mathematicians in getting a high score in Angle Attack, there are some easy lessons you can teach them that will give them an advantage in the game.AA

  • Know your angle types: Do the words “acute”, “obtuse”, and “right” sound familiar to you? These concepts will be very useful in Angle Attack. Firstly, right angles are those that make a perpendicular “L” shape and equal to exactly 90 degrees. All angles that are smaller than right angles are called “acute” angles and all angles that are larger than right angles are called “obtuse angles”. Just by eyeing the angles made in Angle Attack, your Blaster can easily get a sense of what size the angle might be.
  • Understand circles: Having a grasp on circles can also really help your child’s Angle Attack score. A circle adds up to 360 degrees and half a circle adds up to 180 degrees. Particularly for those larger angle problems, this will help your kid calculate those pesky aliens’ locations in the Angle Attack ring.
  • Count individual angles: When all else fails, counting the individual angles in the ring will help guide you to your answer. If you notice, the mini-blue angles in the game are all 10 degrees each. In the image above, you will notice that there are five angles on that add up to the between our last position and the alien. Have your Blaster use their handy multiplication skills and multiply five times ten to get the correct answer!

These are just a couple ways for your Blaster to get stronger at Angle Attack AND their geometry skills. If you or your kid have any other helpful tips, make sure to let us know in the comments!

A Walk in The Park

“Greetings Blasters! Max, here. Although we may not have seasons in space, we still enjoy pretending like we do. We occasionally get a bit homesick of Earth and just want to have a nice day in the great outdoors. Thankfully, our top scientists and the I.S.P. designed a special place for us just so we can do this. We like to call it The Park. The Park is a simulated environment at Spaceport that is perfect for any craving to hit the outdoors.

Since our sources indicate that it is Spring in the Earth’s Northern Hemisphere, we thought we might celebrate by having a nice picnic in the Park. There are so many great activities in the Park for the Blaster that loves exploring the rugged moon rocks and cyber grass that space has to offer! Let us check them all out!Park1 Continue reading

Max’s Fitness Training Exercise Routine

Whenever things get quiet here at the I.S.P., we like to head to the Fitness Training for a good workout! There are a lot of activities inside here that really help us Blasters stay healthy in the I.S.P. To make the most of Fitness Training, I came up with this routine to kick-off your daily Math Blaster adventures! We asked this Blaster to take on my daily exercise routine to help prepare her for Alien Wrangler, her favorite game! Read on to see her results!

platform Continue reading

Achieve Stellar Scores In HyperBlast

Greetings Blasters! Max here. GC and I love racing through our favorite intergalactic speedway, HyperBlast, but we never get very high scores. One day as I was shooting at a particularly rude robot, I saw GC further down using a bunch of tricks that I never even thought of before! That’s when I realized… Why don’t GC and I use some good old teamwork and share our HyperBlast secrets! Putting our heads together, we came up with 4 great tips so that you can reach HIGHER levels and get ASTRONOMICAL SCORES!


GC’s #1 Tip: Choosing your topic
Whenever I start a new game of HyperBlast, I put special thought into which topic I choose. From addition to fractions, HyperBlast covers a lot of ground so it is important to choose a subject you feel comfortable with. Today, I woke up feeling GREAT about my division skills, so I selected that topic. Take it from me that you do NOT want to play too many games on the same topic. Since you want to get as many questions right when you’re blasting at the robots, you need to keep your brain as alert as possible!


Max’s #1 Tip: Destroying obstacles
Destroying obstacles might be my favorite part of HyperBlast, but it’s also super important to getting a high score. I try to start shooting at obstacles as soon as I see them, that way I have a clear path to zoom through space and beat GC!


GC’s #2 Tip: Use your blasts when you get in trouble
A mistake I used to always make when playing Hyperblast was to forget to use my blasts. When you hit the control button, these blasts clear ALL the obstacles in front of you and you get points for it! How cool is that? You only get limited amounts of blasts so use them wisely. I try to only use these when I’m stuck in a crunch. Max always uses them right away, which makes it really easy for me to beat his score on harder levels. That’s why I typically win when we choose to race!


Max’s #2 Tip: Practice your mental math
Just used up my last blast, my health is low, and GC is already on the next level! How should I catch up? As GC mentioned, being able to answer as many math questions of possible can boost up your score. That’s why I train before each race by practicing my mental math skills so I can fire away at those evil robots. The topics will focus on specific groups of numbers, so you know exactly what to study before starting on your first level.

Red alert! After defeating that angry green giant, I can see GC in the distance! Will I zip through these obstacles and get my highest score yet?

Oh no! I hit an obstacle and lost my last life! I definitely plan to take GC’s advice and save my blasts for emergency situations. Now that you have advice from both GC and me, go play HyperBlast and try to beat our scores!