Becoming a Mathlete: Advice from a Veteran

Have you ever received the most prestigious distinction of Mathlete? Mathletes are some of the hardest working Blasters not just in the I.S.P., but in the entire galaxy as well! It is a very competitive title, so do not feel bad if you have never been one. To help inspire you to strive your hardest for Mathlete of the Week, I thought I would interview veteran Mathlete Rachel StellarFireball.
Max: What game were you playing when you finally reached the score breaking the record for Mathlete of the Week?

Rachel: Hyperblast! It is probably my favorite game in the Math Academy. It was a moment that made me both happy and sad because I was competing against one of the hardest bosses in the game and trying to come up with the answers to the multiplication problems as fast as I could. Unfortunately I lost, so I was really bummed out about that… But then I saw my face on the screen in the Math Academy and it made me so happy!
Max: So do you have any advice for any Blaster trying to get the Mathlete of the Week title?

Rachel: Practice really really hard. I have been putting in a lot of time to make sure my scores are at their best. It also helps when you have a couple games that you really love and spend time focusing on doing well in. I did not even feel like I put in that much work into getting high scores because I love playing Hyperblast so much! Even if you do not get to be a Mathlete, the hard work still pays off. Reaching higher ranks and gaining stars lets you do things on Spaceport that I never even dreamed about when I first boarded, like fly through space on a jet pack!

Max: Last question, what is your daily routine like when you board the I.S.P.?

Rachel: I usually play Hyperblast first thing when I go in to Math Blaster! But then I like to run around and care for my Mutt and talk to some of the other Blasters on Spaceport. Most of the time though, I am trying to play different games in the Academy. I think that being able to answer different types of questions and playing different activities really keeps my brain alert! Also, I always like to go on the red alert missions when those pop up!
Max: Thanks for speaking with me, Rachel! It was really great getting to understand what makes a champion Mathlete! I think all of our Blasters in the I.S.P. are ready to take on the Academy thanks to your advice. Think you are ready for the competition?

Rachel: Of course! Some friendly competition inspires me to do as best as I can!