Max’s Space Seach: Day Four

MB_Riddle_day4“Greetings, Blasters! Max here. We have another transmission from the I.S.P. and we could use your special decoding skills to find out what Math Blaster item it is talking about. It definitely seems like something in Fitness Training… So if you plan on doing any warm ups before your Math Academy missions, then I highly recommend keeping an eye out for this item. Head into the game right now and start your search!”

Max’s Space Search: Day THREE

MB_Riddle_day3We are on the THIRD day of our week long search for some of the most useful items of the I.S.P. For today’s riddle, we have a tool that will literally put the “BLAST” in Blaster. You will want to keep lookout for any object in Spaceport that might match the description in the riddle above. Once you have figured it out, comment below with the answer and we will give you 200 Credits to spend for some new Pod decorations!

Max’s Space Search: Day Two


After yesterday’s riddle, have you warmed up your detective skills? Time to get out that magnifying glass and search throughout Math Blaster for today’s item! Any Blaster that has spent time on the I.S.P. performing mischievous science experiments might know what special place on the ship that this riddle is referring to. Comment below once you think you figured out the answer, and those who get it right will receive 200 Credits!

Max’s Space Search: Day One


“Greetings Blasters, it is Max! Today marks the very first day in our week-long event: Max’s Space Search. Every day, we will post a mysterious transmission that you need to decode. Each transmission describes a special item in Math Blaster. Once you figure out which object we are talking about, comment on the post with your answer and you can earn 200 extra Credits! Think you can solve today’s riddle? Head into Math Blaster NOW to start searching!”