Mutt 101 – Raising a Pet with Your Blaster

There appears to be some mysterious and exciting happenings going on with our earthling counterparts over at JumpStart, and it seems as though our children will have the opportunity to embark on a brand new adventure. As our fairy friend Ivy has sent along a memo through cyber transmission, she has tipped us that Mythies, the very distant JumpStart cousins to our very own Mutts, will be essential to these missions.

Mutt101As your Blaster has learned from their Spaceport adventures, training a Mutt is a long journey. Between maintaining their pet’s energy and teaching them powerful skills, your child must put a lot of focus and care into raising their Mutt. In the end, your Blaster will not only have a loyal sidekick, but they will also have built important character traits in themselves. Here are three important skills your child will learn by mastering their Mutt Training, and how they can hone them:

  1. Responsibility:
    The most important characteristic in being a successful Mutt trainer is being incredibly responsible. In order for your child to begin teaching their pet special powers, they will need to make sure their Mutt is in good health. To do this, they will have to monitor their Mutt’s health levels in the top-right corner. In addition to knowing when they must feed and play with their Mutt, your child will also learn how to listen and communicate with their Mutt. This will allow them to really understand what is running through their pet’s mind.
  2. Time Management:
    There are so many exciting things happening at Spaceport at any given moment, and it can be difficult for your child to remember that they must care for their Mutt. After all, sometimes you really get sucked into the high-velocity tunnels of Hyperblast and lose track of time. When you are working on raising your Mutt, time management becomes very important. Your child will need to make sure they know when their Mutt is ready for another level at the Mutt Training School, or when they might need to feed their pal. Good time-management skills allows your Blaster to do all of the things they love on board the ship, while making sure their Mutt is at its healthiest.
  3. Patience:
    Lastly, patience will be key to raising a top-notch Mutt. In order for a Mutt to grow strong and powerful, they need some time to develop. Even the process for turning a larva into a baby Mutt takes about five hours, so it is important for your child to stay patient even though they might be incredibly excited to play with their new friend. Once their Mutt becomes old enough for school, your child will once again learn the frustrations of trial and error. Some skills will take longer for their Mutt to learn and it will be extremely important learning experience as your child becomes a supportive and encouraging even as their Mutt goes through the obstacles of growing up.

While your Blaster goes on the exciting adventure of raising their first Mutt, they are bound to wrestle with the challenges of building these three characteristics. The process of training a Mutt is not just a learning experience for their space pet; it’s a learning experience for them as well. There are many other things your Blaster may pick up along the way as well, or different ways to tackle these obstacles. We would love to hear about your child’s experience raising a Mutt and their own suggestions.

With their newfound knowledge, make sure your Blaster takes their discoveries from their Spaceport missions and beyond! They might just find these skills will come in handy for future JumpStart missions too.

Which Color Kit is Best for Your Mutt?

Have you had a chance to decorate your Mutt with a color kit yet? I know that so many of you Blasters on the I.S.P. are ready to give your Mutt some extra flash to their coat. However, I thought some of you might have a bit of trouble figuring out just what is the right color kit for your Mutt. That is why I decided to showcase some of the stylish patterns we have at our Mutt Accessories Stations this week so you might have a better idea of what color kit expresses your Mutt’s personality!

But first, I wanted to give you the scoop on how Color Kits work. Once you’ve purchased a color kit at one of the accessories stations in The Park, click on your Mutt and select “Dress Up”. After that, click on the kit that you would like your Mutt to wear. Then, click on your Mutt to place it!

Now that you have color kits figured out, it is time to pick out the perfect look for your Mutt!

The Relaxed Look
Would you describe your Ickasaur as being “the calm in the storm”? This lavender color kit will be the perfect match for its soothing spirits!

The Bold Look
If your Mutt is always looking for ways to stand out from the pack, then try one of the brighter color kits at the Mutt Accessories Station.

The Stealthy Look
However, your Mutt might prefer to blend in to the night to sneak up on Alien Intruders. This outfit will help your Tweeter stay on the offense as it helps to save the galaxy!

The Stoic Look
Chiseled out of the sturdiest rock in the galaxy, this color kit will make your Mutt look strong and confident. It is the perfect style to cheer up a Mutt that is nervous for its first day of Mutt Training!

The Natural Look
A classic choice. This color kit uses the freshest leaves from Planet Avatarus and makes your Eye-Clops’ legs look like stems of a tree. If your Mutt loves to wander through the rougher terrain of Spaceport, this is a great color kit for it!

Of course, these looks are just a few of the color kits you can purchase at the Mutt Accessories Station. You can even unlock brighter and bolder styles as you climb up the ranks of Spaceport Cadets. Once you have had a chance to pick out a new look for your favorite space friend, send us a screenshot of your Mutt in your color kit!

Keeping Your Larva Healthy

One of the fist things that any Blaster does after boarding the ISP is choose their larva. Your very first larva will be a long time companion through your Math Blaster missions that you will always cherish. I certainly know the bond between my first Mutt and I is unbreakable. With that in mind, you will really want to focus on starting this friendship on the best possible foot! Once you meet your Larva over at the Den, it is time to head to the Incubator to let it grow! Your new responsibility is to give it a comfortable environment.That way your larva will hatch right on schedule and turn into a healthy and happy Mutt.
1In order to do this, we will need to collect crystals to help change the mood of the Incubator. Let us head to the Park and start searching. Before we go, though, we should take note of the crystals that will help us make the larva’s habitat satisfactory. If you see the bars at the bottom of the screen, you will notice that the volume of the music in the yellow part of the line. That means it is a bit too loud for this little fellow and we want to bring the volume down to the green area. As we walk around the Park, make sure to find the crystal with a single music note, so we can soften the tunes in the Incubator.
2Now that we are at the Park, it is time to search! Hmm… Where could that crystal be??? We have to keep a sharp eye on these things, since Crystals change locations every couple of seconds.
3Oh look! Right by the entrance we came in from! Let us quickly collect it and head back to the Incubator.
4All you need to do is click on the crystal image and then click on the Incubator. Ah… Now that is much better!

Keeping your larva’s Incubator comfy is super helpful for any rookie Blaster to practice. A happy larva will grow into a happy Mutt that will be your friend forever. Also, the responsibility you gain from this friendship is a great quality to have on the Spaceport. After all, we need our Crew to watch over their stations as soon as possible when they hear the sirens of a Red Alert! So start taking care of that larva today and raise it at the Incubator!

Caring for Your Mutt

“Happy Friday, Blasters-Max here! Have you ever seen a Monster Mutt scurrying around the International Spaceport? Mutts are adorable little creatures that come from a far-off planet in the galaxy. While GC, Monty, and I were cruising around space, we found these little critters and just could NOT say no to them once they decided to help themselves and board the ship. Ever since, we have had this incredible nursery at the I.S.P. where hundreds of baby Mutt larva and Mutts play around. To encourage all of our awesome Blasters to raise their own Mutt, we made their special center right below Spaceport so it is super easy to get to!
Well, the whole reason I am making such a huge fuss about Mutts is that I found this lonely little Mutt while strolling through the I.S.P. I decided to adopt him, but I could use some help right now bringing him back to health. Would you care to join me?

When your own Mutt is in need of some care, the first thing you should ask is what specific things you can do to raise its spirits. The best way to do this is by checking the bars at the top right corner and checking the levels for hunger, happiness, and energy.
Lets start by giving this Mutt some food! It sure looks like it is hungry! Make sure to choose the right food, baby Mutts drink milk while older Mutts eat Kibbles. Just look at it eat!
Now we will want to help revive its happiness. This is the fun part! Spend some quality time with your Mutt by playing with it and petting it! Seems like this Mutt really enjoys getting brushed! Also boost its happiness with a color kit to make it stand out and feel stylish.

At last, it is time to give this little one some rest so that it will be ready for tomorrow’s adventures! Take it to the Mutt Dorm to sleep with all of the other friendly Mutts around spaceport.”

Spread the Love around the I.S.P.!

It’s that time of the year when you could shower your fellow space cadets with love and kindness by sending them gifts! Choose from a variety of goodies from the space station store – from food and toys, to hair brushes and sponges, your Valentine or beloved BFF will definitely feel that you care. Click on the Credits tab at the top right corner of your screen, tap onto the gift icon, and choose your gift from a range of selections! Don’t limit your love to just your human and alien friends, be sure to adopt a larva from the Larva Den and raise it into a Monster Mutt! There is never enough love to go around a dimension as big as our galaxy, but let’s start with our space station!

Space Station Overview

Mastering Toolbar Basics

The Math Blaster Intergalactic Space Station is full of adventure and discovery. With all the places to explore and games to play it is pretty common for even the most skilled of Blasters to need a helping hand in navigating the game from time to time. That is where the toolbar comes in handy! From customizing your Blaster and unlocking achievements to making new friends and discovering new challenges, the toolbar is your go-to gizmo for all those galactic missions. Here is everything you need to know about the toolbar to get you started on your journey as a Math Blaster Cadet!


Your Math Blaster toolbar is located on the bottom of your screen. You can hover over the icons to find out what they do.

Starting with the B-pad on the far right of the toolbar. This is where you will be able to view your Messages, Game Options, Rank, Achievements, Star Status and Hunts.

MBBPadOptions Learn more about your Blaster’s toolbar!

Choose Your Intergalactic Companion

One of the joys of being a Blaster at the Intergalactic Space Station is having a Monster Mutt that accompanies you on your journeys. All Monster Mutts start off as larvae and can be found at the Larva Den. Here is a brief walkthrough of how to unite with your new friend.


Head to the Park where GC will greet you. She will give you some helpful advice on raising a Monster Mutt and direct you to the Larva Den.


The Larva Den is where all of the baby larvae live. Upon entering, you will see a bunch of larvae crawling about, playing with their toys and meeting their Blasters. Walk around until a larva chooses you as its trainer.


You will know you have found your trusty larva sidekick when it jumps into your arms. A special bond is created the moment a larva picks you. Congratulations on meeting your intergalactic companion!


Now that you have found your larva, it is time to name it. Choose from a variety of different combinations to give your pet a unique name.


A few important bars will appear that indicate how your larva is doing. Keep an eye on these meters to ensure that your larva is happy, energized, and full. You can care for your larva to keep it in great shape.


Finally, take your larva to its new home in your Pod. Once it has scurried off to its own Mutt Pod, you can decorate it and care for it there.

Finding a larva and caring for it is one of the greatest parts of being a Blaster. Take your larva on adventures and watch it grow right before your eyes. You will create a strong team that can rely on each other as you learn and protect the galaxy together.