Mutt 101 – Raising a Pet with Your Blaster

There appears to be some mysterious and exciting happenings going on with our earthling counterparts over at JumpStart, and it seems as though our children will have the opportunity to embark on a brand new adventure. As our fairy friend Ivy has sent along a memo through cyber transmission, she has tipped us that Mythies, the very distant JumpStart cousins to our very own Mutts, will be essential to these missions.

Mutt101As your Blaster has learned from their Spaceport adventures, training a Mutt is a long journey. Between maintaining their pet’s energy and teaching them powerful skills, your child must put a lot of focus and care into raising their Mutt. In the end, your Blaster will not only have a loyal sidekick, but they will also have built important character traits in themselves. Here are three important skills your child will learn by mastering their Mutt Training, and how they can hone them:

  1. Responsibility:
    The most important characteristic in being a successful Mutt trainer is being incredibly responsible. In order for your child to begin teaching their pet special powers, they will need to make sure their Mutt is in good health. To do this, they will have to monitor their Mutt’s health levels in the top-right corner. In addition to knowing when they must feed and play with their Mutt, your child will also learn how to listen and communicate with their Mutt. This will allow them to really understand what is running through their pet’s mind.
  2. Time Management:
    There are so many exciting things happening at Spaceport at any given moment, and it can be difficult for your child to remember that they must care for their Mutt. After all, sometimes you really get sucked into the high-velocity tunnels of Hyperblast and lose track of time. When you are working on raising your Mutt, time management becomes very important. Your child will need to make sure they know when their Mutt is ready for another level at the Mutt Training School, or when they might need to feed their pal. Good time-management skills allows your Blaster to do all of the things they love on board the ship, while making sure their Mutt is at its healthiest.
  3. Patience:
    Lastly, patience will be key to raising a top-notch Mutt. In order for a Mutt to grow strong and powerful, they need some time to develop. Even the process for turning a larva into a baby Mutt takes about five hours, so it is important for your child to stay patient even though they might be incredibly excited to play with their new friend. Once their Mutt becomes old enough for school, your child will once again learn the frustrations of trial and error. Some skills will take longer for their Mutt to learn and it will be extremely important learning experience as your child becomes a supportive and encouraging even as their Mutt goes through the obstacles of growing up.

While your Blaster goes on the exciting adventure of raising their first Mutt, they are bound to wrestle with the challenges of building these three characteristics. The process of training a Mutt is not just a learning experience for their space pet; it’s a learning experience for them as well. There are many other things your Blaster may pick up along the way as well, or different ways to tackle these obstacles. We would love to hear about your child’s experience raising a Mutt and their own suggestions.

With their newfound knowledge, make sure your Blaster takes their discoveries from their Spaceport missions and beyond! They might just find these skills will come in handy for future JumpStart missions too.

Designing Your Galaxy Grand Prix Tracks

“Max here, signing in to talk about one of my favorite games: Galaxy Grand Prix! While I certainly love cruising through space, nothing beats the feeling of a great day at the SpacePort’s most famous race track. The greatest part of Galaxy Grand Prix is that you get to create your own courses, which lets me build my critical thinking skills for saving the universe.

I am competing in a HUGE race this weekend and wanted to build a brand new track to challenge my friends… Would you care to assist me? I could use a fresh mind and you can learn how to build one crazy and exciting Galaxy Grand Prix race track!
1When thinking about how to design your course, think of it like a puzzle. We want it to be challenging and complicated so Blasters do not know what to expect when racing. Use the intersecting tracks to make your course extra tricky!
2We finished our course outline! Now it is time to decorate our race tracks with some extra obstacles. We do not want to make the track impossible to race. Keep your barriers spaced out from each other. Also be very careful where you add your boosts! You do not want to place them right when a track is about to curve or before a barrier, find spots where you can really speed down the track.
3Excellent idea placing that booster there! It seems like you have the hang of this!
4Well, it looks like my racetrack is ready for the weekend! After naming my track, I always take it for one test spin to make sure the course is smooth, yet challenging!”

Check out the Math Academy!

Math Academy

Hey Blasters! While you’re on Holiday break from school, why not spend some time in the Math Academy? There’s tons to do, since it’s the place to go to play awesome games like Zapper and Hyperblast! Keep reading for more information about the different games and features in the Math Academy!

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Prepare for Halloween with a NEW Look for your Blaster

Hey Blasters- we’re sure that you’re starting to get excited for trick or treating on Halloween night, right? Well, you can get in the spirit a little early with MathBlaster! Using the avatar builder, you can make your Cadet seriously spooky- no masks or facepaint needed! We redesigned a few of our favorite Blasters to see how ghoulish it could get. Here’s the before from one of our male Space Cadets…

MB Boy Before

Does your Blaster look something like this? While this is a pretty cool-looking Cadet, it could look a bit more …monstrous, don’t you think? Click “more” to see our redesign!

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Make Your Pod Out-of-This-World Cool!

Hey Blasters! How much time do you spend in your Pod? It’s where your Blaster goes to relax after intergalactic adventures and spend time with your Mutt, so it should feel like home! We recently redesigned one of our Blaster’s pods… Check out the transformation below!

MB BeforeBefore… This is probably a lot what your pod looks like. Cool, but could be better, right?

MB After

After… We spent some hard-earned credits decking out our pod with our favorite colors and new items! Remember, you can increase your earning potential around the space station by simply playing our learning games! Want to learn how we managed this out -of-this-world restyling? Keep reading…

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Red Alert: Your Help is Needed!

red alert 1

Depending on your rank in the I.S.P., you might already know all about what to do when a Red Alert occurs. However, for some of our newer recruits, these Space Station moments might leave you frazzled. Have you been on board when the red lights flicker and Mission Control calls all Blasters to their stations? This is YOUR chance to shine, because the Intergalactic Space Station is under attack and needs your help!

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Calling All Blasters: New Crew Ranks Revealed!

Congratulations to Math Masters for leading the pack with 67,439 trophies! With achievements like that, this stellar set of Blasters must have all kinds of out-of-this-world stories to tell! They better look out though, because the Gold Starz aren’t too far behind with 54,018 trophies.

9.12.14 crew leaderboard

Are YOU part of a Crew? They’re a great, fun way to play with other Blasters and take on challenges as a team! There are two ways to become a member of a Crew: you can either join an existing crew, or start your own and invite fellow Blasters and BFFS to join.

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