Do Good Deeds and Increase Your Star Status!

“Greetings, Blasters! Max here! On a regular day at the International Space Port, you can run into so many different Blasters! Just like you, your peers are doing SO much on the ISP and could use a little bit of assistance in their daily tasks. That is why we have a system of Merits and Star Points at the ISP. When you do any good deed here, you get very special Star Points that help go towards your rank. To be the BEST Blaster I can be, I try to make every Friday my “Good Deeds Day”. Follow me around and see how you too can help other Blasters and increase your standing here!
First things first, I always make sure to check on my Buddies’ Mutts! While your friends are off on their Math Academy missions, their Pods can get a little dirty. Help them out and get rid of these slimy dust creatures!
While you are there, give them some helpful feedback and rate their
Pod! For every Pod you give a rating to, you earn just one more Star Point!
All of our hard work on our Good Deeds Day ends up paying off! I just got twenty Points, which means I am only 27 away from my next rank. As you move up the ranks, you can start unlocking so many cool features!