Worksheet of the Week

Calling all Blasters! Max has a new challenge that focuses on comparing decimals. Think you could complete it? Have a parent print it from to get started!




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Downtime TONIGHT!

Attention, all BLASTERS!  Math Blaster  will be temporarily offline TONIGHT  for approximately 4 hours, starting at 9:30 PM PST for scheduled site maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience that this might cause during your kid’s out-of-this-world adventures at the SpacePort. Once the site is back up they’ll be able to continue blasting away at Math Academy Games, raising Monster Mutts, and more – stay tuned!

Game of the Week: Bolt Cruncher

Max needs your help once again at the Bolt Cruncher factories! Head to the conveyor belt this week in our Blaster Mission and use some of your fraction knowledge to keep the Spaceport shining bright!MBGoTW-BoltCruncher Now that you are familiar with the game, think you can spot those fractions at a speedy rate so you can earn a time bonus?

Game of the Week: Angle Attack

MB-AngleAttackUgh, Alien intruders always seem to be hopping on board the International Spaceport. Thankfully, Angle Attack allows our top Blasters to keep watch for any intergalactic villains trying to invade the ship! In this game, use your best geometry skills to identify what angle the Alien is from you. That way you can get a better understanding of measuring angle degrees while targeting your opponent as accurately as possible. Just watch out! If you do not calculate the angle in time, the Alien might get you! Do you think you are ready for this Blaster Mission? Step in to the Math Academy to start playing this Game of the Week!

Game of the Week: Hyperblast

MB-HyperblastThere are many twists and turns at the International Spaceport. Just walk through the wrong set of doors and you might end up in a vortex that moves faster than the speed of light! This place, which we all know as Hyperblast, is filled with many obstacles and evil aliens. Only the brightest mathematical minds succeed in this race against time. For our game of the week, see if you can test your knowledge of division and beat FOUR of these wacky and wicked aliens hiding out in this hyperspeed tunnel. For your excellent work, you are bound to earn Credits in no time…

A Message Has Been Recieved from Berk!

Blast off to School of Dragons, where Hiccup and our Viking friends have embarked on their coolest update yet… the introduction of their first-ever expansion pack, ICESTORM ISLAND! Get your horned helmet on to unlock the following features, exclusive to Icestorm Island


  • The Groncicle, a frosty NEW dragon
  • 50 NEW interactive quests
  • 2 NEW       farm animals: The Arctic Fox and Puffins
  • 4 NEW crops: the Arctic Willow, the Arctic Poppy, the Bearberry and the Arctic Gentian
  • Updated game-play mechanics