Game of the Week: Angle Attack

MB-AngleAttack2We are not quite sure why the most mischievous of Aliens enjoy sneaking into our ship, but our team at Spaceport needs some help warding them off! Head to the Math Academy and take on GC’s Mission in our Game of the Week by using your sharp geometry tactics to precisely blast away these outer space pranksters.

Game of the Week: Angle Attack

MB-AngleAttackUgh, Alien intruders always seem to be hopping on board the International Spaceport. Thankfully, Angle Attack allows our top Blasters to keep watch for any intergalactic villains trying to invade the ship! In this game, use your best geometry skills to identify what angle the Alien is from you. That way you can get a better understanding of measuring angle degrees while targeting your opponent as accurately as possible. Just watch out! If you do not calculate the angle in time, the Alien might get you! Do you think you are ready for this Blaster Mission? Step in to the Math Academy to start playing this Game of the Week!

Boost Your Angle Attack Score with these Geometry Tips

Angle Attack might be one of the most challenging games in Math Blaster. It requires a sharp eye for geometry and the ability to think on your toes. Despite all the challenges that face our budding mathematicians in getting a high score in Angle Attack, there are some easy lessons you can teach them that will give them an advantage in the game.AA

  • Know your angle types: Do the words “acute”, “obtuse”, and “right” sound familiar to you? These concepts will be very useful in Angle Attack. Firstly, right angles are those that make a perpendicular “L” shape and equal to exactly 90 degrees. All angles that are smaller than right angles are called “acute” angles and all angles that are larger than right angles are called “obtuse angles”. Just by eyeing the angles made in Angle Attack, your Blaster can easily get a sense of what size the angle might be.
  • Understand circles: Having a grasp on circles can also really help your child’s Angle Attack score. A circle adds up to 360 degrees and half a circle adds up to 180 degrees. Particularly for those larger angle problems, this will help your kid calculate those pesky aliens’ locations in the Angle Attack ring.
  • Count individual angles: When all else fails, counting the individual angles in the ring will help guide you to your answer. If you notice, the mini-blue angles in the game are all 10 degrees each. In the image above, you will notice that there are five angles on that add up to the between our last position and the alien. Have your Blaster use their handy multiplication skills and multiply five times ten to get the correct answer!

These are just a couple ways for your Blaster to get stronger at Angle Attack AND their geometry skills. If you or your kid have any other helpful tips, make sure to let us know in the comments!

New Year’s Challenge: Blast Away Your High Score!

Greetings, Blasters! A NEW YEAR has arrived! You know what that means?It’s time for New Year’s resolutions! New Year’s resolutions are goals that you plan on setting and accomplishing during the year. Choosing your goals can get tough, so Max is here to help! Your first challenge? Play one of your favorite games in the Math Academy and beat your highest score! Here are some of our ideas on what YOU can make as your Math Blaster’s New Year’s Challenge:
plugin-container2015-01-0815-19-49-83_zpsf8595540Have multiples of 3 and 4 become TOO easy in B-Force Blaster? Let’s try blasting some multiples of 7!

plugin-container2015-01-0815-04-48-75_zpsa027dcf5Play Angle Attack and become the BEST angle degree expert in space while blasting away those evil aliens… before they get YOU!

plugin-container2015-01-0815-01-07-56_zpsb69a195dUse your subtraction knowledge to tame that wild alien in Alien Wrangler. Try getting 133600 points so you can unlock the special PURPLE alien!

Which game will YOU plan on playing to beat Max’s New Year Challenge? Let us know in the comments with your high score goals!

Check out the Math Academy!

Math Academy

Hey Blasters! While you’re on Holiday break from school, why not spend some time in the Math Academy? There’s tons to do, since it’s the place to go to play awesome games like Zapper and Hyperblast! Keep reading for more information about the different games and features in the Math Academy!

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What are your Favorite Games in Math Blaster?

Do you want to earn the title of Mathlete of the Week and be featured in our newspaper? Check out some of Math Blaster’s most popular games! From battling the alien in Alien Wrangler, to avoiding the hazardous chemicals in Oozami, to transforming your B.F.Fs into crazy creatures, these fun and exciting games in Math Blaster can help you earn Merits and Star Points, which are used to judge your promotion in terms of Rank and Star Status, and Credits, which you can use to purchase a few items to decorate your pod or to dress up your Monster Mutt. Read on to find out more!

Red Alert

One of our signature and most exhilarating game! The game requires strategic planning and perfect aiming. Wait for a red alert to go off, then head over to the “Red Alert” portal, and help protect the space station from foreign attacks! You can always throw in some friendly competition with your fellow BFFs to see who can make it to the top places on our leaderboard.


Blast through obstacles and defeat the bosses by using your supreme math skills! Successful completion of each stage can help you unlock special items and advanced stages. Avoid the mean and evil alien creatures that block your path and collect the shields to boost your health. You will need a lot of it to fend off the last boss in each stage!


Angle Attack

The enemies have infiltrated our I.S.P. Drive them away from our peaceful spaceport by defeating the evil octopus! Attacking the enemy is simple, find the correct angle that the enemy is hiding in and submit the right answer to fire out your most powerful weapon!

Nebula Knockout

If you cannot access Face Off because you don’t have a Monster Mutt, don’t worry! Nebula Knockout is equally as fun. Earn new belts and higher ranks by battling another mutt in the ring. You can either select Single Player mode where you are given an avatar, or raise your monster mutt to fight head to head with your BFF’s mutt or any other mutt in the I.S.P! How many KOs have you scored?

Nebula KO

Morph Madness

You can prank your fellow cadets by turning them into bizarre alien creatures! Collect the floating items, head into the Chem Lab, and start mixing the chemicals to create these deadly fun solutions!


These are only a small portion of the games you can challenge in Math Blaster. Start playing these games, make it on our leaderboard by earning a top high score, and be officially recognized by your fellow cadets!

Untangle the Angle!

Did you know that the more engaged a person is in an activity or lesson, the more likely they are to retain the information they are learning? Math in particular, may seem hard and boring; learning to calculate angles by degree might seem very uninteresting. However, that is until you experience Angle Attack in the Math Academy.


In this game,  the only way to save the space station is to figure out the correct angle from which your enemy is attacking. Don’t let the pressure get to you, just remember that all you need to do is separate the arena into degrees, each of which is—10° with the total arena equating to 360°.


If you can remember that, you could be one of our top Angle Attack Blasters. Simply count the number of degrees to his location. Key in the amount you counted, then press the trigger (the enter button). Bam! Your enemy is defeated. Because each slice equals 10°, all you need to do is count by tens until you get to their location. It’s that simple, you’ve learned how to measure angles by degrees, had tons of fun, and raked in some coins, which, we all know, will come in handy later in the game.


Additionally, you have the option to go from easy-to-hard. Start small and increase levels of difficulty as you improve your game. The more you practice, the better you will become and the more coins you will earn. Try this fun gem out and you will see that math, geometry isn’t as arduous as you thought. Compete against your Math Blaster buddies and see who can dominate. But most importantly, have fun.