Strength in Numbers: Join A Crew!

In Math and the business of Intergalactic space patrolling, there is no denying that there is strength found in numbers. That little fact is exactly why Max and the team have recently implemented a new Crews feature to the Space Station! Crews are a relatively new concept so if you still need some help understanding what this means for your Blaster, here’s a quick guide to joining, creating, or searching through our growing number of Blaster Crews.

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To access any one of our new crew features, locate the “Crews” icon at the top of your gaming window. It is the red button, marked with the golden badge. There, you will find a whole menu of options to get you started, so that you can team up with some of your fellow Blasters to make the most of your mat skills and knowledge!

Learn more about Crews Here!

Mastering Toolbar Basics

The Math Blaster Intergalactic Space Station is full of adventure and discovery. With all the places to explore and games to play it is pretty common for even the most skilled of Blasters to need a helping hand in navigating the game from time to time. That is where the toolbar comes in handy! From customizing your Blaster and unlocking achievements to making new friends and discovering new challenges, the toolbar is your go-to gizmo for all those galactic missions. Here is everything you need to know about the toolbar to get you started on your journey as a Math Blaster Cadet!


Your Math Blaster toolbar is located on the bottom of your screen. You can hover over the icons to find out what they do.

Starting with the B-pad on the far right of the toolbar. This is where you will be able to view your Messages, Game Options, Rank, Achievements, Star Status and Hunts.

MBBPadOptions Learn more about your Blaster’s toolbar!

Blast into the New Year!

Throw your hands up cadets—it’s 2014! Start celebrating with your Blaster B.F.F.’s and let the thrill of exploration bring you back to the Math Blaster Space Station. Return to some of your out-of-this-world adventures and start setting a few brand new goals for yourself and your crew around the game.


Move up in rank and power up your math skills. You can sore to greater levels with games like HyperBlast or try shaking things up by challenging your B.F.F.’s to a high score battle. Simple acts like even adding new friends have the ability to earn you a few new rewards!


The Math Blaster Space Station is bustling with activities, so get going and gear up for a whole new year of adventure. Don’t miss out on all the excitement and let us know about some of your in-game resolutions, today!

Math Blaster Fact of the Day!

Playing Math Blaster on your mobile device gives you the ability to play anywhere anytime, but how about your B.F.F.s? Coordinating to play with your B.F.F.s at a specific time can be a challenge. Now you have the ability to see when they’re online to battle out to be the top cadet! Since there are so many fun opportunities to hang out with your B.F.F.s, it would be deeply disappointing if you had to miss out on all the excitement while blasting from a mobile device!

The image of the green cell phone means this B.F.F. is blasting from a mobile device!

Check out your B.F.F. list to see for yourself! An image of a cell phone will appear next to a person’s username who is protecting the Space Station on a mobile device. Phew! What a relief! Now you can rest assured that you’ll always be in on the fun with your B.F.F.s and they’ll surely be there for you when you need a hand.

Let Max know if you like playing the Math Blaster apps on your mobile device!

Challenge a B.F.F to a Battle on Nebula Knockout!

You and your B.F.F.s have always had each other’s backs! You send each other messages, take care of each other’s Mutts, and even visit each other’s Pods. Now it’s time to kick it up a notch by inviting your B.F.F.s to play Nebula Knockout!

This ultimate arena has you battle out your skills to discover who the true cadet is. It’s a great way for you to get into fighting shape so you can keep the space station safe from Alien Invasions and Red Alerts. Now you can make it an even more thrilling experience by challenging your B.F.F.s to an all-out Mutt battle! Once in the arena, choose Head to Head for your game mode and then select Play A B.F.F..

Then choose your opponent from a list of your online B.F.F.s. Hopefully they accept the challenge and are not too scared to battle with your Mutt’s amazing strength! Create a lethal combo with blocking, jumping, kicking, or punching. Then you can let the games begin and let the best Mutt win! Keep challenging your B.F.F.s to battle your Mutt and you’ll be able to beat even your toughest competition!

Do you have what it takes to show your B.F.F.s who’s boss? Put your Mutt to the test and find out!

Give a little, get a little!

Has a blaster friend shown you and your Mutt a little TLC lately? Give them something fun and special back, like one of these great toys from the Mutt Mart! Now, when you check your messages or notifications to find out if someone has cared for your Mutt while you were away, you can send your Blaster pals a toy as a gift to thank them.

Along with being able to gift your friends with the usual food items and brushes, these new toys are a great addition that gives you even more variety to choose from! Mutts already love these toys, but now your friends will have the opportunity to enjoy receiving them as gifts too.

These are a few of Max’s favorite things. Share them with your B.F.F.s!

What do you think of these new gift items? Let Max know which toys are your favorites to send to your friends!

An Eye For An Eye! Return The Favor To Your Friends!

Your B.F.F.s have had your back. They’ve cared for and cleaned your Mutts while you were out saving the Space Port during Red Alerts and beating those menacing alien bosses in HyperBlast. Now is your chance to pay them back! Give them a little gift after they’ve cared for your Mutt!

Check your Mutt Notifications to see who has cared for your Mutt while you were gone. After you’ve gone through the list of your Blaster buddies, send them something special and reward them helping you out.

Sharing is caring, so give a thank you to your friends!

Kind and courteous are just two traits of a model Blaster. After all, we’re all on one team, the I.S.P.! Repay your Blaster buddies and you might get a reward for watching someone else’s Mutt too! Try it out and let Max know what you think of the new Mutt Pod reward system!