New Year’s Challenge: Blast Away Your High Score!

Greetings, Blasters! A NEW YEAR has arrived! You know what that means?It’s time for New Year’s resolutions! New Year’s resolutions are goals that you plan on setting and accomplishing during the year. Choosing your goals can get tough, so Max is here to help! Your first challenge? Play one of your favorite games in the Math Academy and beat your highest score! Here are some of our ideas on what YOU can make as your Math Blaster’s New Year’s Challenge:
plugin-container2015-01-0815-19-49-83_zpsf8595540Have multiples of 3 and 4 become TOO easy in B-Force Blaster? Let’s try blasting some multiples of 7!

plugin-container2015-01-0815-04-48-75_zpsa027dcf5Play Angle Attack and become the BEST angle degree expert in space while blasting away those evil aliens… before they get YOU!

plugin-container2015-01-0815-01-07-56_zpsb69a195dUse your subtraction knowledge to tame that wild alien in Alien Wrangler. Try getting 133600 points so you can unlock the special PURPLE alien!

Which game will YOU plan on playing to beat Max’s New Year Challenge? Let us know in the comments with your high score goals!

Upgrade Your Rank to Receive Upgrades on Your Blaster!

Did you notice Math Blaster’s latest and greatest additions? Have you spotted any interesting behavior from other Blasters? Well rank up and find out what all the excitement is about! There are now special powers given only to those Blasters who climb their way up the ranks and earn them! Hitting rank levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 will present exciting new challenges and rewards for top Blasters only!

To get all kinds of surprises in B-Force Blaster, you’ll need to reach at least level 5. Once you hit rank 10, head to the morph lab to cook up some longer-lasting creations. Keep going to earn a special ride to cruise around the station in at rank 15. At rank 20, you’ll be moving faster and by 25 you’ll be jumping higher! Excited already? Well we saved the best for last! For those lucky blasters skilled enough to reach a rank of 30, you’ll find yourself soaring around outer space with some new technology! Start leveling up to unlock these secret abilities and discover how awesome they truly are!

Need help reaching that next level? There are tons of easy ways to earn some quick merits and to get one step closer to your next surprise! While you’re visiting your mutt in his pod, check out your friends on the right side who need your help! Click on any name to go visit a friend’s mutt pod and care for their mutt and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. Or, check out your bPad’s achievement tab and find out ribbons and trophies you are close to earning! Each one you get will bring tons of merits!

Does your little Blaster have what it takes to cruise through the ranks and earn enough merits to unlock Max and GC’s highest honors? Find out today!

M.B. Phone Home: New Math Blaster Homepage!

Are your kids ready to begin an outer space adventure? Then, it all starts at home base, which is why Math Blaster has debuted a new homepage! The new site makes it even easier to see “what’s new” and to check out your kid’s personal Space Port information like how they’re doing with their Mutts and game scores. There are also links to make it easier to access favorite games like HyperBlast and B-Force Blaster at lighting fast speed. What do you think of the new space?

The new layout makes it easy to keep an eye on all your kids’ extraterrestrial stats like rank and credits.

On top of all the new features of the website, don’t forget about the new button to invite friends! It’s not too late to earn some credits, so get your friends in on the learning fun. Let us know what you think of the new homepage.

Blast Your Way Into The New B-Force Blaster Portal!

Now it is easier than ever for Blasters to enter B-Force Blaster! The new portal in the Space Port makes accessing the game easier and faster. Instead of going to the Math Academy Training Center, Blasters can head there as soon as they enter the game. Whether it’s their angles or their aim, your kids can get in some practice and improve their skills. Check it out right next to Max and his Mutt today!

Target practice time! Improve your shooting and math skills in B-Force Blaster today!

Now that playing B-Force Blaster is easier than ever, can your kids get a top score on the scoreboard? Get some shooting and math practice in today and your Blaster will earn top ranks! Navigate through the game with your blaster arm locked and loaded, and see how many targets your kids can get. Their Blaster will need to hit the right answer to get points added to their score!

Head over to Space Port today to see the new portal and let Max know what you think! What’s your kid’s top score?

B-Force Blaster Just Got Better!

Greetings, Blaster parents!

Have your kids gotten top scores in all the Space Station games already? Well, we have a new challenge for them! We dare all Blasters to blast away the right answers to math questions in the latest version of B-Force Blaster.

In the new Cranium Course, they’ll be faced with questions about Angle Types and Multiples. These may be new subjects for Blasters, so we wish them luck in their attempts to shoot down the enemy, er, right answer.

So, what are you waiting for? Get blasting!

Take Math Blaster With You Wherever Your Family Goes!

Are there days where your kids just can’t get enough of Math Blaster? Then make sure to check out all our available Math Blaster Mobile apps. That way, your kids can keep the Space Port safe even when they’re away from home! Stop by the iTunes App Store to get started with Math Blaster mobile, today!


Solve as many math problems as you can to finish the race!

HyperBlast is a fast-paced, single player racing game made for Blasters looking to get some extra practice with their math drills. In this app, Blasters race through a high-speed tunnel packed with all kinds of cosmic obstacles like those menacing math problems! Players have access to various levels including lessons in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

B-Force Blaster

Save the Spaceport by blasting through quick flying aliens, fireballs, and other targets!

B-force Blaster is an app of intergalactic intrigue, where your kids’ Blasters do all they can to protect the Math Blaster Space Port by zapping past aliens, targets and fireballs. This simple arcade style shoot game is filled with a ton of fast moving targets, so extra practice is always helpful. Although it’s not one of our math-focused classics, this app is sure to help better develop hand-eye coordination, focus, and fine motor skills.

Space Zapper

Defend the Space port while working on math drills!

Another math drill based app, space Zapper allows your kids’ Blasters to help defend the Space Port by blowing through approaching asteroids and using their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills! The app includes 20 different lessons, so your kids can keep learning while also practicing at levels they’ve already mastered.

With the approaching holiday season, any one of these apps would make an excellent travel game. Check them out and let us know what you think of Math Blaster’s mobile apps! All three apps are available now for iPad, iPhone, and the iPod touch.

Get Credits for Learning!

Learning is not only good for a Blaster’s brain, it’s good for a Blaster’s wallet, too! Now, when your children play math games in Math Blaster they will earn credits, which they can use to buy cool new items like furniture for their pod or color kits for their monster mutts. As they move through the levels of each game they play, their credit earnings increase. So the higher they go, the more credits they will receive. Below are our top four favorite places to earn credits and we think your children will agree!

Can your kids beat the clock in the fast-paced game of Bolt Cruncher? They must energize the robots before it’s too late! They’ll need to match fractions to other equal fractions, convert fractions to percentages and decimals, or match real life objects to their correct 3D shape.

When playing HyperBlast Training, your children have to avoid or destroy obstacles to get points. At the end of each round, they must face the math monster and select the correct answers to addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division equations. The more equations they solve correctly, the more blasts they earn!

Oozami teaches place values and counting money. Your kids have to turn on the switches to the correct answers, while trying not to plummet into the ooze below.

In Zapper Turret Training your children will save the universe from asteroids! This game requires them to work out different addition, subtraction, multiplication or division problems and shoot down the asteroid with the correct solution.

After your kids have thoroughly worked their brains to earn so many credits, they can go to the My Pod Store or Monster Mutt Accessories. They’ll discover the benefits of working hard as they pick out exciting new gizmos and gadgets! Each bed, lamp, and color kit they buy will represent a newly acquired math skill.

Learning addition let this Blaster add furniture like this bed to his pod!

Encourage your children to play a game in Math Blaster today and everyone will win! You’ll be happy they’re learning and your kids will be happy they’re earning!