Prepare for Halloween with a NEW Look for your Blaster

Hey Blasters- we’re sure that you’re starting to get excited for trick or treating on Halloween night, right? Well, you can get in the spirit a little early with MathBlaster! Using the avatar builder, you can make your Cadet seriously spooky- no masks or facepaint needed! We redesigned a few of our favorite Blasters to see how ghoulish it could get. Here’s the before from one of our male Space Cadets…

MB Boy Before

Does your Blaster look something like this? While this is a pretty cool-looking Cadet, it could look a bit more …monstrous, don’t you think? Click “more” to see our redesign!

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Strength in Numbers: Join A Crew!

In Math and the business of Intergalactic space patrolling, there is no denying that there is strength found in numbers. That little fact is exactly why Max and the team have recently implemented a new Crews feature to the Space Station! Crews are a relatively new concept so if you still need some help understanding what this means for your Blaster, here’s a quick guide to joining, creating, or searching through our growing number of Blaster Crews.

plugin-container 2014-01-15 12-16-59-69

To access any one of our new crew features, locate the “Crews” icon at the top of your gaming window. It is the red button, marked with the golden badge. There, you will find a whole menu of options to get you started, so that you can team up with some of your fellow Blasters to make the most of your mat skills and knowledge!

Learn more about Crews Here!

Upgrade Your Rank to Receive Upgrades on Your Blaster!

Did you notice Math Blaster’s latest and greatest additions? Have you spotted any interesting behavior from other Blasters? Well rank up and find out what all the excitement is about! There are now special powers given only to those Blasters who climb their way up the ranks and earn them! Hitting rank levels 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 will present exciting new challenges and rewards for top Blasters only!

To get all kinds of surprises in B-Force Blaster, you’ll need to reach at least level 5. Once you hit rank 10, head to the morph lab to cook up some longer-lasting creations. Keep going to earn a special ride to cruise around the station in at rank 15. At rank 20, you’ll be moving faster and by 25 you’ll be jumping higher! Excited already? Well we saved the best for last! For those lucky blasters skilled enough to reach a rank of 30, you’ll find yourself soaring around outer space with some new technology! Start leveling up to unlock these secret abilities and discover how awesome they truly are!

Need help reaching that next level? There are tons of easy ways to earn some quick merits and to get one step closer to your next surprise! While you’re visiting your mutt in his pod, check out your friends on the right side who need your help! Click on any name to go visit a friend’s mutt pod and care for their mutt and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. Or, check out your bPad’s achievement tab and find out ribbons and trophies you are close to earning! Each one you get will bring tons of merits!

Does your little Blaster have what it takes to cruise through the ranks and earn enough merits to unlock Max and GC’s highest honors? Find out today!

Blast From The Past!

Everybody knows the original Blasternaut is Max. Take a look back at his first adventures in the films showing in the Math Academy’s Ready Room. Better yet, grab some popcorn and make a movie night out of it! It’ll be like looking through an old photo album, but better, because it’s filled with action packed adventures in space!

Max’s debut on the big screen

Ready Room? Ready!

You and your kids may not be able to recognize him right away, but you’ll see how much Max has grown up since becoming the Blaster that he is today. Do you recognize anyone else? That’s right, Galactic Commander is right by his side in the films too! It’s a good thing everyone has had time to get to know each other and become well acquainted. Your kids probably know her so well that they just call her GC now.

What do you think of the films? Do you remember when your kid started becoming a Blaster like Max? Let us know how long you all have been fans and playing Math Blaster for!

Blasters to the Rescue!

One day, Max and GC were blasting through some menacing math problems, when GC suddenly needed some help. She asked Max for some tips, but he wasn’t quite sure how to answer her question. Can Max count on your kid’s Blasters to help him out? The safety of the Spaceport depends on it, so its time to work together with your blasters. Here is the problem GC got from Mission Control. Have your kids take a shot at finding the correct answer!

Max is calling on the help of all Blasters to solve GC’s problem. Are you the star who will shine?

Space Cadet: How many space seconds in a space minute?
Blasternaut: 60
Space Cadet: How many space minutes in a space hour?
Blasternaut: 60
Space Cadet: Good, now for a hard one, how many space seconds in a space year?
Blasternaut: I need GC and Max’s help!

How many space seconds are in a space year? GC and Max need you and your kids to help! Think you’ve got the right answer? Leave a comment below with the right answer with details and GC and Max will reward you with 500 credits for helping them with their math problems!

Report To Mission Control For Your Next Challenge From GC!

Your kids Blasternauts are always on the lookout for new missions to master around the Space Port. And if anyone knows a thing or two about finding the perfect astronomical learning adventure for your kids, it’s GC. Check out her newly updated Mission Board with your kids and their blasters today!

Blasters, click on GC on the left to receive your mission! What extraterrestrial expedition will she send Blasters on today?

Now, it’s easier than ever to find these meteorological missions. When your kids enter the space port, they will be greeted by GC, making it more convenient and hassle-free to access and complete her missions. Click on the missions board icon with GC’s picture on it to see the day’s doings from testing skill and agility or redecorating your Pod. With each mission Blasters successfully complete, they will receive credits and experience points as a reward!

You’ll always find GC in the top left corner so finding a mission to do will always be easy.

GC will guide your kids to completing different tasks that will train and teach them to be better Blasters. This is a great new way for Blasters to earn some credits and points to spend on their Pods or Mutts. Which mission have your kids completed? Let Max know what they think of GC’s new mission access panel!

Monster Mutt Fun for Everyone!

Those of you who have been lucky enough to have a Monster Mutt know just how special they can be. Now everybody’s favorite Blaster has one, too! Welcome Max’s new Monster Mutt to the Space Station. Make sure to stop by and say hi if you see Max and his new Mutt around the Spaceport.

Max’s Mutt is still growing but it’ll grow up to be big and strong one day.

GC also got lucky and now has a Mutt of her very own, too! Come see hers in the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome today!