Game of the Week: Angle Attack

MBGoTW-AngleAttackFor Max’s special Blaster Mission of the week, head to Angle Attack and work on those geometry skills! This week, bring your space studies up a notch and try spotting angles up to 180 degrees!

Boost Your Angle Attack Score with these Geometry Tips

Angle Attack might be one of the most challenging games in Math Blaster. It requires a sharp eye for geometry and the ability to think on your toes. Despite all the challenges that face our budding mathematicians in getting a high score in Angle Attack, there are some easy lessons you can teach them that will give them an advantage in the game.AA

  • Know your angle types: Do the words “acute”, “obtuse”, and “right” sound familiar to you? These concepts will be very useful in Angle Attack. Firstly, right angles are those that make a perpendicular “L” shape and equal to exactly 90 degrees. All angles that are smaller than right angles are called “acute” angles and all angles that are larger than right angles are called “obtuse angles”. Just by eyeing the angles made in Angle Attack, your Blaster can easily get a sense of what size the angle might be.
  • Understand circles: Having a grasp on circles can also really help your child’s Angle Attack score. A circle adds up to 360 degrees and half a circle adds up to 180 degrees. Particularly for those larger angle problems, this will help your kid calculate those pesky aliens’ locations in the Angle Attack ring.
  • Count individual angles: When all else fails, counting the individual angles in the ring will help guide you to your answer. If you notice, the mini-blue angles in the game are all 10 degrees each. In the image above, you will notice that there are five angles on that add up to the between our last position and the alien. Have your Blaster use their handy multiplication skills and multiply five times ten to get the correct answer!

These are just a couple ways for your Blaster to get stronger at Angle Attack AND their geometry skills. If you or your kid have any other helpful tips, make sure to let us know in the comments!