Crew Tournament: Congratulations…

Congratulations to the Gold Starz! You have come out on top of our first-ever Crew Tournament. After each round of competition, this elite level group of Blasters has managed to rack up the most number of Trophies by completing all kinds of math challenges in the Academy, which is no easy feat. Great job, Blasters!


Next time you speed through the tunnels at HyperBlast, you will have access to the tournament prize, your custom cool Pirate theme HyperCycle. Check into the space station now to check it out!

Super HyperBlast Sunday is On!

Time for blast off Cadets! Lock and load up into HyperBlast for our 1-day Challenge! Your mission is to score as many points possible in HyperBlast within 24 hours. The top 25 Cadets with the highest scores will receive an ALL-NEW Trophy fit for a math blasting master! Beef up your math muscles as you fly through space fighting Aliens and powering through mathematical problems.


Show the Space Station what you are made of and be among the list of elite Cadets with the special Challenge day Trophy! Good luck Cadets. We will be rooting for you!

Rise to the Top in Today’s Exciting Competition

The 500 Credits Challenge has officially begun and Blasters all over the Intergalactic Space Station are scrambling to complete this one-day challenge. Draw upon the skills you have developed during your training to test your speed and accuracy, and try your hand to win 500 credits.

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In order to win this exhilarating challenge, you must accomplish three extraordinary feats:

1. Tame an alien at Alien Wrangler until you crack the top 5 spots on the leaderboard in the Sums to 12 level.

2. Speed through the Light Speed Loop track at Galaxy Grand Prix into a top 100 finish.

3. Dodge and blast obstacles in the Easy Sums to 18 Addition level of Hyperblast that warrants a rank among the top 5 highest scores.

Once you have completed ALL THREE of these assignments, enter the contest by telling us your Blaster name in the comments below or on our Facebook page. Here is your opportunity to show your fellow Blasters that you rank among the Intergalactic Space Station’s elite recruits. Hurry and accomplish these missions as the clock is winding down on this one-day contest.

Space Station Mysteries: Clue #5

Today is the final day of Max’s scavenger hunt! Be sure to submit your answer to the Math Blaster blog before the day is over. This is your chance to win 200 credits, so make sure to put your minds to the test and try and figure out this clue!

Friday’s Clue:
This item is hidden somewhere below the Math Blaster floor, but it also swims in the ocean, not the shore. 

Space Station Mysteries: Clue #4

Blasters, there are only two days left in this exciting scavenger hunt! This week has been filled with mystery and riddle solving, and it is almost coming to a close. Are you ready for today’s clue? Keep in mind that the answer for today’s clue is the only one that can be submitted for the prize that Max is offering!

Thursday’s Clue:
The center of this item shines for all to see. Where in the space station could this item be?

Space Station Mysteries: Clue #3

If you have been following on the Math Blaster blog, Facebook, and Google+ sites, you must know by now that Max has got some great adventures and mysteries in store for you! Remember, you must only submit an answer for today’s clue, and be one of the first 5 people to do it, in order to win 200 credits. Good luck!

Wednesday’s Clue:
This item brings star gazing right in your home; you can view the stars easily, without having to roam.

Space Station Mysteries: Clue #2

It is Day #2 for the Math Blaster in-game scavenger hunt! Remember that answers for yesterday’s clue will not give you the chance to win the prize for today. Max has released the following clue for all of you Blasters to figure out. Good luck!

Tuesday’s Clue:
Rise in the ranks and get a head start, but use this item for more information — it’s really smart!