Take a Look at These 4 Impressive Pods

“Hi Blasters! Max and GC are reporting LIVE from our monthly Pod Tours! If you have not been keeping tabs on this special monthly event, Pod Tours are when we travel throughout the Spaceport and check out some of the coolest, most uniquely designed rooms that we encounter. This is one of our favorite times of the month, as we always see such great spaces that really show your awesome creativity! Take a look below at our top picks for the month!

Max’s Picks:

Ashley NeonLaser
1Sometimes, it can be a challenge for Blasters to really use the most of their Pod space. There are so many things you can buy at the store, but it feels like there is just too little space to place all of your favorite things! Ashley really seems to understand the flow of her Pod and made a layout that allowed for her to section off a special place for her living room. Such an eye for functionality is truly a game changer when it comes to our Pod Tour picks. We salute you, Ashley!

James ZanyZodiac
2While James may be one zany Blaster, his taste in design is very simple and sophisticated. This Pod keeps its style classy and clean. At the same time, I appreciate his consistency in color choice, as this orange and neon blue Pod brings a splash of the future to an overall timeless style.

GC’s Picks:

Emma CosmicSatellite:
3If there is one color we love here at Spaceport, it is that wonderful slime green. As you may have experienced while exploring the Math Academy, this green is the same color as the bubbling, oozing slime of Oozami. For a Blaster to choose such a color scheme in decorating is a bold, yet fitting tribute to this thrilling game. I also appreciate the blend of the future decorations with the traditional. Emma was able to put in a very rustic bed, yet it does not look slightly out of place with her more hi-tech furniture.

Tom GemEarth:
4We can admit it is a challenge bringing a sense of coziness to your Pod, especially with so many futuristic options in our store. However, Tom totally pulled this off and brought his Pod back down to earth. The warmth coming from his design would make even the most homesick Blaster feel at ease.

Well, that is it for August’s Pod Tours! We hope you appreciated looking at these awesome Blaster Pods as much as we did! With some of these rooms, did you strike up inspiration for decorating your own Pod? Which of these Pods did you like the most? Discuss our picks in the comments below, and if you are feeling particularly confident about your own Pod designs make sure to send them our way! We will definitely keep them in mind for our September Pod Tours!

Max’s Space Search: Day One


“Greetings Blasters, it is Max! Today marks the very first day in our week-long event: Max’s Space Search. Every day, we will post a mysterious transmission that you need to decode. Each transmission describes a special item in Math Blaster. Once you figure out which object we are talking about, comment on the post with your answer and you can earn 200 extra Credits! Think you can solve today’s riddle? Head into Math Blaster NOW to start searching!” Budurl.me/SearchTheScrubber

Making the Most of Your Math Blaster Credits

“Greetings, Blasters! Max here. I have been working hard to organize my Pod in the spirit of Spring Cleaning. I realized, however, that I actually gave away too many items! My Pod is a blank canvas and I need to do some shopping to re-decorate it. Unfortunately, I do not have any Credits right now. Oops! Guess I should not have bought all those new outfits! Not to worry! This is a great challenge to earn some extra Credits and use my math skills to make the most of my money.

There are two great ways to earn Credits. The first one you might already know about, which is to play Math Academy games. Try to select a couple games that you are really strong at and can also play a couple times without getting bored. That way, you can rake in some Credits while the time flies past you! The second way to earn some Credits is to help out some of your fellow Blasters clean their Mutt pods! Let us head to my friend Alejandro’s Pod.

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Make Your Pod Out-of-This-World Cool!

Hey Blasters! How much time do you spend in your Pod? It’s where your Blaster goes to relax after intergalactic adventures and spend time with your Mutt, so it should feel like home! We recently redesigned one of our Blaster’s pods… Check out the transformation below!

MB BeforeBefore… This is probably a lot what your pod looks like. Cool, but could be better, right?

MB After

After… We spent some hard-earned credits decking out our pod with our favorite colors and new items! Remember, you can increase your earning potential around the space station by simply playing our learning games! Want to learn how we managed this out -of-this-world restyling? Keep reading…

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Calling All Blasters: The Crew Tournament is On!

Are you ready for an out-of-this-world adventure? Max and the Math Blaster team are officially kicking off the start of our month long Crew Tournament! If you haven’t already done so be sure to join one of our growing numbers of Crews or start yours on group of stellar math blasting Cadets.

This Math Academy competition might sound easy, but only the best and brightest Blasters will be able to take home our top prize – a NEW and never-before-seen HyperCycle! Trophies take into account how well you do in any of the Math Academy games. So play each game as much as possible to bring big TROPHIES to your Crew. Remember this bracket style tournament faces you off with one other Crew for each consecutive round of weekly play. And, all you need to do is play games in the Math Academy to start earning as many awesome accolades as possible!

Math Academy

Crew Trophies will be averaged out by the number of Blaster cadets in your Crew, so this is a challenge that is all about working with your in-world friends! For more details and the official schedule, review last week’s official announcement post and check back regularly as we update you on the current tournament standings here on the blog and social media sites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter!

Rise to the Top in Today’s Exciting Competition

The 500 Credits Challenge has officially begun and Blasters all over the Intergalactic Space Station are scrambling to complete this one-day challenge. Draw upon the skills you have developed during your training to test your speed and accuracy, and try your hand to win 500 credits.

chrome 2013-10-09 09-46-04-30
In order to win this exhilarating challenge, you must accomplish three extraordinary feats:

1. Tame an alien at Alien Wrangler until you crack the top 5 spots on the leaderboard in the Sums to 12 level.

2. Speed through the Light Speed Loop track at Galaxy Grand Prix into a top 100 finish.

3. Dodge and blast obstacles in the Easy Sums to 18 Addition level of Hyperblast that warrants a rank among the top 5 highest scores.

Once you have completed ALL THREE of these assignments, enter the contest by telling us your Blaster name in the comments below or on our Facebook page. Here is your opportunity to show your fellow Blasters that you rank among the Intergalactic Space Station’s elite recruits. Hurry and accomplish these missions as the clock is winding down on this one-day contest.

Space Station Mysteries: Clue #5

Today is the final day of Max’s scavenger hunt! Be sure to submit your answer to the Math Blaster blog before the day is over. This is your chance to win 200 credits, so make sure to put your minds to the test and try and figure out this clue!

Friday’s Clue:
This item is hidden somewhere below the Math Blaster floor, but it also swims in the ocean, not the shore.