Prepare for Halloween with a NEW Look for your Blaster

Hey Blasters- we’re sure that you’re starting to get excited for trick or treating on Halloween night, right? Well, you can get in the spirit a little early with MathBlaster! Using the avatar builder, you can make your Cadet seriously spooky- no masks or facepaint needed! We redesigned a few of our favorite Blasters to see how ghoulish it could get. Here’s the before from one of our male Space Cadets…

MB Boy Before

Does your Blaster look something like this? While this is a pretty cool-looking Cadet, it could look a bit more …monstrous, don’t you think? Click “more” to see our redesign!

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Make Your Pod Out-of-This-World Cool!

Hey Blasters! How much time do you spend in your Pod? It’s where your Blaster goes to relax after intergalactic adventures and spend time with your Mutt, so it should feel like home! We recently redesigned one of our Blaster’s pods… Check out the transformation below!

MB BeforeBefore… This is probably a lot what your pod looks like. Cool, but could be better, right?

MB After

After… We spent some hard-earned credits decking out our pod with our favorite colors and new items! Remember, you can increase your earning potential around the space station by simply playing our learning games! Want to learn how we managed this out -of-this-world restyling? Keep reading…

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My Pod: Your Home Aboard the Space Station

Every Blaster needs a break from working to save the I.S.P. and your Math Blaster Pod is the perfect place for a peaceful retreat. Here, Blasters can throw their own Pod parties to celebrate their accomplishments, invite over their in-game B.F.F.s, or just relax and decorate their humble abode. For some tips and tricks to mastering this area of the Space Station, here is a video on what to expect while in My Pod!

Make it your own –  A Blaster’s Pod is their home away from home and can be customized with all the things that make a Cadet calm, cool and ready for adventure! While you’re settling in, you can fulfill one of GC’s Missions and grab new furniture from the My Pod Store or rearrange existing furnishings for a brand new feel! With all the options for beds, tables, seating, and lighting or gadgets, Cadets can personalize their Pods to make it truly their own!

Seeing Stars – Your Blaster can track their Star Status on their very own chart located in their Pod. You can collect more Stars by helping out fellow Cadets in caring for their Monster Mutts or by visiting other Blaster’s Pods and ranking them!

A change in scenery – Is your Blaster enjoying their view of space from their Pod? Perhaps you would rather relax in a Pod underwater. Whichever it may be, Cadets can change their Pod Location to suit their mood. Grab different Locations off the My Pod Store to switch through sceneries!

Click here to learn more about your Pod!

Morph Madness: Meet the Morphs

Have you ever been wandering around the Math Blaster world, only to have your avatar transform from a charming cadet into a menacing morph? One of your fellow Blasters has temporarily turned you into this creepy creature! If you have not had the chance to perform this act on another Blaster, head over to Morph Madness and give it a try! In the Chem Lab there, you can mix up a strange concoction, which will result in a certain morph that you can turn other Blasters into. After collecting some floating DNA symbols from around the room, head into the Chem Lab where you can choose which morph you would like to create. Then, carefully combine together the required ingredients before mixing to produce your morph. Once you have done that, head outside and find some fellow Blasters to transform!


Let’s take a look at the different types of morphs you can create! On the left hand side of the photo below there is Gleek – a morph who can scare anyone, John Claw-ed – a morph who will snap at any time, and McWaddles – a morph who waddles around Math Blaster looking for help. On the right hand side of the photo there is Rowdy Vanknuckle – a morph who loves to pick a fight, Squidnerd – a morph who is constantly trying to find water, and Wild Thing – a morph that is completely unpredictable. Try turning your Blaster buddies into each of these morphs and watch as they run around trying to escape!


One of our favorite and most complicated morphs is Rowdy Vanknuckle! Rowdy may be a hideous morph, but it takes a lot of precision and patience to perfectly concoct this creature! First, you have to search through the Morph Madness room to collect the required DNA: 2 Solar DNA, 3 Atomic DNA, and 1 Radioactive DNA. Once you have gathered those items, head to the Chem Lab and select Rowdy Vanknuckle from the booklet. Be extremely careful and combine the DNA you collected with 1 test tube of QTPi, 3 scoops of J4F, and 2 droppers of RADaCl. After you have perfectly measured and combined all the ingredients, press the mix button on the bottom of the blender and watch as Rowdy Vanknuckle is created! Now that you have made this menacing morph, head out and start transforming fellow Blasters!


Max is looking for some of these creepy creatures to be featured in the upcoming editions of the Math Blaster Times, so be sure to try out all these morphs! He is looking for the coolest morph to be the next screenshot of the week so get creative and attract his attention!

VOTE NOW: Custom Cool Features!

In Math Blaster, kids are encouraged to express their unique vision through the customization of their Blaster and game. The more you advance in missions and learning games, the more features you are able to unlock. Join Blasters everywhere as they visit the JumpStart blog and vote on their top customization ideas, today!


From designing your own roller coasters to being the author of your very own storybooks, how would you like to be able to express yourself around the JumpStart World? Vote now in JumpStart’s latest poll question, here , to get your voices heard!


We Need Your Help, Blasters!

At JumpStart, creators of the Math Blaster Virtual World, we value creative expression in making our games the most exciting learning tools that they can be for kids. In that tradition, Jumpeez and Blasters are encouraged through regular play to create and customize their avatars as exciting extensions of themselves and their interests.


From hip hairstyles and fun facial features to clothing and other awesome accessories, how would you want to be able to customize your look? Get your voice heard in our game design process by submitting your answers to this latest poll question!

If given the chance to customize specific areas of your avatar’s body with custom cool parts or helpful extensions (i.e. tools, accessories, etc), which would interest you most? Explain your choice in the comments below.

a. Face (different shapes or themes)
b. Hair (from different colors and styles to more accessories)
c. Arms (tools, hooks, hammers, and more, for a hand)
d. Legs (different lengths, or sizing)
e. Do you have other cool customization ideas?

Do you have any ideas for how you would like to see these areas updated? Maybe you’ve always wanted a hammer as a hand to showcase your avatars strength or dreamed of having other cool gadgets to express yourself. Think big and let us know what you have in mind. Your insight and feedback is what makes JumpStart and Math Blaster fun and exciting worlds for kids.

Which Color Kit Could You Get?

Have you had enough time to get to know your Space Griffin yet? We hope you’ve been training them hard to prepare them for all the astronomical adventures they’ll take part in while at the Space Port! When they’re ready to battle though, they’re going to need a new look. And now, we’ve got just the thing you’re looking for, since Max just dropped off a shipment of Space Griffin color kits in the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome!

Just like the other color kits, head over to the Mutt Mart to give your new Space Griffin an all new look! You don’t want to send your new Mutt out into the Space Port looking like everyone else’s Space Griffin, so pick out a new color kit today and show your fellow blasters just how unique your Mutt can be.

Pick a color, any color!

Once you’ve got your newly dressed Space Griffin, head over to your Mutt Pod to decorate some more Mutt items like the couch or flooring. Don’t forget that you can do all of this directly from the Monster Mutt Rescue app! Download it now to get a space griffin of you very own, today. After all, these new monster mutts are only available through the app!

What are you waiting for? Start dressing up your Space Griffin with the new color kits today! Let Max know which one your favorite color is!