Worksheet of the Week: Count the Money

count-the-moneyIn this week’s Worksheet, Max came up with a helpful guide to learning the basics of business: counting money! Learning the differences between coins and dollars is an important concept in math that will make learning concepts like decimals much easier in the future! To get started on Max’s Worksheet, have an adult help you download and print it out at the link below!

Worksheet of the Week: Move that Dot


Multiplying decimals can get a bit complicated; however, this can be a lot simpler to understand when we multiply them with factors of 10. In this case, all you have to do is count the number of zeros and move the decimal place that many times. Are you ready to get started on tackling this math concept? Download and print this Worksheet of the Week at:

Worksheet of the Week: Decimal Place Values

decimal-place-valuesHave you started learning about decimal points yet? Decimal values can be very tricky to learn, so you should make sure to really understand how they work. Use this free worksheet of the week to get a better idea of how to talk about decimal place values. There is a small, yet VERY important difference between numbers on the left and right side of a decimal point… Think you can figure it out? Ask your parents to help you download our worksheet of the week and start practicing today!

Worksheet of the Week


Escape the Ooze: Oozami

A skilled Blaster has a rare blend of intellect and quick reaction times.  Put your math skills and reflexes to the test by venturing into Oozami.  Locked in a chamber with deadly ooze rising to fill the room, correctly answer math problems to unlock the chamber doors.  Navigate your way to the top using stationary and mobile platforms, dodging enemies along the way.  In order to conquer this thrilling game, let’s investigate the finer details of Oozami.

MB 1Before entering the chamber, choose one of three topics: Place Value Voyager (emphasizing place value), Tenths and Beyond (focusing on place value with decimals), and Magnetic Money (identifying a certain amount of money using various combinations of coins).  Each topic has four or five lessons to choose from and players can select the difficulty setting (easy, medium, or hard) that best suits their abilities.  The difficulty setting will affect the speed of moving platforms, the number and speed of enemies, and how challenging problems are to solve.

MB 2

In order to complete a lesson, locate the correct answer on screens located throughout the chamber and press the switch.  Once you have activated enough switches, you will be able to exit the room.  Answering incorrectly will result in a loss of points.  In addition to answering questions correctly, you can gain points by collecting food scattered throughout the level.  Be cautious as you jump from one platform to the next as being hit by enemies will cause you to lose points and enemies can even knock you off your platform.  Finally, as you work your way from one platform to the next in search of the correct answer, be careful not to touch the ooze!  Falling into the ooze will result in the loss of a precious life.  Losing all three lives will end the game.

MB 3While many young Blasters attempt to master Oozami, only a few are able to join the ranks of the elite.  Try your hand at all three topics and work your way up from an Oozami novice to an unrivaled expert.  Hone your math skills and reflexes in this enthralling game to prove you are one of the Intergalactic Space Station’s finest Blasters.

Your training to be the Intergalactic Space Station’s best Blaster does not have to end when you log off your computer.  Try out fun worksheets on place value,  decimals, and money to keep your skills sharp.  After putting in so much hard work, everyone will know the universe is in good hands.