Game of the Week: Rollerball Rally

MBGoTW-RollerballRallyOnce again, Spaceport is in need of some extra energy to keep our games powered up. You can help out Max with this important Spaceport mission by heading to Rollerball Rally at Fitness Training. In this game, you will be transported off to Planet Blizzard and collect the energy sources that our ship requires to fly through the galaxy.

Now that you have completed levels 1-4, try challenging yourself to collect even more energy sources in levels 5-8 in our Game of the Week. For your hard work, you can receive Credits to buy items in your Pod AND gain extra points to help you rise through the I.S.P.’s ranks!

Max’s Space Seach: Day Four

MB_Riddle_day4“Greetings, Blasters! Max here. We have another transmission from the I.S.P. and we could use your special decoding skills to find out what Math Blaster item it is talking about. It definitely seems like something in Fitness Training… So if you plan on doing any warm ups before your Math Academy missions, then I highly recommend keeping an eye out for this item. Head into the game right now and start your search!”

Max’s Fitness Training Exercise Routine

Whenever things get quiet here at the I.S.P., we like to head to the Fitness Training for a good workout! There are a lot of activities inside here that really help us Blasters stay healthy in the I.S.P. To make the most of Fitness Training, I came up with this routine to kick-off your daily Math Blaster adventures! We asked this Blaster to take on my daily exercise routine to help prepare her for Alien Wrangler, her favorite game! Read on to see her results!

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Family Health and Fitness Day is Coming!

Photo by: Evil Erin

Photo Strawberry Smoothie by: Evil Erin, ©2010 Some rights reserved. Licensed by Creative Commons Public Works License.

The last Saturday in September is designated as Family Health and Fitness Day by the Health Information Resource Center (HIRC) and the U.S. Surgeon General. Local organizations organize fun, health-related events at parks, schools, and communities across the nation to teach the whole family health and fitness basics. Whether you choose to participate in the organized events or want to go it alone, we’ve got some great fitness tips to get your family moving.

Get Everyone Involved

With children of different ages and at different skill levels, it can sometimes be tough to find an activity that everyone can participate in. One way to even out an imbalance is to pair younger children with older siblings and cousins or an adult. For example, try a three-legged race where pairs are comprised of one younger player and one older player. You can also play traditional games like hide and seek– your young ones might actually have an advantage here! Alternatively, take the family out for a walk or bike ride that everyone can enjoy!

Start With Basics

You don’t have to organize a full on basketball tournament or host the ultimate soccer showdown– help your children build their basic sports skills by practicing dribbling the ball down the court or having a goal kicking contest. Your older children can help their younger siblings improve by sharing their experiences and teaching them firsthand!

Keep Cool

September temperatures can be warm, so remember to stay hydrated and keep cool! Have plenty of water on hand and incorporate fun water activities into your day! Surprise the kids with a new water slide or bust out the squirt guns to start an all-out family showdown!

Most of all, have fun! Fitness is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and this is a great chance to show your kids that working out and being active is fun for the whole family! Whether you hit the park, the beach, the gym or the backyard, there’s family fun to be had for all this weekend! Now that you’ve read our fitness tips, head on over to the JumpStart blog for our post on how to celebrate the health aspect of this event!

The Math Academy Gets a Galactic New Look!

The Math Academy, formerly known as the Academy, is where your Blasters will learn to defend the galaxy by using their brains and building their math skills! To keep the ISP inter-galactically connected, the Math Academy has been updated and given an entirely new design.

There are new portals all around the Math Academy that will shuttle your kids off to each of the training games. This nebular new arrangement has transported some games to a new location. The Fitness Training Room portal is now located on the second floor of the Math Academy. Inside your kids will find some of their favorite activities like the gravity-defying rock wall, as well as some new additions such as the Ready Room and Roller Ball Rally.

Your kids also may have noticed the huge orb floating in the center of the Math Academy. This is the data processing hub that is continually pulling information from all the training games to keep Max and G.C. updated on the Blasters game progress. So, make sure your kids build up their skills so they can move up in rank to become one of the best of the best in the ISP.

What do your kids think of the new changes to the Math Academy?

What is Your Favorite Math Blaster Game?

The spaceship engineers at Math Blaster have been working hard to bring a variety of fun and exciting math games to the Blasters! Here is a list of what they have accomplished so far.

Galaxy Grand Prix: Your kids can build their own racetrack or race on a premade track in this exciting racing game. They can even play head-to-head against a buddy!

How fast can your Blaster go?

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Cadets Can Get in Shape in the Fitness Training Room!

Have your kids checked out the Fitness Training Room in the Math Blaster Academy? To become a member of the Intergalactic Space Patrol, it is essential for cadets be physically fit, which will prepare them for unexpected events and alien attacks. Get your kids’ Blaster Cadets ready for outer space by training them with the fun games in the Fitness Training Room!

Cadets can prepare for intergalactic adventures in the Fitness Training Room!

Discover the different activities in the Fitness Training Room!