Worksheet of the Week: Count the Money

count-the-moneyIn this week’s Worksheet, Max came up with a helpful guide to learning the basics of business: counting money! Learning the differences between coins and dollars is an important concept in math that will make learning concepts like decimals much easier in the future! To get started on Max’s Worksheet, have an adult help you download and print it out at the link below!

Worksheet of the Week: Practice Counting Cents!

Hey Blasters! Here’s a BRAND NEW Worksheet of the Week for you! Practice your counting and money skills with the FREE worksheet below!


Click on the image above to download and print this worksheet for free!

Worksheet of the Week: Color by Numbers


This week’s Worksheet of the Week has something for everyone… math, coloring, ships. What more could you ask for? Ask your parents to help you download and print it today by clicking on the image above!