New JumpStart Game – Magic & Mythies!

The ALL-NEW Magic & Mythies mobile app has JUST arrived so you can take your JumpStart Mythie Training experience to a whole new galaxy! Gear up for this exciting JumpStart adventure, and then download our new app on iOS and Google Play:!

In Magic & Mythies, the residents of Terra need help protecting their magical home. Through your studies at the Tree of Wisdom, learn how to harness the powers of nature to help take on the evil forces sweeping through this world.

Some key game features include:
-Racing Mythies at Skytracks
-Busting the treacherous Shadow Punks and Brambles
-Creating magical potions
-Farming various crops and raising animals
-Building an everlasting bond with your favorite Mythies

Are you ready to rise to the challenge and join the League of Mages? Head to the App Store to download JumpStart: Magic & Mythies on iOS: