Morph Madness: Meet the Morphs

Have you ever been wandering around the Math Blaster world, only to have your avatar transform from a charming cadet into a menacing morph? One of your fellow Blasters has temporarily turned you into this creepy creature! If you have not had the chance to perform this act on another Blaster, head over to Morph Madness and give it a try! In the Chem Lab there, you can mix up a strange concoction, which will result in a certain morph that you can turn other Blasters into. After collecting some floating DNA symbols from around the room, head into the Chem Lab where you can choose which morph you would like to create. Then, carefully combine together the required ingredients before mixing to produce your morph. Once you have done that, head outside and find some fellow Blasters to transform!


Let’s take a look at the different types of morphs you can create! On the left hand side of the photo below there is Gleek – a morph who can scare anyone, John Claw-ed – a morph who will snap at any time, and McWaddles – a morph who waddles around Math Blaster looking for help. On the right hand side of the photo there is Rowdy Vanknuckle – a morph who loves to pick a fight, Squidnerd – a morph who is constantly trying to find water, and Wild Thing – a morph that is completely unpredictable. Try turning your Blaster buddies into each of these morphs and watch as they run around trying to escape!


One of our favorite and most complicated morphs is Rowdy Vanknuckle! Rowdy may be a hideous morph, but it takes a lot of precision and patience to perfectly concoct this creature! First, you have to search through the Morph Madness room to collect the required DNA: 2 Solar DNA, 3 Atomic DNA, and 1 Radioactive DNA. Once you have gathered those items, head to the Chem Lab and select Rowdy Vanknuckle from the booklet. Be extremely careful and combine the DNA you collected with 1 test tube of QTPi, 3 scoops of J4F, and 2 droppers of RADaCl. After you have perfectly measured and combined all the ingredients, press the mix button on the bottom of the blender and watch as Rowdy Vanknuckle is created! Now that you have made this menacing morph, head out and start transforming fellow Blasters!


Max is looking for some of these creepy creatures to be featured in the upcoming editions of the Math Blaster Times, so be sure to try out all these morphs! He is looking for the coolest morph to be the next screenshot of the week so get creative and attract his attention!

Exciting News for this Summer

Is your Blaster looking for a new and exciting challenge? Tell them to head on over JumpStart ( and check out the new FunZone where they can learn about JumpStart’s upcoming game, School of Dragons. At the FunZone, your child can preview Fireball Frenzy- just one of the many thrilling activities that will be featured in School of Dragons. With some practice, they can earn a score worthy of showing off to their friends. In the upcoming game, based on DreamWorks Animations’ hit film, How to Train Your Dragon, your child will be able to train and raise a dragon of their own while also learn core science skills through concepts like the Scientific Method.


One of the highlights of School of Dragons is its mobile app. Through the mobile app, players will be able to seamlessly resume play with their character and continue progressing through the world while on the go. To learn more about this exciting game, head over to the website at Don’t forget to help your Viking sign up for the exclusive Beta (on the website) so that they can try it for themselves in June! Also, try downloading one of the exciting wallpapers to help spice up your desktop some.

New Fun Zone Is Here!

Update: The Hairballs have returned to their home planet of Tangles and the Fun Zone has now become home to the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome!

Are your kids going to be up to the challenge to collect all the Hairballs? Hopefully they have been training to tackle these furry creatures!

Don’t let this guy trick you!

Tell your kids we need their help in the new Fun Zone! Your kids have to help us collect all the fuzzy Hairballs and put them back in their container, because the mischievous creatures keep escaping! It is important for us to learn more about their home, the mysterious planet Tangles. Once your kids enter the new Fun Zone, tell them to use their Intergalactic skills to capture these tricky little guys!

Fun Zone Disco Alerts!

This is how you Disco Dance!

Have your kids been in the Space port Fun Zone when suddenly crazy lights go off and Disco music starts blasting?! If they have, they just participated in the Disco Alert! Disco Alerts are the way our ambassadors thank Blasters for helping them out. If your kids have not been part of this jamming session then they need to head to the Fun Zone and dance away to try it out!

What do your kids think about the Disco Alerts?

Catch Them If You Can! Luminites Are Loose Around the Space Port!

Update: The Luminites have returned to their home planet of Hard Rocks and the Fun Zone has now become home to the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome!

If your kids have visited the Space Port today, they may have noticed our bright and sunny friends- the Luminites! They hail from the planet Hard Rocks and have come to shed some light on all our Math Blaster Cadets! Click on the Translator button in the Space Port Fun Zone to read their story.

Rescue the Luminites in the Space Port!

The galactic buzz about the Math Blaster mission has been traveling faster than the speed of light, and planet Hard Rocks wants to join in on the fun! Apparently, the Luminites have been getting into some trouble on their home planet. So, in efforts to correct their mischievous habits, Ambassador Luminous has brought some of them to Math Blaster to introduce them to the Intergalactic Space Patrol! The Luminites are so excited to be here that they’ve been exploring the Space Port all day!

If enough Luminites are rescued, they'll throw a light show in the Space Port!

While we love for them to enjoy the sights, Ambassador Luminous has asked us to help gather the Luminites and deposit them in the rescue bins. Since they are so far away from home, they must combine their light to conserve energy. Once they are all rescued, they will have enough strength to throw Math Blaster and all the Blaster Cadets an amazing light show! So have your kids join in on the fun and rescue our little friends!

Meet Vera in the Space Port Fun Zone!

Update: Vera has returned to her home planet of Chloris and the Fun Zone has now become home to the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome!

The word about the ISP’s promising new recruits is spreading throughout the galaxy, and now visitors from planets near and far are eager to meet the Blaster Cadets and wish them luck in their training process. So when your kids have some down time in between training, encourage them to say hello to our honored guests! Our most recent guest: Vera from the planet Chloris has landed in the Space Port Fun Zone.

Come meet Vera in the Space Port!

If your kids follow the sweet smell of her petals, they won’t be able to miss her! So far she has loved the new Math Blaster spaceship, but because she’s light years away from her planet Chloris, she’s starting to wilt! Your kids will need to help Vera regain her strength and maintain her vibrant personality by collecting the sunshine, water, and fresh soil cubes around the Space Port and depositing them into her supply drops. When she has enough energy, we’ll throw a Math Blaster disco in the Space Port to celebrate her company!

Have your kids met Vera yet?

Meet Cornelius in the New FunZone!

Update: Cornelius has returned to his home planet of Gomba and the Fun Zone has now become home to the Monster Mutt Rescue Dome!

Greetings! Have your children roamed the Math Blaster space station and noticed the new fun zone in the spaceport? Tell your children to teleport into the Math Blaster galaxy to check out the new fun zone, where they will be greeted by one of Max’s intergalactic friends, Cornelius!

Cornelius is the legendary ambassador hailing from the far away planet of Gomba, and he made a surprise visit to the Math Blaster space station because he heard of all the wonderful progress Blaster Cadets have been making in their training for the ISP!

But sometimes, with all the activity going on in the space station, it gets a little heated in his chamber! So, when the meter to the right of the chamber lights red, cadets will need to collect ice cubes around the spaceport and drop them into air conditioner unit to help keep Cornelius cool and comfortable while he hangs with all the cadets and oversees everyone’s hard work!

Cornelius knows that cadets work hard and need a little fun break from time to time too- that’s why he made sure to bring a disco ball and some fun dance music with him! Cornelius loves to dance, and he wants cadets to join him in all the fun! So tell your children to get their cadets ready to bust a move like a Blaster and show off their gravity groovin’ moves with Cornelius in the new fun zone!