Speeding Through Galaxy Grand Prix

Our Blaster friend Sara CyberSatellite is practicing today for a BIG race this upcoming weekend. To help make sure she is ready to excel tomorrow, Sara needs to time herself and see how long it will take her to complete the race. Normally, Sara only races one lap when she goes on the Shooting Star Strip. For this huge Racer rally, however, she will have to go for a solid THREE laps!

Sara’s target time for this race is to reach the finish line in under 3:30. To see if she needs to practice looping through the course, let’s help Sara predict her estimated finish time tomorrow using speed, distance, and time.

The first thing we need to do is calculate how long it takes Sara to complete one lap of the Shooting Star Strip. Are you ready to start your timers? Ready… Set… Go!
mbgalaxySara sure is one speedy driver! She finished the course in a time of 1:20. First, let us convert her time to seconds so that it will be much easier for us to use. Since a minute is 60 seconds long, that means she came in at a total of 80 seconds.

Now we can calculate her rate! This is actually very easy. Think of rates as a type of ratio, where we have distance on the left side and time on the right side. This gives Sara a rate of 1 loop per every 80 seconds (or 1:80).

Next, let us find out her predicted time! To do this, we multiply both sides of the fraction by 3, which gives us 3 loops per every 240 seconds.

Now it is time for us to convert our 240 seconds into minutes, which we can do by using our long division skills. Take 240 and divide it by 60 to get our final answer.

So did Sara beat her target time of 3 minutes and 30 seconds? Comment below with the answer and tell us what her predicted time is!

Game of the Week: Galaxy Grand Prix

MB-GalaxyGrandPrixSometimes us Cadets at Spaceport like to blow off some steam. Galaxy Grand Prix is the perfect place to do that! It is a HUGE race track and you can enter it right from Spaceport’s central headquarters. With a variety of different race tracks and ships to choose from, you will have a difficult time getting bored here! And even if you do… You can always spice up your races by constructing your very own race track! Before we get too crazy with making our own twists, turns, and obstacles, why not try exploring Galaxy Grand Prix for yourself? Get a feel for the arena by practicing your racing skills with our Game of the Week Blaster Mission. Do not forget to let us know how well you did by writing in the comments below! http://budurl.me/MBGoTW

Designing Your Galaxy Grand Prix Tracks

“Max here, signing in to talk about one of my favorite games: Galaxy Grand Prix! While I certainly love cruising through space, nothing beats the feeling of a great day at the SpacePort’s most famous race track. The greatest part of Galaxy Grand Prix is that you get to create your own courses, which lets me build my critical thinking skills for saving the universe.

I am competing in a HUGE race this weekend and wanted to build a brand new track to challenge my friends… Would you care to assist me? I could use a fresh mind and you can learn how to build one crazy and exciting Galaxy Grand Prix race track!
1When thinking about how to design your course, think of it like a puzzle. We want it to be challenging and complicated so Blasters do not know what to expect when racing. Use the intersecting tracks to make your course extra tricky!
2We finished our course outline! Now it is time to decorate our race tracks with some extra obstacles. We do not want to make the track impossible to race. Keep your barriers spaced out from each other. Also be very careful where you add your boosts! You do not want to place them right when a track is about to curve or before a barrier, find spots where you can really speed down the track.
3Excellent idea placing that booster there! It seems like you have the hang of this!
4Well, it looks like my racetrack is ready for the weekend! After naming my track, I always take it for one test spin to make sure the course is smooth, yet challenging!”

Rise to the Top in Today’s Exciting Competition

The 500 Credits Challenge has officially begun and Blasters all over the Intergalactic Space Station are scrambling to complete this one-day challenge. Draw upon the skills you have developed during your training to test your speed and accuracy, and try your hand to win 500 credits.

chrome 2013-10-09 09-46-04-30
In order to win this exhilarating challenge, you must accomplish three extraordinary feats:

1. Tame an alien at Alien Wrangler until you crack the top 5 spots on the leaderboard in the Sums to 12 level.

2. Speed through the Light Speed Loop track at Galaxy Grand Prix into a top 100 finish.

3. Dodge and blast obstacles in the Easy Sums to 18 Addition level of Hyperblast that warrants a rank among the top 5 highest scores.

Once you have completed ALL THREE of these assignments, enter the contest by telling us your Blaster name in the comments below or on our Facebook page. Here is your opportunity to show your fellow Blasters that you rank among the Intergalactic Space Station’s elite recruits. Hurry and accomplish these missions as the clock is winding down on this one-day contest.

Coming Soon: 2 Heads Are Better Than 1!

Do the math. Better yet, get your friends to help you do the math! Now for our Blasters with multiple friends, we’re sending out rewards for your fantastic team work. Gather all your Blaster B.F.F.s to join in on the fun and prizes!

1 Blaster + 1 Blaster = More Fun!

Completing your I.S.P missions and still having time to help your friends is hard work, so let us reward you. Make sure you add all of your friends to your B.F.F. Lists. Remember, you can add your opponents after playing games like Nebula Knockout and Galaxy Grand Prix too!

What are you waiting for? Start adding your Blaster buddies today! How many friends do you have? Let Max know today!

Add A Friend For More Fun!

Everyone likes having their Blaster buddies around for friendly fun and awesome adventures. Although, it can be hard for you to keep track of everyone when you’re running around exploring in the Space Port or Math Academy. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to add your friends to your B.F.F. list and keep updated with their voyages!

Check out the new option to add a player to your B.F.F. list after you’ve battled them in games like Nebula Knockout. It’s as easy as that! After you’ve battled them, a menu will pop up to add them to your circle of friends. It’s not only in Nebula Knockout either; try it out in all of the multiplayer games like Galaxy Grand Prix and Face Off!

Add all your friends to keep up with their scores and statuses!

Check out some of our multiplayer games today to start expanding your list of B.F.F.s. Don’t forget, you’ll see the new option after playing the games. Have you added all your Blaster friends yet? Let us know what you think of this new B.F.F. feature!

Ready, Set, Go! Challenge Blasters in Galaxy Grand Prix!

Do you think your kid has the best scores and fastest lap times? Can they hang on to their title as reigning champion? Now, they can challenge their Blaster friends to races and beat their record-holding times. Have your kids give Galaxy Grand Prix a shot today to defend their top honors! Check the Challenges Board in your Blaster’s About Me page to see who’s looking to go head to head with your kids’ best scores and times!

Accept or Ignore challenges from B.F.F.s

Have your kids challenge their Blaster friends after they’ve set a high score

Who will place first in this fast and furious frenzy? Set a high score today and challenge fellow Blasternauts to beat it! Do your kids enjoy playing against their B.F.F.s? Let Max know what they think of the new Math Blaster Challenge Board!