Game of the Week: Angle Attack

MBGoTW-AngleAttackFor Max’s special Blaster Mission of the week, head to Angle Attack and work on those geometry skills! This week, bring your space studies up a notch and try spotting angles up to 180 degrees!

Game of the Week: Ice Cubed

MBGoTW-IceCubedMax is taking us back to Ice Cubed in this week’s Blaster Mission! With the help of your trusty logic and reasoning skills, help our frozen friend find a toasty place to stand in this Game of the Week! Think you can complete the first five levels of Snowy Peak by next Wednesday? Get started on this challenge at:

Game of the Week: Zapper

MBGoTW-ZapperWhere do the top Cadets of the ISP get their training for Red Alert Missions? At the Zapper simulator in the Math Academy! This special game allows you to experience what it is like in sitting in the cockpit during a Red Alert Mission and using your math skills to help destroy incoming asteroids that could potentially harm our ship! If you want to become as sharp as Max and GC are when they fly through the galaxy, then we highly recommend getting started on this Game of the Week mission!

Game of the Week: Risk-It

MBGoTW-RiskIt2With a summer’s worth of Math Academy practice under your belt, it is time to put your new math skills to the test! Where else can you show off your mathematical genius better than in Risk-It? In this game, you can use your knowledge to answer questions about various math topics and earn BIG rewards! However, there is one catch. If you happen to get a question incorrect and you risk too many Credits, all of your new points will be lost! That just means you have to be extra confident with each answer you give. So do you think you are up for the challenge? Head in to Risk-It and play the measurement category for this week’s Blaster Mission!

Game of the Week: Rollerball Rally

MBGoTW-RollerballRallyOnce again, Spaceport is in need of some extra energy to keep our games powered up. You can help out Max with this important Spaceport mission by heading to Rollerball Rally at Fitness Training. In this game, you will be transported off to Planet Blizzard and collect the energy sources that our ship requires to fly through the galaxy.

Now that you have completed levels 1-4, try challenging yourself to collect even more energy sources in levels 5-8 in our Game of the Week. For your hard work, you can receive Credits to buy items in your Pod AND gain extra points to help you rise through the I.S.P.’s ranks!

Game of the Week: B-Force Blaster

MBGoTW-BForceBlasterSpaceport is always on high alert for potential intruders, which is why we have such a skilled group of Blasters in the I.S.P. One of the best ways to prepare for our sudden Red Alerts is by going out into the training field in B-Force Blaster. While cruising through this course, you will have to keep a sharp eye out for targets displaying some of the infamous Spaceport villains, as well as any colored targets you might find. Special tip: shoot any moving rocks for an extra 300 points each!

Are you feeling ready to take to training on the Red Planet? Head into B-Force Blaster at the Math Academy and start on our Blaster Mission! Once you have completed it, share with us your best score!

Game of the Week: Hyperblast

MBGoTW-Hyperblast2If you have never had the chance to check out Hyperblast yet, make sure to strap yourself in for a speedy ride. Hyperblast allows you to explore one of the most thrilling parts of the galaxy: a vortex where you travel at fast speeds to stop evildoing aliens with your excellent math skills. This week, GC and Max have awarded this speedy tunnel in Spaceport as the Game of the Week! Do you think you can use your multiplication knowledge to help make the galaxy a safer place? Join the other Cadets at Spaceport and start playing: