Wrangle an Alien in Math Blaster!

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Ever wish you could wrestle an alien? In Math Blaster, you can! Choose from different subjects and levels of difficulty before you take on the intergalactic beast!

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Practice adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing and then use your keyboard to make to enter the correct answer to the problem shown on the top of the screen before time runs out! Bonus: Alien Wrangler is a learning game (marked with a lightbulb), which means that you earn bonus credits when you play the game!

Show the Ooze Who’s Boss

To be a skilled Intergalactic Space Station Blaster, every Cadet must fine tune their problem solving efforts on top of quick reflexes. Oozami is the perfect training course to put your math skills and response times to the ultimate test! Climb to the top unscathed as you race against time to answer math problems that will unlock the chamber doors to freedom and away from the toxic ooze! Here are some tips and tricks that will help you conquer the obstacles in Oozami!


Escape the ooze – The most important thing to remember while training in Oozami is to never touch the ooze! So be careful as you jump from one platform to another in your search for the correct answers.

Click here for more Oozami Tips and Tricks!

A Treat for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! Will you be celebrating it with your friends and family? What way to show off the St. Patty’s Day spirit together by celebrating it with lots of green. Green clothes, green foods, and yes—even green drinks! Here is a kid friendly recipe for and Irish Cream Soda Float that you and your Blaster at home can make and enjoy for St. Patrick’s Day!

Photo by: viviandnguyen_

Photo by: viviandnguyen_


St. Patrick’s Day Cream Soda Float –

What you will need:

Green Maraschino Cherries and syrup
Green food coloring (optional)
Cream Soda
Vanilla Ice Cream

Have your kids count out two Green Maraschino Cherries from the jar and place them into the mug.

Next have them measure about a 1 1/2 tablespoons of the Green Maraschino Cherry Syrup and add that into the mug.

Help your kids pour the Cream Soda into the mug, filling the mug about 3 quarters to half way with the soda. If you feel as if your drink is not green enough, add a couple of drops of green food coloring and mix.

Add in one scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Have your kids garnish the drink with St. Patrick’s day favors like a green squiggle straw and a plastic gold spoon.

This recipe will be great to get your kids involved in the preparation process. Simply measuring and counting the ingredients you need will help turn your kitchen into a math classroom this St. Patrick’s Day! Your Irish Cream Soda Float is a delicious treat that your whole family can enjoy.

Calling All Blasters: The Crew Tournament is On!

Are you ready for an out-of-this-world adventure? Max and the Math Blaster team are officially kicking off the start of our month long Crew Tournament! If you haven’t already done so be sure to join one of our growing numbers of Crews or start yours on group of stellar math blasting Cadets.

This Math Academy competition might sound easy, but only the best and brightest Blasters will be able to take home our top prize – a NEW and never-before-seen HyperCycle! Trophies take into account how well you do in any of the Math Academy games. So play each game as much as possible to bring big TROPHIES to your Crew. Remember this bracket style tournament faces you off with one other Crew for each consecutive round of weekly play. And, all you need to do is play games in the Math Academy to start earning as many awesome accolades as possible!

Math Academy

Crew Trophies will be averaged out by the number of Blaster cadets in your Crew, so this is a challenge that is all about working with your in-world friends! For more details and the official schedule, review last week’s official announcement post and check back regularly as we update you on the current tournament standings here on the blog and social media sites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter!

Crew Tournament: Prepare for Take-Off!

Are you ready to stand with your fellow Cadets or have you already taken the initiative to join a Crew or create one of your very own? Our first ever Crew Tournament is flying into Math Blaster! Max and the team are hosting a 4-round, bracket style tournament with a high stake prize on the line – a never before seen HyperCycle for you to use while racing through the tunnels in HyperBlast!


It’s time to start sharpening your math skills because when it comes to out-of-this-world competition, what matters most is your accuracy and determination to come out on top! Here’s how this galactic mission will be broken down –

  • Location: Math Blaster’s Math Academy
  • Your Mission: Join or create a Crew to begin earning as many Trophies as
    possible in the Math Academy. Remember, the more you learn,
    the more you’ll earn! After all, this is the area of the Space Station where you will earn trophies for completing in action packed learning games.
  • How it works: For each weekly round of the tournament, your Crew will go head to head against another group of Blasters to determine who will advance to the following round with the exception of the first week, which is considered pool play. In the first round, your Crew will be competing against groups of Blasters from your assigned division. From round to round, we will be determining the top Crews to advance as you face off against 1 other Crew until we are down to our top 2 Crews, who will battle it out in the final round of competition! Remember, only Trophies earned during a specific round of play will count toward your tournament standing. If you advance to the next round your scores will be erased and you and the Crew that you face off with next will both start at the same Trophy average of 0.To determine scores, at the end of each weekly round of play, Max and the team will be averaging out the number of Trophies that your Crew has earned by the number of members that are part of your Crew. Your score will ultimately determine if you are able to advance to the next round until we are down to our top 2 Crews who will battle it out in the last week of competition to claim the title as our first ever Math Blaster Crew Tournament Champions and bring home a never before seen HyperCycle.

    Remember, each week of competition will be active starting at 2PM PST – 12 Noon PST, the following Monday. Also, to keep things fair, each Crew’s Trophy count will be brought back to “0” at the start of each round.

  • Schedule:  4 rounds of competition, lasting from 03/03 – 03/30
    03/03-03/09: First Round Pool Play
    03/10-03/16: Second Round – Top 8 Crews
    03/17-03/23: Semi-Finals – Top 4 Crews
    03/24-03/30: Finals – Top 2 Crews
    03/31: Winning Crew Announced

From top scores and achievements to an increase in rank and a few newly earned merits, there are so many ways for Blaster Cadets like you to show off their individual strengths while training in the I.S.P.! But, now is the time to prove your ability to work as part of a larger team! Start gathering your fellow Cadets for our upcoming tournament, today!

Super HyperBlast Sunday is On!

Time for blast off Cadets! Lock and load up into HyperBlast for our 1-day Challenge! Your mission is to score as many points possible in HyperBlast within 24 hours. The top 25 Cadets with the highest scores will receive an ALL-NEW Trophy fit for a math blasting master! Beef up your math muscles as you fly through space fighting Aliens and powering through mathematical problems.


Show the Space Station what you are made of and be among the list of elite Cadets with the special Challenge day Trophy! Good luck Cadets. We will be rooting for you!

Sharpen up for our Sunday Challenge!

A true champion rises to the top when they practice their skills regularly.There is still time Blasters to train for this Sunday’s 1-day only HyperBlast Challenge!


Do not wait until the last minute—get into the game, blast through the barriers and sharpen up those math skills! Become one of the elite Cadets with the highest score and take home an all-new trophy to showcase in your Pod!