Take a Look at These 4 Impressive Pods

“Hi Blasters! Max and GC are reporting LIVE from our monthly Pod Tours! If you have not been keeping tabs on this special monthly event, Pod Tours are when we travel throughout the Spaceport and check out some of the coolest, most uniquely designed rooms that we encounter. This is one of our favorite times of the month, as we always see such great spaces that really show your awesome creativity! Take a look below at our top picks for the month!

Max’s Picks:

Ashley NeonLaser
1Sometimes, it can be a challenge for Blasters to really use the most of their Pod space. There are so many things you can buy at the store, but it feels like there is just too little space to place all of your favorite things! Ashley really seems to understand the flow of her Pod and made a layout that allowed for her to section off a special place for her living room. Such an eye for functionality is truly a game changer when it comes to our Pod Tour picks. We salute you, Ashley!

James ZanyZodiac
2While James may be one zany Blaster, his taste in design is very simple and sophisticated. This Pod keeps its style classy and clean. At the same time, I appreciate his consistency in color choice, as this orange and neon blue Pod brings a splash of the future to an overall timeless style.

GC’s Picks:

Emma CosmicSatellite:
3If there is one color we love here at Spaceport, it is that wonderful slime green. As you may have experienced while exploring the Math Academy, this green is the same color as the bubbling, oozing slime of Oozami. For a Blaster to choose such a color scheme in decorating is a bold, yet fitting tribute to this thrilling game. I also appreciate the blend of the future decorations with the traditional. Emma was able to put in a very rustic bed, yet it does not look slightly out of place with her more hi-tech furniture.

Tom GemEarth:
4We can admit it is a challenge bringing a sense of coziness to your Pod, especially with so many futuristic options in our store. However, Tom totally pulled this off and brought his Pod back down to earth. The warmth coming from his design would make even the most homesick Blaster feel at ease.

Well, that is it for August’s Pod Tours! We hope you appreciated looking at these awesome Blaster Pods as much as we did! With some of these rooms, did you strike up inspiration for decorating your own Pod? Which of these Pods did you like the most? Discuss our picks in the comments below, and if you are feeling particularly confident about your own Pod designs make sure to send them our way! We will definitely keep them in mind for our September Pod Tours!

Life on the I.S.P.

Greetings Blasters! Max, here. Have you ever wondered what a typical day running the I.S.P. is like? Spaceport is such an enormous ship sailing through the galaxy. That means GC, Monty, and I have a lot of responsibilities to take care of on a daily basis. Since there are so many things going on everyday, I thought I might share my daily routine with you Blasters.

I should mention that on Spaceport we use a 24-hour clock, or “military time”. This means that instead of going back to 1at noon, we continue on to 13. You can convert military time to standard time simply by subtracting all hours after noon by 12. This means that 1300 hours would be 1:00pm. While reading my routine, try to convert the times from military to regular time!

0700 Hours:


Wake up time! My day begins with more rise and less shine, since there is no sunlight in space. Thankfully my handy alarm clock gives me that wake-up call to start my day. I immediate walk over to my Mutt Pod and check on my two adorable Mutts.

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Max’s Cosmic Countdown: Candy Bar Graph

Hey Blasters, GC here! We are halfway through Max’s Cosmic Countdown and GC has a very special edible art project she wants to share with all you Blasters. Graphs are a visual way for people to understand numbers, so I thought it might be fun to take a look at our Valentine’s Day treats through a mathematical perspective. For today’s activity, we are going to learn how to make fun Valentine’s themed graphs using some of our favorite holiday candies!
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Achieve Stellar Scores In HyperBlast

Greetings Blasters! Max here. GC and I love racing through our favorite intergalactic speedway, HyperBlast, but we never get very high scores. One day as I was shooting at a particularly rude robot, I saw GC further down using a bunch of tricks that I never even thought of before! That’s when I realized… Why don’t GC and I use some good old teamwork and share our HyperBlast secrets! Putting our heads together, we came up with 4 great tips so that you can reach HIGHER levels and get ASTRONOMICAL SCORES!


GC’s #1 Tip: Choosing your topic
Whenever I start a new game of HyperBlast, I put special thought into which topic I choose. From addition to fractions, HyperBlast covers a lot of ground so it is important to choose a subject you feel comfortable with. Today, I woke up feeling GREAT about my division skills, so I selected that topic. Take it from me that you do NOT want to play too many games on the same topic. Since you want to get as many questions right when you’re blasting at the robots, you need to keep your brain as alert as possible!


Max’s #1 Tip: Destroying obstacles
Destroying obstacles might be my favorite part of HyperBlast, but it’s also super important to getting a high score. I try to start shooting at obstacles as soon as I see them, that way I have a clear path to zoom through space and beat GC!


GC’s #2 Tip: Use your blasts when you get in trouble
A mistake I used to always make when playing Hyperblast was to forget to use my blasts. When you hit the control button, these blasts clear ALL the obstacles in front of you and you get points for it! How cool is that? You only get limited amounts of blasts so use them wisely. I try to only use these when I’m stuck in a crunch. Max always uses them right away, which makes it really easy for me to beat his score on harder levels. That’s why I typically win when we choose to race!


Max’s #2 Tip: Practice your mental math
Just used up my last blast, my health is low, and GC is already on the next level! How should I catch up? As GC mentioned, being able to answer as many math questions of possible can boost up your score. That’s why I train before each race by practicing my mental math skills so I can fire away at those evil robots. The topics will focus on specific groups of numbers, so you know exactly what to study before starting on your first level.

Red alert! After defeating that angry green giant, I can see GC in the distance! Will I zip through these obstacles and get my highest score yet?

Oh no! I hit an obstacle and lost my last life! I definitely plan to take GC’s advice and save my blasts for emergency situations. Now that you have advice from both GC and me, go play HyperBlast and try to beat our scores!

Max and GC’s Blaster Challenge

There is a threat to the Spaceport, and Max and GC need help from your kids and their Blasters. Due to the high level of skill needed to properly protect the Space Station, they are recruiting a team of top Blasters from the I.S.P. To determine who is ready to take on the most difficult challenges around the Space Station, they are inviting your kids to top 5 different scores from games around the Space Station. Encourage them to keep learning with Max and GC’s Math Blaster challenge.


 To prove their worthiness, Blasters must either match or earn more points than the scores posted below:

Zapper – 8500 points
B-Force Blaster – 20,000 points
Bolt Cruncher – 16,000 points
Oozami – 4000 points
Roller Ball Rally – 1000 points

Do you have what it takes to be one of the top Blasters around? See if you can finish Max and GC’s challenge in the next two weeks, and become one of the ultimate Math Blasters.

Spruce Up Your Mutt Pod for Max and GC

Max and GC are getting into the spring cleaning spirit and want to see other Blasters’ progress on their mutt pods.  How does your mutt’s pod look?  After a long, cold winter, chances are your mutt’s pod may not be the cleanest it has ever been so take advantage of this opportunity to clean, rearrange, and redecorate your mutt’s home for the chance to be featured in an upcoming issue of the Math Blaster Times!


Is your mutt’s pod looking chaotic or disarrayed?  What your mutt’s pod may be lacking is an eye-catching theme that brings everything together.  Luckily, you can purchase a number of decorations, beds, couches, and more that can create a cohesive look.  Try experimenting with different styles until you find one that you like or fits your mutt’s personality.


Working with different style combinations can be a fun activity, especially when you see how excited your mutt is with its new home.  Invite your fellow Blasters to view your improved mutt pod and make sure to let Max and GC know about the fresh decorations.  If they like what they see, your mutt’s pod may be featured in the Math Blaster Times!

Max and GC Release Their Mutts

Hey all you Blasters out there, how are your Mutts doing? Have you been taking care of them as diligently so that they can grow up big and strong, so you can release them later?

Max and GC have done just that, Blasters! Max recently released his Mutt, Dustin Beaker, and GC also released her own Mutt, Lady Rah Rah. Now, both Max and GC have started to raise new mutts.

GC has a new Space Griffin named Dark Space. This little Space Griffin has been steadily growing under GC’s care. Have you Blasters been keeping up with making sure your Mutts are happy, fed, and well-rested? Do you also notice Lady Rah Rah sitting on the sofa in the Muttpod?

Meet GC’s new Space Griffin — Dark Space

Scaly Scientist, Max’s new Ickasaur, seems very comfortable in his new home, right? Max has also been doing a great job of making sure that Scaly Scientist is growing up to fulfill his Mutt potential!

Meet Max’s new Ickasaur — Scaly Scientist

Max and GC have been making a lot of new changes to their Muttpods and Mutts. Have you Blasters got any new ideas of your own? Are you thinking about changing up the design of your Muttpod?

Continue to take care of your Mutts well, and soon enough you will be able to release them like Max and GC did for their own Mutts! Tell us about your Mutts; what did you name them, and why? Do you have any cool color kits you want to show off? Let us know!