Add Some Math to Your Valentine’s Day Festivities

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that involves expressing feelings from your heart, but that does not mean you cannot integrate some mental math into your activities while you’re at it. With all the cards, candy, and heart-shaped items, you have plenty to work from to make your Valentine’s Day filled with math and science! Here are some ideas you can work on to make your February 14th a day filled with some extra love for arithmetic:

Photo by Johntex, ©2007 Some rights reserved. Licensed by Creative Commons Public Works License

Photo by Johntex, ©2007 Some rights reserved. Licensed by Creative Commons Public Works License

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DIY Gift Exchange Ideas

The holidays often provide ample opportunities for you and your Blasters to celebrate with friends and exchange gifts as tokens of appreciate and a means of marking this very special time of year. And while the act of exchanging gifts can have all kinds of different meanings to each person involved, have you ever thought to explore the role of learning and the development of new skills through DIY holiday gift exchanges? Start by cutting the costs and looking for how you might create a homemade present instead!

DIY Holiday
Not sure where to start? Head to our DIY Holiday Gift page on Pinterest for a number of exciting craft ideas that not only promote learning and developmental skills but that also make for memorable and cherished holiday presents. From edible treats to holiday décor and so much more, the possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to creating unique holiday gifts that your friends and family will love.

And the best part is that no matter the project that you choose these are tools for learning in almost all crafts. Remember to highlight the following elements of crafting with your kids if they’re lending a helping hand this holiday season –

  • Counting / Measuring Quantities – How many gifts will you be making? How much of each material will you need to complete your crafting project?
  • Developmental Skills – Crafts can help children approach problem solving, motor skills, creative thinking and more.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is Mother’s Day! How will you be celebrating with your family? If you are fresh out of ideas or would like to spruce up your already made plans, show the very special woman in  your life that you care with some of these stellar Mother’s Day ideas from Math Blaster! From breakfast in bed to helping around the house, your mom will sure feel as radiant as she should, being the star of today’s holiday.

Photo By Paul Wilkinson

Photo By Paul Wilkinson

So be sure to take the time today and show your mom that you truly care by making her feel extra special. And don’t forget about Grandma, after all she is the ultimate mom since she was the one who raised yours! For more inspiration on making your mom feel on top of the world, visit our Pinterest page and share with us your favorite ways to celebrate Mother’s Day below.



Mom: The Brightest Start in Your Solar System!

Mom—she cooks, she cleans, helps with your homework, and has been there for you since day one. We celebrate her once a year, taking the time to appreciate all of the work she does that seems completely out of this world. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, have you thought of how you will be celebrating? There are many thoughtful things you can do to help show your mom that you are grateful for all that she does. Here are a couple of ideas on how you can make your mom feel like the brightest star in the universe for Mother’s Day.

Photo By Gabriela Pinto

Photo By Gabriela Pinto

Click here to make mom smile!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all our Blasters across the galaxy!  Today is the perfect day to show others how much they mean to you whether you are handing out cards and candy at school, enjoying a Valentine’s Day-themed party with friends and family, or simply spending your time in the company of loved ones.  How do you spend Valentine’s Day?    Do you have a favorite Valentine’s Day meal you love to eat every year?  Perhaps your family has a tradition like watching a beloved Valentine’s Day-themed movie?  We want to hear about all the exciting things you do!

Math Blaster

Take the time to let your B.F.F.s know how much they mean to you today.  Hang out in the space station and reminisce of your favorite activities together, play games and protect the galaxy side by side, or throw a Valentine’s Day pod party and invite everyone in on the fun!  While Valentine’s Day may be a holiday that’s celebrated on planet Earth, you can make the festivities intergalactic by bringing some Valentine’s Day love to the space station.

Happy New Year, Blasters!

Happy New Year, Blasters! How did you and your family celebrate the start of 2013? Now is the perfect time for new beginnings, so why not start exploring parts of the Math Blaster Space Station that you might not visit very often or set some new goals for yourself around the game.


From reaching higher levels in HyperBlast and constellations on your star chart to raising your very own Space Griffin, there are so many ways for you to improve your rank in the I.S.P.  Start the New Year with your Blaster B.F.F.s and get ready to take on some new challenges around the Space Station. Encourage your kids start the year with a trip around the game because there is a whole world of adventure awaiting them!

Holiday Alien Mask

Do you want to help your space cadets get into the Math Blaster holiday spirit?

It can be challenging to pair science and math fun with the excitement of this festive season. You can spend some time with your Blasters talking about space, science, and math as you make this Holiday Alien Mask craft.

Materials you will need:

–   Colored construction paper

–   Scissors

–   Glue

–   Hole puncher

–   Glitter, stickers, decorations, etc.

–   Ribbon, string, etc.


  1. Using the colored construction paper, cut out a shape that your child feels looks most like an alien. Encourage them to use their imagination.
  2. Cut out eyes at the bottom half of this shape. Also, cut out ears and antennas to put on mask.
  3. Punch holes in the sides of the mask so that you will be able to string it through with ribbon.
  4. Decorate the mask with glitter and stickers. You can design the front of the mask in your own creative styles.
  5. After, use the ribbon or string and tie through the holes in the mask. Use this to secure the mask on your child’s head.

Alien Mask 2

Help your kids dress up in a festive, other-worldly way that will make this a holiday to remember. Tell us what you think about this craft, and let us know how your kids liked it!