Game of the Week: Hyperblast

MBGoTW-Hyperblast2If you have never had the chance to check out Hyperblast yet, make sure to strap yourself in for a speedy ride. Hyperblast allows you to explore one of the most thrilling parts of the galaxy: a vortex where you travel at fast speeds to stop evildoing aliens with your excellent math skills. This week, GC and Max have awarded this speedy tunnel in Spaceport as the Game of the Week! Do you think you can use your multiplication knowledge to help make the galaxy a safer place? Join the other Cadets at Spaceport and start playing:

Game of the Week: Hyperblast

MB-HyperblastThere are many twists and turns at the International Spaceport. Just walk through the wrong set of doors and you might end up in a vortex that moves faster than the speed of light! This place, which we all know as Hyperblast, is filled with many obstacles and evil aliens. Only the brightest mathematical minds succeed in this race against time. For our game of the week, see if you can test your knowledge of division and beat FOUR of these wacky and wicked aliens hiding out in this hyperspeed tunnel. For your excellent work, you are bound to earn Credits in no time…

Achieve Stellar Scores In HyperBlast

Greetings Blasters! Max here. GC and I love racing through our favorite intergalactic speedway, HyperBlast, but we never get very high scores. One day as I was shooting at a particularly rude robot, I saw GC further down using a bunch of tricks that I never even thought of before! That’s when I realized… Why don’t GC and I use some good old teamwork and share our HyperBlast secrets! Putting our heads together, we came up with 4 great tips so that you can reach HIGHER levels and get ASTRONOMICAL SCORES!


GC’s #1 Tip: Choosing your topic
Whenever I start a new game of HyperBlast, I put special thought into which topic I choose. From addition to fractions, HyperBlast covers a lot of ground so it is important to choose a subject you feel comfortable with. Today, I woke up feeling GREAT about my division skills, so I selected that topic. Take it from me that you do NOT want to play too many games on the same topic. Since you want to get as many questions right when you’re blasting at the robots, you need to keep your brain as alert as possible!


Max’s #1 Tip: Destroying obstacles
Destroying obstacles might be my favorite part of HyperBlast, but it’s also super important to getting a high score. I try to start shooting at obstacles as soon as I see them, that way I have a clear path to zoom through space and beat GC!


GC’s #2 Tip: Use your blasts when you get in trouble
A mistake I used to always make when playing Hyperblast was to forget to use my blasts. When you hit the control button, these blasts clear ALL the obstacles in front of you and you get points for it! How cool is that? You only get limited amounts of blasts so use them wisely. I try to only use these when I’m stuck in a crunch. Max always uses them right away, which makes it really easy for me to beat his score on harder levels. That’s why I typically win when we choose to race!


Max’s #2 Tip: Practice your mental math
Just used up my last blast, my health is low, and GC is already on the next level! How should I catch up? As GC mentioned, being able to answer as many math questions of possible can boost up your score. That’s why I train before each race by practicing my mental math skills so I can fire away at those evil robots. The topics will focus on specific groups of numbers, so you know exactly what to study before starting on your first level.

Red alert! After defeating that angry green giant, I can see GC in the distance! Will I zip through these obstacles and get my highest score yet?

Oh no! I hit an obstacle and lost my last life! I definitely plan to take GC’s advice and save my blasts for emergency situations. Now that you have advice from both GC and me, go play HyperBlast and try to beat our scores!

Check out the Math Academy!

Math Academy

Hey Blasters! While you’re on Holiday break from school, why not spend some time in the Math Academy? There’s tons to do, since it’s the place to go to play awesome games like Zapper and Hyperblast! Keep reading for more information about the different games and features in the Math Academy!

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Super HyperBlast Sunday is On!

Time for blast off Cadets! Lock and load up into HyperBlast for our 1-day Challenge! Your mission is to score as many points possible in HyperBlast within 24 hours. The top 25 Cadets with the highest scores will receive an ALL-NEW Trophy fit for a math blasting master! Beef up your math muscles as you fly through space fighting Aliens and powering through mathematical problems.


Show the Space Station what you are made of and be among the list of elite Cadets with the special Challenge day Trophy! Good luck Cadets. We will be rooting for you!

The Big Mission Starts Tomorrow!

The HyperBlast Sunday Challenge happens tomorrow Cadets! One more day to train for this BIG mission! Dodge around floating space debris and defeat tough math problems while you’re on your way to building up higher scores! With less than 24 hours until this mission starts, you will be moments closer to showing off an amazing Trophy, specially designed for this out of this world event!

Larva Boss

Are you up for the challenge? You will have all of Sunday to start racking up those points. Earn as many points possible before the day ends. Flex those #math muscles for this ultimate test to see if you can be one of the top 25 Cadets to win the special HyperBlast Challenge Trophy!

Sharpen up for our Sunday Challenge!

A true champion rises to the top when they practice their skills regularly.There is still time Blasters to train for this Sunday’s 1-day only HyperBlast Challenge!


Do not wait until the last minute—get into the game, blast through the barriers and sharpen up those math skills! Become one of the elite Cadets with the highest score and take home an all-new trophy to showcase in your Pod!