New JumpStart Game – Magic & Mythies!

The ALL-NEW Magic & Mythies mobile app has JUST arrived so you can take your JumpStart Mythie Training experience to a whole new galaxy! Gear up for this exciting JumpStart adventure, and then download our new app on iOS and Google Play:!

In Magic & Mythies, the residents of Terra need help protecting their magical home. Through your studies at the Tree of Wisdom, learn how to harness the powers of nature to help take on the evil forces sweeping through this world.

Some key game features include:
-Racing Mythies at Skytracks
-Busting the treacherous Shadow Punks and Brambles
-Creating magical potions
-Farming various crops and raising animals
-Building an everlasting bond with your favorite Mythies

Are you ready to rise to the challenge and join the League of Mages? Head to the App Store to download JumpStart: Magic & Mythies on iOS:

Breaking News: School of Dragons is Now Open!

Your kids are invited to join Hiccup, Toothless and the gang from DreamWorks Animation’s hit film, “How to Train Your Dragon,” in an all new world where curiosity and science lead would-be dragon trainers down the road to unbelievable discoveries. There is no better time than now to have your little learners get their horned helmets on to transform into a Viking villager on the Isle of Berk!

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Greeted by a few new characters and familiar faces, students at School of Dragons will be able to ride atop the back of their first winged dragon as they fly into the secluded school grounds. There, they will meet with Viking leaders and some of the new teaching staff like Heyral, the school’s headmaster, to get the lay of the land before they embark on exciting educational missions that challenge them to put their basic strategy and time management skills to the test. From farming to fishing and routine dragon training exercises, there is more than enough to keep any young Viking busy as they explore Berk and some of it new neighboring parts.

The further a player progresses with missions and basic day-to-day tasks, the more they’ll be able to earn in order to customize their avatar and game. School of Dragons’ in-game stores allow your kids to create unique Viking avatars as amazing in-game extensions of themselves. Students can change the look of their hair, eyes, outfits, accessories, and so much more!

Celebrate the arrival of this all new world of learning by grabbing your kids for an adventure at School of Dragons. Registered players will be able to walk through the village on Berk or area likes the Great Hall, which were made famous by the hit film. Tell your kids to get their horned helmets on because it’s time to learn all about what it takes to train you’re their very own dragon.

Your Journey at School of Dragons

Have you begun your Viking journey at School of Dragons?  Upon arriving at the incredibly vast world, a newcomer can be overwhelmed by all the fun activities to do.  From choosing your dragon companion to flying, the excitement is limitless.  Which dragon species did you choose?  What was your first quest like?  Tell us about your budding adventure in the comments below!


Begin Your Viking Adventure at School of Dragons!

Classes have begun at School of Dragons! After hearing so much about this foreign land called Berk, jump into your spaceship to see what the fuss is all about. School of Dragons has attracted young Vikings from planets near and far, all hoping to become legendary dragon trainers.


First, team up with your dragon companion at the Hatchery.  Once you’ve picked your new best friend, you can take on new quests and watch them grow alongside you.  Utilizing the scientific method, apply your findings to help your dragon grow big and strong as they learn to fly and breathe fire.  As your bond increases, so will their abilities that you will use to become a master dragon trainer.

Surprisingly, you will find that this new adventure has some familiar qualities where you can draw from your experience as a Blaster. Now is your chance to solidify your reputation as an elite dragon trainer in Berk just as you made a name for yourself as a premier Blaster at the Intergalactic Space Station.

Early Arrivals at School of Dragons

To all our space-traveling Vikings: it has come to our attention that a handful of you have been able to get into the live, full game early and got a sneak peak at School of Dragons before your fellow Vikings. Yes, we know who you are, but to be frank, we are quite impressed. Congratulations on being so eager for School of Dragons that you found a brief moment where the log-in was enabled and we hope you enjoyed a taste of the incredible things to come at School of Dragons. Unfortunately, your fellow Blasters will have to wait patiently until the game officially launches, but until then, feel free to share about your amazing experiences with them. We salute your curiosity and know it will serve you well as you utilize the scientific method to solve Berk’s quests.

2 Days until School of Dragons!

Can you feel the excitement? Blasters have been shuttling back and forth from the JumpStart world just to get a chance to start exploring School of Dragons with JumpStart’s exclusive FunZones in Downtown and Central Park.

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Have your attempted to master the Viking maze or tried a round of fireball frenzy? There is no better time than now to prepare for the arrival of this new virtual world game at!

In just 2 days, you’ll have the chance to roam the Great Hall along with a world of new interactive areas, including the Isle of Berk, school grounds, and dragon training areas. Are you already registered to take flight with the School of Dragons when it officially opens its doors to new Viking students? Make sure that you’re preregistered at before the official countdown clock runs down!

Madagascar Is Coming To JumpStart!

Hey Blasters, some exciting news has arrived! Our friends over at JumpStart have been excitedly anticipating a new addition to the world, and it is here at last! DreamWorks’ Madagascar™ has just moved in to MainStreet, so all of you Blasters out there should check it out to see all those familiar animal faces from the film!

There are tons of new things for you to do in JumpStart’s Central Park Zoo, with everything from challenging slide puzzles to interacting with Marty, Melman, Alex, Gloria, and the mischevious Penguins!

The Penguins even have their own Headquarters where you can find activities like Kowalski’s Transmorpher. It is a lot like turning your friend into Monster Morphs in Math Blaster, except you have the chance to turn your friends into awesome animal creatures.

Even before you get started with the Transmorpher, you have to travel to the new European Habitat to collect ‘Zoovenirs’! You can experience amazing all sorts of European sites, including the streets and canals of Venice. All of the new Madagascar™-themed games in this European area will be wildly fun, with everything from playing hide and seek with Mort to helping Rico with some explosively fun finds. You can even take a train through the European countryside and “Photo-bomb” a few traveling tourists.

All of these new activities are so much fun, but we cannot forget about the fun you can have while you learn. As you explore the different parts of the Madagascar™ land, you will probably notice that there are a number of interesting factoids that will expand your knowledge about Italian art and history, as well as about the various animal species living in the game.

So Blasters, have you seen the JumpStart shuttle port in the MathAcademy section of Math Blaster?

Head on over to this Shuttle area and you can fly to the world of JumpStart to explore the new and exciting Madagascar™ land. We cannot wait to hear about what you have to say about this latest addition to the JumpStart World. What do you think about the arrival of Madagascar™ to JumpStart?