Game of the Week: Angle Attack

MBGoTW-AngleAttackFor Max’s special Blaster Mission of the week, head to Angle Attack and work on those geometry skills! This week, bring your space studies up a notch and try spotting angles up to 180 degrees!

Track Your Progress in Monty’s “Back to the Academy” Challenge

“Hi Blasters, Monty reporting live from the Spaceport! I have had a really great idea for an exciting activity that I could not wait to share with you all! I understand that starting off a new school year can be really stressful, so I wanted to make sure you were all settled into your new classes before I got started on this challenge!
MB-Blog-BackToSchoolEvery year, I am always amazed how much you Blasters improve and excel in your Math Academy games. That is why I thought it might be fun for us to track how much we improved in some of our favorite games over the school year! As you have noticed with our Games of the Week, the Math Academy has games covering a wide variety of topics from geometry to arithmetic.

To help us all improve our math skills, I would like it if each one of you selected THREE games focusing on a different math topic and then monitored your improvement over the school year! That way, we can be at are sharpest when we defend the galaxy from some of our evil nemeses. Also, you will really be able to see just how far a bit of practice and studying can go in improving your skills as a top-notch Cadet.

Are you ready to join me in this challenge? Play some of our Math Academy games, then share with your friends which games you plan to focus on during this school year!”

Game of the Week: B-Force Blaster

MBGoTW-BForceBlasterSpaceport is always on high alert for potential intruders, which is why we have such a skilled group of Blasters in the I.S.P. One of the best ways to prepare for our sudden Red Alerts is by going out into the training field in B-Force Blaster. While cruising through this course, you will have to keep a sharp eye out for targets displaying some of the infamous Spaceport villains, as well as any colored targets you might find. Special tip: shoot any moving rocks for an extra 300 points each!

Are you feeling ready to take to training on the Red Planet? Head into B-Force Blaster at the Math Academy and start on our Blaster Mission! Once you have completed it, share with us your best score!

Wrangle an Alien in Math Blaster!

in action

Ever wish you could wrestle an alien? In Math Blaster, you can! Choose from different subjects and levels of difficulty before you take on the intergalactic beast!

choose level

Practice adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing and then use your keyboard to make to enter the correct answer to the problem shown on the top of the screen before time runs out! Bonus: Alien Wrangler is a learning game (marked with a lightbulb), which means that you earn bonus credits when you play the game!

Kitchen Math: Back-to-School Breakfast Recipes

Some say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So there is no better time than those mornings before school to get your kids brains moving and ready for action. Invite your little ones to employ their math skills in the kitchen by helping gyou prepare breakfast. Between calculating quantities, measuring ingredients and more, math plays a vital role in cooking for a full household. Here’s a quick recipe to help get you started –

Quick smoothie recipes
Kicking off the morning with a fruit-filled smoothie with energy generating ingredients and lean protein options can be a great way to start your day. In addition to your oatmeal, pancakes, cereal or other breakfast foods, try blending up this quick and easy smoothie recipe!

Strawberry Banana Smoothie (serves 2)
1 ripe banana
1 ½ cups frozen strawberries
3 tablespoons almond butter
¼ cup vanilla yogurt
2 cups soy milk

Have the kids calculate the amount of ingredients needed according to the number of people in your home and then have them measure them out accordingly before you blend them together. Its a delicious way of incorporating education into everyday routines! Best of all, this recipe was borrowed from, so be sure to visit the site for more delicious smoothie and breakfast ideas!

Worksheet of the Week

Percentage Printable – Percentage Worksheet for Kids - Math Blaster

Worksheet of the Week